Friday, November 26, 2010

And Britain slides deeper into Islam's clutches....

A 15-year-old British girl has been arrested on suspicion of inciting religious hatred after she allegedly set fire to an English-language copy of the Koran and posted footage of the incident on Facebook.

The unidentified teen is accused of torching the Muslim holy book as other students watched, at her school in Sandwell near the city of Birmingham in central England. She was questioned by police on Friday and was released later in the day pending further inquiries.

Wake up, England. Each day you let your country slide deeper into the clutches of Islamofacism. Almost 2 years ago the Daily Mail reported the alarming number of British Muslims fighting for the Taliban in Afghanistan, and yet you continue to kowtow to Shariah Law and this sick notion that Islam is a peaceful thing. In today's UK Guardian there's an article about Afghani Brits fighting for the Taliban. In fact, one of them works as a cab driver in England when he's not off fighting a Jihad against the very people who offer him a place to live & work. This is nothing new; the Brits have worried about this for years, since the 9-11 and Shoe Bomber attacks, but have done bugger-all to stem the tide in their country.

And from this little chart put together at the Pew Center, as far back as 2006 81% of British Muslims view themselves as Muslims first and Brits second.I mean, we all know just how peaceful Muslims are in the UK. And just today the Daily Mail reported that a Muslim artist has painted a picture of the 7/7 London terror bombing of a city bus with angels over the bus in the same number as the terrorists who took part in the attack

And we have all these lovely images to remind us as well.

At this rate you'll have to give Kate Middleton a copy of this magazine to plan her & Wil's wedding.

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j summ said...

hey remember this summer when some guy burned a koran in michigan and they were offering rewards to find him? that was the state police. he turned himself in(!)(?), and was not charged. no shit, it's what the left loves, freedom of speech/expression, until it runs counter to their views, then it's a crime.

a the mag cover is going to result in another fatwa being issued against your infidel ass.