Sunday, April 29, 2012

The war on terror is over...did we win?

So, it's come to my attention that The Dear Leader declared recently that the War on Terror was over.

Really? Did we win? Where's the parades? When did the Taliban and Al Qaeda surrender? Was there a victory celebration?

Last I checked, we still had troops overseas fighting & dying in war zones. Last I checked, we were on a higher alert status due to the anniversary of the death of Osama bin Scumbag. Last I checked we had TERRORISTS in custody at Gitmo that still need to be dealt with who should have been fed to the hogs long ago.

Sounds like crap to me; the kind of crap that empty suits say in an election year...

You declared the war on terror was over when it will likely never be over, because there are still Taliban and Al Qaeda left alive to reform, regroup, and retaliate. The Taliban is laying low because you morons in the White House told them when we're ostensibly leaving, so why should anyone waste resources on fighting us openly when they can just wait us out & take over once you flip off the shining lights on the hill? Buffoons, the bloody lot of you.

Saying that the war on terror is over without the enemy surrendering means YOU have given up. YOU have surrendered. This is worse than Bush saying "Mission Accomplished" when it had barely begun. At least he, goofball though he was, was declaring victory prematurely. You assclowns are unable to do even that. You just want it all to go away, the war you swore you were gonna end when you were elected and are still fighting 4 years later. Dude, we EXPECT broken promises and lies from you. You've made an entire administration out of them. But this blatantly disrespects the thousands of American and Allied troops who have died in this war.

I call on you, and your party, and every decent American out there to go directly to this link and pay your HEARTFELT respects and gratitude to those who have sacrificed all of their tomorrows for our today. I generally view the New York Times in disdain as liberal fish-wrap but this time they did it right & proper. This interactive link is absolutely amazing & powerful. Go...scroll over the names. Stop and pull up pictures. Look at the faces who died to keep us free. This war ain't over...and the Radical Islamists will remind us of that in short order despite your weak-assed declarations.

 I purposely searched the database at the link for one person in particular, a Marine I met in the spring of 1988 as I was on leave between Military Police School and my new unit in Germany. At the time, Jeff Bohr was a Corporal assigned the Marine Corps Security Force Company, Naval Submarine Base King's Bay in Georgia. You can read all about Jeff's valor in combat here.


Krystal said...

My question is about the War on Terror to begin with? I mean, if the War on Terror is over, then there must have been Terror to deal with in the first place. The people carrying out the Terror would be called Terrorists.

Seems to me his administration has banned the term Terrorist. So who were we fighting if Terrorists don't exist?

I'm just wondering, you know?

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

Excellent point. They were fighting a war that didn't exist? Kinda like the mythical war on women....just as effective as the War on Drugs, War on Poverty, etc....