Sunday, December 9, 2007

Religion of Peace (and a stack of dead bodies)

It’s kinda been awhile since I truly snapped, went off the angry deep end, and did a blog full of venom. Today I snapped.

The Sunday morning news programs always get some talking head on camera claiming that Islam is a religion of peace. The next person who tells me that Islam is a religion of peace is gonna get a teddy bear named Mohamed shoved so far up his ass he’ll be spitting out stuffing. Each day it gets harder & harder to be accepting as I listen to the rhetoric about how peaceful Islam is, when their very tenets call for Jihad and holy war against non-believers of Islam.

When you get the prominent leader of a Muslim country claims he has no ill will towards America, yet a recent military parade through the streets of his capital featured missiles painted with “DEATH TO AMERICA” on them, I find it hard to be accepting. (Hey, Mahmoud, did you really think we wouldn’t have someone who could read Farsi watch the films?) Same-said leader also has stated in speeches that he intends to run all Jews into the sea and that Israel will burn in the fires of Islamic fury. Yeah, sounds pretty peaceful.

NOTE: Not for one second do I believe this bogus crap in the new National Intelligence Estimate that says Iran stopped trying to make a nuke bomb years ago. Uncle Mahmoud wants a bomb so bad he can taste it. Plus, the Israeli Mossad found nuclear material from North Korea in Syria, and Syria doesn’t fart unless Iran says so.

Uncle Mahmoud also says thee are no homosexuals in Iran…..perhaps maybe because you KILL THEM? And Islam as a whole has an abysmal history of treating women like housepets or worse. A Saudi woman who was abducted and gang-raped was sentenced to 200 lashes of the whip and six months in jail for speaking out about the case.

And then there’s the Great Teddy Bear Scandal of 2007. Gillian Gibbons, a 54-year old British woman who was in Sudan teaching English to kids, is the latest victim of Islam. Gibbons’ students decided as a class to name their class teddy bear Mohamed, which happens to be the most popular boys name in the world (due to the rise of Islam) and of course the most popular name among students in her class. It’s also the name of Islam’s prophet. Not the God, mind you, just the prophet. Well, someone heard about & got a bug up their ass, and Gibbons was arrested for insulting Islam, inciting hatred, and showing contempt for religious beliefs.

While held in jail, thousands of uneducated Third World asshat zealots with nothing more productive to do protested outside the jail, calling for her immediate execution. Facing six months in prison, 40 lashes, and a fine, Gibbons was eventually sentenced to 15 days in jail and deportation back to England.

Hey, Sudan: you have a region of your country called DARFUR where a couple MILLION people have been left homeless and a couple hundred thousand slaughtered. You think maybe you could address THAT little problem first instead of protesting the name of a stuffed toy and calling for the death of a foreign woman who was trying to educate your children? If you’re going to act all butt-hurt over something, GENOCIDE within your own orders might be a better place to start.

Every day around the world, Islamic terrorists are killing people who either don’t believe in Islam, or just so happen to believe a different VERSION of Islam than they do. Half the people Muslims kill are other Muslims. Car bombs and rocket/mortar attacks often claim children as the victims. I borrowed the following statistics from, a watchdog organization:

12/9/2007 (Swat, Pakistan) - Children are among eight killed when a suicide car bomber rams a police checkpoint.
12/8/2007 (Farah, Afghanistan) - Eight local police are killed in two separate ambushes by religious militants.
12/8/2007 (Helmand, Afghanistan) - The Taliban hang a 12-year-old boy from a tree.
12/8/2007 (Wasit, Iraq) - Radical Sunnis are suspected in a rocket attack on a Shia house in which a family of four is killed.
12/8/2007 (Mahmudiya, Iraq) - Jihadis kill one child in a mortar attack.
12/8/2007 (Baiji, Iraq) - A female suicide bomber kills seven Iraqis.

The website’s Weekly Jihad Report for this past week listed 38 Jihad attacks with 205 killed and 218 critically injured. As their header states on the website: The religion of peace, and a big stack of dead bodies.


Anonymous said...

Islam like Christianity in its purest form is a peaceful religion. However, Islam, more than Christianity, is under the direct manipulation of clerics, who with the decree of their fatahs change the whole concept of Islam to suit their own needs and goals. I personally have no use for the extremists in either religion. God demands faith, man demands religion! I am not beholden to man, therefore I am not religious. I am in awe of God, therefore I am faithful.

Anonymous said...

Here is a strange show out of the UK. Non Muslims try to live like Muslims for three weeks. They call the show "Make me a Muslim"

It was on Channel Four

Here are the episodes as you can get them on youtube.

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