Sunday, August 14, 2011

He's back! Time to declare Teahad!

Okay, okay..... I was slack. I took a break. I got insanely busy with work, because unlike far too many Americans, I still have a job and it keeps me pretty busy. That, and I kinda got distracted by a new creative outlet for my energies, one that I will soon share with all of you.

In the meanwhile, during my absence, the economy was further flogged by the antics of the Left, with a wretched excuse for a Debt Ceiling Compromise foisted upon us by idiots, buffoons, Rinos, and Socialists. A workable plan to reduce the debt and give a balanced budget a mandate in the Constitution was trashed and crapped on and replaced by a farce.

And who got the blame? The TEA PARTY. Of course....we should have all seen this coming. We're called terrorists akin to Islamofascists wrapped in bomb belts ready to blow up all who stand in our way. We're blamed for the S&P downgrade of America's credit status; in fact none other than filthy-rich Leftist swine John Kerry said it was "a Tea Party Downgrade"..... excuse me, Senator Scumbag, sir, but *YOU* have been in office mucking things up for 26 years and the Tea Party has been around perhaps two years. The Left has been blaming the previous administration for so long that no one believes the BS anymore, so instead you start blaming the people who banded together because of your chicanery.

So if I am to be labeled a terrorist and reviled for my beliefs, then I'll give you what you want. I hereby issue a Bagwa (named for tea bags) against the Left. I hereby call for the Left to be thwarted at every opportunity, to bring back smaller government, more fiscally-responsible government, to strengthen our economy, protect our borders, to whittle down these ridiculously bloated entitlement programs, to bring us back to the forefront of the world stage without being the laughingstock of that same stage. I call for Teahad to be waged.

Stick to your Conservative values. Spread the truth to counter the lies. Support strong Conservative candidates and kick out both the Leftists and the jellyback RINOs who ruined the country we grew up in. We can take back our country and right the ship of state the Left thought to scuttle. We can rebuild from our economic rubble & ruin. I'm no neophyte neocon. I'm hard-core. And I'm back.

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j summ said...

'bout fucking time, now start tellin' it like it is brother!!