Monday, July 8, 2013

America's Left-Controlled Killing Fields

How most people view their surroundings in Liberal cities

As you gentle readers may recall, less than three weeks ago I wrote on how the most dangerous cities in America were controlled by The Left. I was also asked by reader, fellow blogger, and Army buddy Jim as to why Chicago wasn't included on that list. I was curious as well, and then got to thinking that these 10 cities were listed because of the number of crimes per 100,000 population. Most of those cities were relatively small to mid-size as far as major metropolitan areas go, with the population of Detroit declining as folks move the hell out or simply get killed off by their neighbors. The larger cities simply have that many more people to absorb the crime statistics.

You still have Left-controlled major cities where I wouldn't feel the least bit safe walking the streets outside of the major tourist spots. I've been to Boston (Mayor: Democrat Tom Menino) dozens of times and I love the city but wouldn't want to wander most of it unarmed. Philadelphia (Mayor: Democrat Michael Nutter), or as I call it Filthadelphia? I wouldn't feel safe away from the tourist spots in The City of Brotherly Love. Los Angeles, recently turned over to Democrat Eric Garcetti after the ruinous reign of Democrat Antonio Villarigosa (AKA Tony Villar) is just too weird for me to even attempt unarmed. And as long as that lunatic Bloomberg continues to run gun-free New York as a nanny state I'll never visit.

I don't blame the regular beat cops. For example,  Boston has some damned fine cops. They did a hell of a job after the Marathon bombing. If not for the fine troops of the NYPD, it would be as bad as Chicago.

I don't say these things out of a sense of paranoia. Far from it. I don't sleep with my Walther under my pillow, nor do I carry it 24/7. I say it as a former soldier and Military Police professional who simply doesn't trust the denizens of our larger municipalities under the jurisdiction of the Left away from areas brightly lit and heavily patrolled. I don't fear cities or crowds. I'm not some country bumpkin.

Beware of owner.

Seriously; beware of owner.
I was born in the nation's capital, Washington DC. That said, you couldn't pay me enough to live there. This is a city that sent a mayor to jail for crack use and then re-elected him when he got out. Then again, he was a Democrat. Current Democrat mayor Vincent Gray currently presides over the cesspool that is the heart of our nation's governing center. Back in March, they had 13 people shot in just one single incident. But it's a gun-controlled city, y'know. Up the road in Democrat Stephanie Rawlings-Blake's Baltimore, which we've already discussed at great length, it's like Fallujah but with fewer mosques. The weekend of June 21-23 of this year (yes, 3 weeks ago) no fewer than 20 people in Baltimore were shot in 12 incidents, and 8 of them died. Stay classy, B'more. No wonder the locals call it Bodymore, Murderland. The body counts just keep going up.

The graffiti speaks the truth

Maybe they should blame Bush, Palin, Global Warming and Racism?

That takes us to Chicago. Two words: No Way. Three words: No mothereffing way. Well, maybe if the Chicago Blackhawks picked me up at the airport and drove me directly to a game and then directly back to O'hare to un-ass the city and go home.

Nothing has improved in Chicago since Obama's former lapdog Rahm Emanuel took over from Richard M. Daley, son of Richard J. Daley, both of whom were crooked as a pig's pecker. Oh, wait...all these guys are Democrats. It really should come as no surprise that despite what the pundits say, Chicago is the deadliest city in America. This despite a $55 million program to curb gun violence but in reality just buys votes and cons taxpayers...

Chicago, Chicago, NOT my kind of town....

On this July 4th holiday weekend, where we celebrate our freedoms as Americans, in a city that has taken away its citizens' right to self-defense against thugs and scumbag criminals, in a city that has allegedly outlawed guns (meaning only outlaws have them), 74 people were shot and 12 of them were killed. A jumbo jet crashed in San Francisco and fewer people died than in Chicago gun violence.

Police tape: the new replacement for a white picket fence in Lib-Land.

