Sunday, May 2, 2010

...and then Tiger said to Obama.....

My, what similar scowls you have........

A lot of people wouldn’t think that a sports figure and a politician would have all that much in common. Sure, they’re both famous but many would say that’s where the similarities end.

However, if you dig a bit deeper, golfer Tiger Woods and President Obama actually share a few similarities….and a few differences.

Both are having a rather crappy weekend. Tiger, last I saw, was in 140th place after three rounds at the Quail Hollow Championship…well, tied for 140th. Obama is being implicated by the National Enquirer as having had an affair with a campaign aide a few years ago….hey, something else he has in common with Tiger! At least she’s not a porn star or Waffle House chick…

So….let’s compare some more:

Both have ethnic middle names. Tiger has a Thai middle name meaning “leader”. Obama has an Arabic middle name meaning “beautiful”.

Tiger has a Thai mom no one ever talks about. Obama had a white mom that no one ever talks about.

Both are considered paragons of the black community despite being 50% black or less.

Tiger was raised on Buddhism. Obama was raised on Islam and Marxism.

Both attended flamingly liberal universities.

Both entered their current careers with rather limited experience; Tiger after 2 years in college and Obama after less than 2 years in the Senate. Both are at the pinnacles of their career fields while at the same time being laughingstocks.

Tiger hasn't played much golf the past 18 months; 17 tournaments in 2009 and now 2 in 2010. Obama's had at least 32 rounds of golf in office, 8 more than his predecessor had in 8 years.(A predecessor who was mocked for playing golf during a war, mind you. ) He played golf instead of going to the Polish President's state funeral, citing the volcanic ash cloud as an excuse. Please; he could have re-routed Air Force One, the taxi he uses to go get pizza and go on vacations, to a safer route especially since it can refuel inflight unlike commercial 747's. Tiger's wife, Elin, used the ash cloud as a shield to keep Tiger on one side of the Atlantic and her & the kids on the other.

Tiger screwed dozens. Obama screwed millions.

Tiger apologized to the PGA and his fans. Obama apologized to every world leader he could find time to bow to.

Tiger's losing his sponsors. Obama's losing his voter base.

Tiger’s followed around at work all day by a white guy who says nothing to the cameras.

Obama’s followed around by a white guy who should never speak to the cameras.

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