Wednesday, May 13, 2015

New stuff over at my other site

Dapper and Savvy is a dangerous combination
As you may recall, I don't just write this one blog site. In addition to maintaining a busy schedule with my day job, I'm also the author of The Savvy Guyde, a tongue-in-cheek advice blog for guys from the vantage point of the jaded older guy acting as ta Virtual Wingman. I do it as a relief from writing about politics and associated worldwide insanity and mayhem.

Recently I've expanded my scope, and started some new article series in addition to my existing series on the best in new music and highlighting the newest men's products. I have a series called Know Your Poisons where I highlight various liquors and educate the reader on how it is made and what makes it special, and offer up some cocktail recipes featuring same. And the Starvin' Like Marvin series gives some simple yet delicious recipes for easy meals geared towards the kitchen novice.

I encourage you all to go give it a look-see and peruse my archives. Join us, subscribe, ask me some questions.....I think you'll dig it.

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