Thursday, November 6, 2014

Giving the Left a swift kick in the crotch: Election 2014

Ahhh, the midterm elections of 2014. Americans FINALLY woke up and realized the mistake they made in 2012 because they were too stupid to figure out the mistake they made in 2008 that we tried to correct in 2010.

Needless to say, the Republicans trounced the Democrats. The GOP took over control of the Senate, and made a bigger majority in the House. The Left lost several key state gubernatorial races and state legislatures. In all, the Red Tide done swamped the donkey party.

Here in South Carolina, we're so racist that we elected the only black Senator, something the Democrats seem unable to do. And because the Republican War On Women is such a big deal, here in South Carolina we re-elected our Governor, a woman whose parents came here from India.

My Governor is not to be trifled with.

Speaking of the War on Women, I think we can finally stop beating that dead horse. The carcass has no more meat on the flayed bones.

Joni Ernst won a Senate seat from Iowa. She's a combat vet and her husband is a former Command Sergeant Major with the Army Rangers. She is the first woman ever elected to Congress from Iowa.

Mia Love of Utah became the first black Republican woman elected to Congress. Her parents are immigrants from Haiti.

Elise Stefanik became the youngest person ever elected to Congress at just 30 years of age. She represents the 21st District of New York. Yes, deeply blue New York. Renee Ellmers defeated Clay Aiken (yeah, that Clay Aiken) in North Carolina. Being a celebrity is no longer enough of a qualification to be in Congress.

In Arizona, the results are still too close to call, but Martha McSally, who was the Air Force's first female combat pilot, could win her district.

In West Virginia, Shelley Moore Capito became the first Republican Senator elected out of that state in nearly 55 years, also becoming the state's first female Senator. And also in West Virginia, an 18 year old college freshman and fiscal conservative, Saira Blair, was elected to the West Virginia Legislature and thus became the nation's youngest lawmaker. She trounced her Democrat opponent 63% to 30% after defeating the 66-year old Republican incumbent in the primary when she was just 17. Kickin' ass and takin' names.
Of course, the Left will still claim there's a war on women since many of their women were defeated. Wendy Davis went down in flames in Texas after a dirty, ugly, sickening gubernatorial campaign. It's likely that Mary Landrieu will also go down in flames in Louisiana's Senate race. Kay Hagan was tossed out of the Senate in North Carolina. Sandra Fluke was beaten like a drum, losing her bid for a seat in the California state Senate by 22 points, to a FELLOW| DEMOCRAT.  Loser.....

Maryland, which has been deeply blue since I lived there as a kid for my first 14 years, elected a Republican Governor. Liberal Massachusetts elected a Republican Governor, as did Illinois. Yes, you read that right. Illinois. Seriously.

Arkansas, which gave us the Clintons, kicked out both Democrat Senators and the Democrat Governor and replaced them with Republicans. In Florida, Rick Scott was able to hold off a challenge from turncoat sleazebag Charlie"the Chameleon" Crist, who changes parties as the wind blows.

And the liberal leftist lapdog media? They lost their minds. PRICELESS... what? Lord Obeezy suffered an embarrassing Tuesday but still has two years left to continue destroying the nation.

Don't screw this up, GOP. Remember, WW2 went on another year after D-Day so the war ain't over just because we steamrolled the Donkey Brigade in the mid-terms.

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