Sunday, July 22, 2007

Have a Coke & a smile & STFU

You know you’re bored when it’s 3:45 AM and you’re watching that fuck-awful Hey Paula on Bravo. As if Paula Abdul wasn’t annoying enough on American Idol, some imbecile gave her a reality show. No, scratch that. They gave her a cryality show.

All she does is rant, cry, throw tantrums, and suffer meltdowns. One second she’s lucid, and then the slightest hint of adversity causes her to suffer a complete loss of composure and induces another crying jag. If you thought she had the potential to be a basket case before, this show seals the deal.

Her “staff” of flunkies need therapy as badly as she does; hell, I needed therapy after watching 15 minutes of this crap. How they can work for her and not swill tumblers of warm vodka is beyond me. I actually saw some of her lackey laughing at her behind her back as she suffered the 7th or 8th meltdown of the episode.

It’s further proof that the American Sheeple will watch anything. I’m waiting for a show devoted to watching blowflies eat fresh dogshit on Turd TV. After 30 minutes of her whimpering I wanted to punch her in the throat and was begging to watch the blowflies.

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