Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Get Your Checkbooks Ready (with guest blogger Rick)

My ranks are filled with old Army buddies who for some odd reason still like me enough to stay in touch. Today we get some wisdom from Rick, who wrote this a few weeks ago before the White House pulled another fast one with the Omnibus Spending Bill and then started to talk about another Succubus Package Part Two.

So the stimulus package has been passed. And why not? The one they passed in the Fall has worked so well.

According to the Tax Foundation 44% of Americans that filed tax returns paid no taxes last year.

According to a financial expert I heard on the radio in the fall, the $700 billion stimulus would cost taxpayers - not filers, but people that actually paid taxes - $300,000 each if divided equally among us. Using my percentage calculator, this means each of us that pay taxes is .000042857% of the total.

Since the new stimulus is $787 billion, each taxpayer's share of this one will be $337,285.00.

Since Obama has said that the recently approved 'stimulus' package is "is merely a down payment for future spending..." we are sure to be expected to foot the bill for future money they throw at the problem in the absence of actual ideas to fix it.

And don't forget that this is the same Congress we have had for several years and they have already thrown money at the economy problem several times. Remember the rebate checks everyone got in June? And thanks to us taxpayers and our deep pockets, every one of the 44% of filers that don't pay any taxes was able to get a check. Last February's stimulus was estimated at $170 billion. Your bill for that stimulus is $72,857.00.

So your new tax bill will look something like this:
Fall = $300,000 +
this latest stimulus= $337,285 +
February 2008 stimulus = $72,857 +
General motors/Chrysler bailouts - $25 billion = $10,714
Total: $720,856 per taxpayer

And this does not include individual rescue packages (bailouts) except
the auto bailout, so this current total from the past year's "economic
stimulus" will be higher with those included. Add in the future spending
Obama mentioned and I predict your portion is 1 million dollars, and
that's not counting your normal tax bill and is before the interest starts accruing.

Better get your checkbook.


j summett said...

thanks for doing the math-love the bumper sticker.

WomanHonorThyself said...

and Hillary has our back telling Mexico that the drug cartel is our fault!..garsh!!!!!!!!!!