Joe Walsh of Illinois Review perhaps summed it up the best:
Seventy-four people were shot and 12 were killed in the city of Chicago over the July 4th extended holiday weekend. Amazingly this gun violence occurred despite Chicago having the nation's most stringent gun control laws. Why then? Why this continued gun violence in Chicago?

The answer is pretty simple. Most of the shooters and killers this weekend are young gang bangers, young thugs who have absolutely no value of human life. Well, how did that come to be? Because one's values historically have come from one's parents, families, churches, and communities and its been the policy of Democrats over many years to replace these institutions of the family, the church, the neighborhood, and the community with the institution of the government.

And that's what they've done. The vast majority of this weekend's shooters and killers have no fathers, come from broken families, don't attend church, and aren't involved in their community. They are dependent upon government. They have no values and no respect for life. 
They are taught by the government and the Al Sharpton's of the world that nothing is their fault. Racism is to blame for everything. So they are not responsible for their own actions. The white man is.

None of this should surprise us. It's time we call the Democrats and liberals out for what they've done. Don't cede the ground of compassion to them anymore. Their misguided and harmful policies over the years have destroyed families, schools, and communities and created a destructive dependency on government. Outside of the killers themselves, liberal social policy is responsible for all this gun violence. The Democrats have ruined entire generations of urban Americans.
How kids in liberal cities learn to count...
See? It's not just me. I'm certainly not the only one who sees this. And really, it's not just in big cities. In my little town we've had a chronic violent crime problem for years. No one seems to blame the mayor who's been at the helm since 1989 and will be at the helm at least till 2017's inaugurals...I toss a lot of blame upon a seemingly ineffectual constabulary. The city finally fired its long-time police chief after we started the year with several homicides and shootings. A new chief has yet to be named. Our newly-installed county sheriff, a Democrat, hasn't seemingly done much to quell the violence, nor did his Democrat predecessor. When I found 2 holes in my kitchen walls from a .40 caliber round that went through one wall and lodged in the other from a drive-by conducted by one local gang against another as they walked down my street, I had to practically walk the 2 responding deputies through what to do. I went next door and asked the neighbor myself if he'd heard any gunfire that day, which he had about an hour before I got home from work that day. After they followed me over next door to get a statement, I then had to suggest to them that they check the street for uncollected spent brass, of which they found six casings. Over 21 years since I last strapped on a duty belt and ran a patrol, and I had to show the local cops how to conduct a simple investigation. Couple days later during a followup visit by a couple detectives, I had to point out to one cop that the plates on his unmarked cruiser had expired four months prior. Fivemonths later they've not made any progress, not that I really expected any.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. The sooner you idiots stop voting Democrat and take responsibility for your actions and your lives, the sooner you can stop living in fear of dying in the street like it's some Third World rat's nest you live in and not the United States. But why do that when it's easier to blame everyone else and keep on cashing them gubmint checks?

And seriously, banning guns isn't any sort of answer, you morons. It takes away the right of self-defense from people who then become prey for the wicked. And if guns become unavailable, criminals just turn to other means, like knives. Just ask the Brits, who have a rampant knife crime problem because there are no guns per se for criminals to use. A knife is even easier to procure and conceal than a firearm and requires no ammunition to use. Ergo, Britain is being sliced to ribbons.

Sure, that graphic is skewed slightly by the fact that we have a larger population than England has, but they can crow all they want about being a civilized gun-free society all they want...numbers don't lie.

Yeah, you'd think that, no?


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jay son said...

first chance i've had to sit down and read, and as always you are on the money. all of these towns are shit holes and unworthy of my time or money.

i go to detroit and st. louis with confidence because i am armed, not because i expect the police to protect me, nor because i believe in the goodness of my fellow man.

in GOD we trust, in SIG SAUER and GLOCK we rely.

welsh has it 100% right, as do you and i and countless other AMERICANS of ALL stripes, who have fled liberalville for the suburbs.

these shrines to crime will know vibrancy again when thugs are no longer allowed to own the parks and corners, while citizens have to cower in the shadows.