Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Ramadan, Charlie Brown!!! (Or, State Dinner For Schmucks)

Should we be at all surprised that Obama held court the other night at the White House for a Ramadan feast? I mean, shit, Barry loves to entertain, and he was able to let his hair down & return to his Muslim roots for the evening.

I'm sure Barry had to hide the beers though, since Islam forbids alcohol and he wouldn't want one of his guests to ruin the Iftar meal by screaming "Allah Akbar!!!" and jamming a shrimp fork into B-Hussein's eye for an affront to Mohammed.....Secret Service must have been shitting bricks all night, especially when they brought out the Carvel ice cream cake shaped like an IED instead of Fudgie the Whale.

I wonder if they served Wagyu Goat? I mean, shit, Barry only serves the best, right? Stupid bastard brings the President of Mexico over for dinner & served him.....say it with me now... Mexican food. Felipe wanted some American vittles, and instead got the same shit he could have had at home. Well, not really... since Barry flew in a 5-star chef who'd been on Iron Chef America and used 25 of the most expensive spices in the universe to make, among other things, you guessed it kids, Oregon Wagyu Beef in Oaxacan Black Mole.

I'm curious as to whether our chain-smoking Dear Leader skipped the Kool Menthols in favor of toking up on a hookah pipe?

They could have all just hopped on Air Force One, picked up Moochelle and the kids (no, wait, would women be allowed to attend? Maybe if they all wore hijabs or burkas or some shit) in Spain and flown on to Beirut. Why Beirut? Because the local Chili's had a special Iftar Menu offered up to break the Ramadan fast. Seriously.

Only 37,500 Lebanese Pounds! That's about 25 bucks US......I guarantee there wasn't any bacon on those cheeseburgers, unless they make goat bacon?


j summ said...

you know home AMERICA'S favorite neighbor is applebee's right? would iran's favorite neighbor be atom bomb?

hey look at the background on the chilli's ad, i see a couple star of david's in there. whats that all about?

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

If you were in Beirut, Lebanon, wouldn't YOU play nice to the angry neighbor that likes to bomb your cities with airstrikes?

Brooke said...

WTF?!? Did I just fall into the mirror universe?!?

Antoine said...

Hey about the Lebanon Chili's Ramadan ad
, allow me to add some infos .
Beirut is the Capital of Lebanon and here more than half of the population are muslims.
Muslims represents a big proportion of Chili's Lebanon clienetele , and therefore we have to adapt to the local market.
Yet Chili's Beirut (Lebanon) is the only Chili's in the middle east to serve pork bacon as well as baby back ribs and alcoholic drinks.

Beirut is a town where Christians and Muslims live together

and FYI womens here lives freely , no women is obliged to where the "hijab and other s***"

I understand that 25$ sounds expensive for a neighborhoud grill and bar like Chili's .

But in the region Chili's is percieved as an upperscale casual diner , and all food is imported from approved US vendors ! that is what makes it so expensive.

yet I invite to come and try out Beirut , its a vibrant city !
it never sleeps !

We have among the best cluns restaurants parties beaches

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

I stand corrected, Antoine, and I appreciate the information. Sometimes I forget that Lebanon has a large Christian population and that the country has in the past been very Westernized. I think I picture Beirut the way it was when I was growing up, which is war-torn and demolished by constant fighting. I'm glad your city is vibrant and doing well. The prices really aren't that much more expensive than they are here; I put the US Dollar reference in so folks would know what 37,500 Lebanese pounds was equal too (Because 37,500 of *any* currency sounds like a lot!)

Anonymous said...

Your rants read like a what's what of socio and neurological disorders. The good news: the Internet enables like-minded people to find each other more you have no trouble finding friends.

Best regards,

Ad Hominem

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

And since you were trolling the web in search of like-minded pro Islamist and pro Obamist drivel, you took offense to someone thinking differently from you and automatically assume I have a litany of myriad psychological problems. If Bill Maher ranted like this against a Republican you'd be dancing in the streets. No one forced you to read it. You won't find me rifling through anti-Conservative blogs and leaving butt-hurt anonymous comments.