Saturday, January 28, 2012

The *other* thing that kept me from writing...

Back just before Christmas we received a bundle of joy into our home. Cute, cuddly, with bright blue eyes, just about 8 pounds worth. We got a Weimaraner.

A friend of ours had a spare puppy to get rid of, so we got a Weim for free, saving us anywhere from $400 to $800. I named him Rommel, after the famous German general, and so far he has been hell on wheels. I was a bit unprepared for how fast he was going to grow; at 6 weeks of age he was 8 pounds. At 12 weeks he's 25 and tall enough for the dachshund to walk under with clearance. If he follows his bloodlines, he'll top off at a hundred pounds of muscle.

At least he's finally stopped howling all night and is able to hold his bladder for more than 3 hours at a whack.

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