Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dude, I think we hit something...

MINNEAPOLIS — Northwest Airlines says it's investigating after the nose cone on one of its planes was damaged during flight.

The plane had been scheduled to fly to Minneapolis from Tampa, but that flight was delayed after the plane was damaged sometime during a flight between Detroit and Tampa.

Retired Northwest pilot Richard Duxbury says the plane was likely hit by something, possibly a bird. He says bird strikes can be a significant safety issue.

Well, no shit, Richard. Something hit the plane; that much is relatively obvious. That big-ass dent just kinda glares right at you. Unless a drunk pilot bumped into the gantry when he was parking it & no one fessed up, then something hit it. And since no one in the cockpit seemingly saw it, the where were they looking and what were they doing instead of looking out the windows? I guess that no bones, feathers, blood stains, or guts were found? Maybe they hit a falling piece of that mysterious blue ice that falls from the sky that no one can seem to figure out, even though everyone knows it’s frozen toilet leakage from faulty airplane tanks?

Hey look! This is a REAL birdstrike!!!

The airline hasn't confirmed that a bird hit the plane. In a statement, Northwest says none of the passengers or crew members were hurt in the incident.

Of course. That’s the first thing they wanna say, so to avid any lawsuits or liabilities. Quick, cover your asses!!!!

Does this mean now that we’ll have to start paying a birdstrike insurance surcharge in addition to the fuel surcharge and the luggage surcharge and the seat-choice surcharge. Northwest probably broke the plane on urpose to scam passengers into paying a new surcharge……

Northwest Airlines....paying close attention!

An F/A-18 Hornet after a bird strike

An Isreali helicopter after a bird strike.

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