Saturday, April 4, 2009

Taxes and the REAL cost of Freedom (with guest blogger Jim)

Tax Day is rapidly approaching; time to give Uncle Sugar his pound of flesh, and be glad it's only a pound (for now).

Your money will go to various things the government deems necessary, like $100 a pound Wagyu beef, so the Lincoln of Our Times™ can entertain in style. (That's for the ribeyes; tenderloin filets are $150 and strip steaks are $126).

Or like the money wasted by Nasty Nancy Pelosi "repeatedly and aggressively", who pestered the military for aircraft to fly her friends and family, hither dither and yon, to the extent that it is felt she is treating the military as her own personal airline. See Fox News Judicial Watch article/report dated 3/10/09, or go read the wisdom of Steve: .

Or the money Barney Frank sent to his bank to keep it afloat after it faced collapse due to shitty lending practices. Or my head-scratching favorite: money to study catfish genetics, which was dreamed up by a Republican. That’s $819,000.00 to study catfish genetics in Alabama, to be exact.

I know my tax dollars go to fund worthy causes too; the national parks, the interstate system, federal prisons, the FBI, and last, but most important, the military.

I know the military/industrial complex just pisses the left off, but there is much good that comes from it too. Advanced computer technology, a trained, reliable work force, better medicine and medical procedures, and most importantly JOBS.

But there is something else the military/industrial complex turns out; casualties.

Statistically, we are returning more soldiers than ever home, with very serious injuries, to include multiple amputees and traumatic brain injuries. Here is the catch; 40 years ago most of these troops would have died on the battlefield. Our sometimes tax-driven military/industrial complex did research and testing that is paying dividends now to our best and bravest.

But is there something we can do to help besides paying our taxes? Glad you asked. There are many charitable organizations you can donate to, to help our most needy service members and their families.

My wife and I donate to the Wounded Warrior Project and the Freedom Alliance, every year, after we get our tax return. Other worthy charities include, but are not limited to, Sew Much Comfort, Fisher House Foundation and Operation Gratitude. I understand money is tight for some, if not all of us, but ask yourself: can I do with a little less so that our troops and their families don't have to do without? Some of these organizations are looking for your volunteer talent if you can't spare any money.

We all bitch about taxes, and with good cause. Who wants to give $900 million to Hamas, or spend $400 million to fight STDs? I mean, what's a box of rubbers, $12? Why 400 mill?

This year, take control use some of that tax return to help your neighbors, your brothers and sisters, our friends, our heroes.

For a list of charities helping our service members and their families go to Reconnect America at .

Additional notes, from MojoSteve:
Wagyu Beef refers to several breeds of cattle genetically predisposed to intense marbling and to yummy goodness...I wouldn’t know; I can’t afford it. It’s a splurge at my house to get a ten-dollar two-pack of ribeyes. The meat from wagyu cattle is known worldwide for its marbling characteristics, increased eating quality through a naturally enhanced flavor, tenderness and juiciness, and thus a high market value. Several areas in Japan are famous for the quality of their Wagyu cattle, and ship beef bearing their areas' names. Some examples are Kobe, Mishima and Ohmi beef. A quick look at shows a steal, with 10-ounce ribeyes going for only $58.98 apiece. Or if you’re hungry, a 16-ouncer is just $91.98 per steak. A few weeks ago, you could score a 15-pound whole Wagyu ribeye from Costco for only $2300 clams. Nationwide unemployment is almost 9%, but the Obamunists are entertaining with hundred-dollar steaks. Something tells me that our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan aren’t getting Wagyu in their MRE’s.

Her Royal Obamaness the First Lady of Socialism wants you all to give up your piece of the pie and eat cake (or eat shit, I guess) in order to socialize healthcare, but she got busted in October at the Waldorf Astoria noshing on lobster appetizers at 25 bucks a whack, whole lobsters at 50 a pop, a relatively cheap champagne at 44 dollars (a glass? Probably, since Bollinger is a big-name vintner in France dating back to 1585. It goes for a couple hundred a bottle online, and you know the Waldorf marks that shit up. It’s the preferred champagne of James Bond, incidentally) and a big ol’ serving of Osetra caviar, from the rare Persian sturgeon (ie: Iranian caviar) for $150.00. She spent more on an afternoon snack than most of her subjects can spend a month on groceries.

Please, blow up the above picture to see it in all its glory...

Support the Wounded Warriors Project. Support the Paralyzed Veterans of America. Support the USO. Here at Global Domination Through Applied Inactivity, we support our troops, because we used to be the troops. We support our veterans, because we are veterans. Please, if you can, do a little something for those who give all they have for all we have.


Anonymous said...

while i agree with you on many points, you need to fact check. the ny post retracted the story about michele obama and her romp at the waldorf. not true.

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

I stand corrected. I was wrong. Thanks for the heads-up, and thanks for reading.

And as soon as someone starts paying me for my writing, I'll get a fact-checker. At that point I'll be a professional journalist and not a mildly entertaining schlub with a day job.

j summett said...

you are our wonderfully entertaining schlub and we love you.....even if you were wrong, this one time.
remind me, did dan rather ever apologize about the air national guard story?

SecPress said...

This is Alan with Freedom Alliance, just wanted to say thank you for your support!