Thursday, December 9, 2010

My new favorite Hoosier

The people of Indiana's 4th Congressional District are served currently by Republican Steve Buyer. Congressman Buyer has served the 4th and 5th Districts since 1993, and additionally serves as a Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve. Buyer opted not to run for a tenth term in Congress and will be replaced by incoming Republican Todd Rokita. Buyer has been serving this current Congress as a member of the House Committee on Energy & Commerce and also as the ranking member of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs.

Fast forward to just before 3:00 PM on Monday, November 29th , 2010 and the infamous Lame Duck Session of Congress, the Dems last stand of socialism before the Republicans take over in January and try to unravel the twisted wreckage of our country.

Nasty Nancy Pee is nowhere to be see and in her stead is Acting Speaker (ie: substitute teacher) is Representative Laura Richardson (D-CA). Funny how Comrade Pelosi's stand in was another California woman....the House seems over run with females from The Kellyfawnya Socialist State Red Bear Republic. Richardson is still somewhat new to Congress, assuming office in 2007 after a special election to replace the deceased Juanita Millender-McDonald.

When Buyer, sought recognition to speak for five minutes about some pending veterans legislation, Richardson, looking completely and utterly lost, said no. He revised his request to one minute.

Looking confused and taking verbal directions from someone off-camera, Richardson again denied the request.

Buyer persisted, growing outraged that one sitting representative was highhandedly refusing to recognize another, even for one minute. Gotta love Democrat elitism. Defiant to the very end, these creatures.

Buyer is finally permitted to speak on this video and quickly reads Richardson and the entire Democrat Party as a whole the riot act before ceding his remaining time, and Richardson notes this with complete disinterest. Afterward, there is a short gap before Richardson is told by her handler to call a recess. Keep watching the bottom of the screen then for an entertaining gesture of exasperation by Buyer, who leaves his seat to walk by where he knows the main House camera is pointing.

You see, the House's official camera only shows who is speaking, whereas the C-SPAN cameras show the yawning, bored House members in a Chamber that is surprisingly vacant quite regularly and, when a recess is called, coverage concludes on the House feed. You don't get to see the House members jaw-jacking and schmoozing each other during the recess.

C-SPAN has formally asked incoming House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), in the interests of openness, to allow the cable channel's independent cameras in for the new Congress. Independent video coverage Monday, for instance, would have pulled back to reveal the unelected person or persons guiding a lost Richardson and could have shown a twin-shot of Buyer seeking to get the chair's attention while Richardson ignored him. So keep watching the bottom of the screen then for an entertaining gesture of exasperation by Buyer, who leaves his seat to walk by where he knows the main House camera is pointing at the very end.


j summ said...

man the junior socialist in training sure wasn't prepared for that shit was she?

then again, this is the proverbial jewel shining in a pigs ass. another example, in microcosm, of how things take the libs by surprise, all the fucking time. i especially enjoy the way he explains to her just what her job entails.

hey, who were/are the courtiers off to the side instructing her?
are they elected or just the power behind the throne?

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

They seem to be un-elected Party apparatchiks there to make sure she didn't hurt herself with the gavel....

Brooke said...


It's just so blatant!

Krystal said...

I loved it when he told them basically that their own ineptitude is whey they were voted out. LOL!