Sunday, May 2, 2010

Evil Violent Teabaggers: A Picture Book

Everyone knows that Liberals on the left are quiet, peace-loving, family types who would never think of having a violent protest against causes they deem unsatisfactory. Everyone knows that those evil, violent Right Wing Extremist TeaCreatures will stop at nothing to set babies on fire and hurl the flaming corpses over the fence at the White House, and to loot stores for plunder as both retribution and reparation against The Man. Here are the finest examples of PEACEFUL LIBERALS:Looters at the WTO Summit in Seattle in 1999

Rioting at G-8 protests, Genoa, Italy 2001

Looting at the G-8 protests in Geneva, Switzerland, 2003

Masked rioters attacking police at the G20 protests in Melbourne, Australia, 2006

G-8 Protests, Rostock, Germany 2007

Rioters destroy participant country signs at G-8 Protests in Japan, 2008

Rioters and looters at the G-20 summit, London 2009. Love the Anarchy symbol on that peaceful sign, lads.

Masked protesters against the Pittsburgh G20 in New York, 2009


But then you have those vile, evil, war-mongering Tea Party protests full of hate and vitriol:

Nice sign from Quincy, Illinois; no F-bombs, no Anarchy. A lady in a skirt with an American flag in Denver. Folks dressed not in masks but the garb of the founding fathers at a Tea Party last July 4th.

And lest we forget that peaceful Climate Summit in Copenhagen...or last weekend's rioting for illegal aliens in Arizona. Tea Party people aren't setting cars on fire, or smashing windows to steal things, or throwing Molotov Cocktails at the police.

And you dicks at CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NY Times, etc all wonder why no one's tuning in any more? Try the truth; they say it shall set you free....


LL said...

Some of the elderly ladies at the Tea Party gathering at Quincy, IL were seen carrying paper beverage cups from McDonalds. Did ANYONE check to see if they contained gasoline? Sure, it may look like iced tea, but without a SWAT Team, who would dare look?

What has happened to security at presidential events? True, the older ladies never did anything but (pretend to) sip from the cups - but it could have been a crisis.

Thank God for the Quincy IL SWAT Team who marched in to put themselves in harms way to protect the Commander-in-Chief from such a threat.

Snarky Basterd said...

My how those TEA Partiers don't live up to their reputations as unkewl violent old white men.

j summ said...

i hope the one kid is breaking the window to steal a shirt and maybe a bra.

Ben said...

And let us not forget the Earthers that burn houses in new housing developments, or burn and trash the evil SUVs! Or Whale War types that ram their boat into other boats. Enviromentalists are so friendly.