Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Um...45 Days Later?

Blow the picture up to catch all the evil nuances...

Okay kids. We can add a couple more weeks to my “28 Days Later” blog.

On Monday, October 1st I get a Nastygram from Walk-All-Over-Ya Bank stating that they never received my affidavit concerning the fraud on my account and that if they didn’t hear back from me within 7 days that they were gonna drop the case and TAKE BACK the “provisional credit”; ie: the money that was MINE that they put back in my account. I had a few problems with this new batch of crap:

Problem A: I never received this affidavit from them
Problem B: This letter of theirs was dated Weds. September 26th
Problem C: This letter was postmarked Friday the 28th
Problem D: They said I could type something up and fax it over but
by the time I could get home to accomplish this, it would
then be after midnight, thus giving me ONE DAY to work
with before the week was up, since they were so late in getting it to me.

Well…..it gets typed and faxed to Wachovia. And be DAMNED if they didn’t go ahead and just take my damned money back, which caused 3 of my transactions to bounce, at $35.00 a pop on top of what they’d already taken from me. It was now Friday, October 5th, a good 5 1/2 weeks after this crap started. And I am STILL getting screwed around.

Well…guess who was at the front door of the local branch banging his shoe on the desk like Nikita Khrushchev? After telling the nice lady that I really didn’t want to pull my money out of their bank and go elsewhere, several phone calls were made and another fax was sent, as well as an actual affidavit being faxed too. Would they put the money back in yet? Oh, hell no.

They said it would take 24 hours for the fraud department to get & process my fax and about 72 hours to get my money back. Bloody hell. So they MIGHT process it Saturday since the department runs supposedly 24/7, but Monday was Columbus Day, a bank holiday. I may or may not see my damned money again by Wednesday. That will make exactly 6 weeks without a finalized solution to this episode.

Needless to say, one more screwup and I’m changing banks.

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