Sunday, December 12, 2010

Was ist los mit Große Schwester? (What's up with Big Sis?)

Man, it seems that the furor over the Gropenfürher sure died down quickly after Thanksgiving weekend. After the biggest travel weekend of the year, we've heard nary a peep about heavy-handed TSA tactics. I find this a bit curious and damn near suspicious.

Being government functionaries, I sincerely doubt that in 2 short weeks they've completely retrained everyone and stopped their overbearing Gestapo searches.

Oh, wait... that's because the Lamestream media is covering other things instead. Fickle and possessed of the attention span of a fruit-fly, they seem content to bring us things like Bill Clinton's triumphant return to be Obama's Dress-Stain Czar and Timmy Geithner's kidney stones.

But while we were otherwise distracted, whether by radicals rioting in London or by Democrats eating their own, the TSA continued to do stupid things.

Among these would be selecting the sari-clad Ambassador to the United States from India for a feel up pat-down. Nothing like causing an international incident by feeling up a foreign diplomat. Ambassador Meera Shankar, 60, was selected for a pat-down last weekend by a TSA screener at Mississippi's Jackson-Evers International Airport. In fact, this was the second time in 3 months Shankar was selected for a pat-down.

(Hey, TSA.....a sari is not a burka...oh, wait, you wouldn't check anyone in a burka; that might offend someone).

India has protested, and Shrillary Clinton said she'd look nto it but offered no immediate apology.

Former Playboy Playmate and Baywatch actress Donna D'Errico was singled out & forced to go through a full body scan at LAX. Golly gee, I wonder why? Everyone wanted to scope the hottie. When asked by D'Errico why she was being scanned, the screener said "Because you caught my eye.". D'Errico further stated that after the search she noticed that the agent who pulled her out to be scanned was smiling and whispering with two other TSA agents and glancing back at her.

Has the TSA really stopped anything with these Draconian searches? I mean, we seem to be finding all these airborne attacks by accident or through FBI setups and stings. Dude screws up setting his shoe on fire; now we have to take our shoes off in a germ-filled public place. Dude tries to mix liquids in-flight to make a bomb and fails; now we can't take anything more than an eyedropper with us and have to buy all new stuff at our destination that we can't bring back with us. Dude sets his underwear on fire and fails; and almost a year later we've got Holiday Gropefest 2010. It's all reaction, not proaction. They do something, botch it, and TSA scrambles to make life harder on everyone without PROFILING THE PEOPLE THAT DO THIS STUFF. Old ladies, babies, Playboy models, and amputees....but heavens forbid we pat down Muslims in burkas.

Dude fails to set his bomb off properly in Times Square, gets caught after an observant person on the street alerts authorities. Dude is a naturalized American citizen and a Muslim. Hmmmmm. Dudes send bombs disguised as printer toner cartridges and bombs are found by alert people overseas, not by TSA. Dude tries to blow up a tree lighting and fails; young Muslim from Kenya. FBI stings a dude (an American Muslim no less) trying to blow up a recruiting office. Instead of stopping terrorists, the TSA is terrorizing the general public.

TSA has about 60,000 employees, and today there are about 350 full-body scanners in operation in about 70 of our nation's airports, with about 1,000 expected to be operational by the end of 2011. All of this costs more that $10 per passenger per screening. (That doesn't count fees that airlines charge passengers for everything under the sun) That also means that those of us who pose no danger will be forced into enhanced scans at the airports that have them, but the terrorists will simply choose to begin their flights at airports that do not yet have those procedures or equipment. Reactive, not proactive.

Christmas weekend is coming kids. Expect more lines. Expect more delays. Expect to hear about the TSA again, because while the Blamestream Lamestream isn't saying anything, some of us are.

Make sure you address your TSA storm troopers by their proper ranks and titles. This handy chart will help you out; just click it to see it better and save it to your desktop.

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