Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Air Farce One?

A week or so ago, President Obama took his first trip in Air Force One. It was a short trip, just down to Williamsburg, Virginia. The trip took a whopping 37 minutes. The wheels barely had time to go up before they came back down.

Previously, the President had flown the same aircraft from Chicago to Washington for the inauguration but remember, it’s only Air Force One (or Marine One for the helicopter) if the President is on board.

Over the weekend he took AF-1 to Chicago, to take the missus out for Valentine’s Day, and back again. Today he took it to Denver for the ever-so-dramatic signing of The Succubus Package.

Sure, I know that the plane is one of the perks for being the President. So is the million-pound gas hog armored limo. So is the helicopter that gets him to the plane.


That plane costs about $57,000.00 an hour to operate, according to a 2004 study.

When Nancy Pelosi took command of the House as Speaker, she demanded that she be given a 767 to be at her immediate beck & call rather than a Gulfstream or Lear. She demanded a plane that didn’t have to stop and refuel on the way to dragging her back to San Francisco whenever she wants and she demanded something big enough to bring along her entourage of serfs, retainers, vassals, straphangers, and lobbyists.

Remember, America, these are the same Democrats who crucified the guys from the Big Three automakers for flying corporate jets to DC from Detroit instead of carpooling.


Brooke said...

I just LOVE how Obama is going to fly to Colorado to sign the porkulus bill in front of solar panels so he can lecture us about 'being green'.

Yeah, that's some changity-change, huh?

janice_phil said...

hahahahah! obama the mesiah...