Thursday, February 12, 2009

Do Illegal Aliens Count Towards the Stimulus?

In accordance with the Flag Code, Title 36, U.S.C., Chapter 10, as amended by P.L. 344, 94th Congress, Approved July 7, 1976:

The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the People’s Democratic Socialist Republic of America……

We used to be called simply the United States of America. Not “The Republic of…”, not the “People’s Republic of…”, not the “Socialist Republic of…” or “Democratic Republic of…”, because the last time I checked any country name starting with “People’s” was never even remotely ruled by the people, a nation starting with “Democratic” was anything but democratic, and in general, “Republic” meant “socialist”. (Think People’s Republic of China, Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Democratic Republic of Korea…)

Riddle me this, would you? When did American citizens start to lose all their constitutional rights in favor of granting rights and privileges instead to terrorists and illegal aliens? We have all these wingnut asstards trying to bestow all of the same legal rights and protections that I as a taxpaying United States citizen am guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States to Gitmo terrorists who, up until their capture, had been doing their level best to kill all 300 million of us?

Dude, apart from the confinement, those guys are living better in Gitmo than they were in their mountain caves or desert tents. They’re warm, dry, fed, receiving medical care, and they all got new prayer rugs and Korans upon arrival. That beats freezing your ass off in an Afghani cave heated by burning camel shit, picking lice out of your beard as you plan your next car bomb attack. It also beats sand fleas and camel spiders and scorpions in 140-degree heat building those car bombs with sandy grit in your eyes and your teeth and your hair.

Of course, we’ve already been invaded from the south by the millions, and the same wingnut asstards want all the illegal aliens (oh, wait, I’m sorry…undocumented immigrants) to have rights and privileges and free tuition and welfare and free health care and free legal representation and even amnesty as a reward for sneaking into my country without permission.

Ladies and gentleman, I submit for you the story of our continued downward spiral…

An Arizona man who has been waging a 10-year campaign to attempt to stop a flood of illegals from crossing his property is being sued by 16 Mexican nationals, who are seeking $32 million in damages, mind you, accusing him of conspiring to violate their civil rights when he stopped them at gunpoint on his ranch on the Mexico border.

The lawsuit is based on a March 7, 2004, incident in a dry wash gully on the 22,000-acre ranch, when he approached a group of illegal immigrants while carrying a gun and accompanied by a large dog.

Attorneys for the immigrants (five women and 11 men who were trying to cross illegally into the United States) have accused Barnett of holding the group captive at gunpoint, threatening to turn his dog loose on them and saying he would shoot anyone who tried to escape. Roger Barnett, 64, began rounding up illegal immigrants in 1998 and turning them over to the U.S. Border Patrol, he said, after they destroyed his property, killed his calves and broke into his home.

His Cross Rail Ranch, near the Arizona border town of Douglas, is well-known by federal and county law enforcement officials as "the avenue of choice" for those seeking to enter the United States illegally, according to reports.

Trial continues this week in the federal lawsuit, which seeks $32 million in actual and punitive damages for civil rights violations, the infliction of emotional distress and other crimes. Also named are Mr. Barnett's wife, Barbara, his brother, Donald, and Larry Dever, sheriff in Cochise County, where the Barnett family live. Mind you, these people are not American citizens, but rather invaders sneaking across our borders, yet they seemingly have civil rights guaranteed by the Constitution. And note that they want 32 million DOLLARS, not pesos....chances are that the Mexies get about 5 grand and the rest goes to the scumbag lawyers...

The immigrants are represented at trial by the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), which also charged that Sheriff Dever did nothing to prevent Mr. Barnett from holding their clients at "gunpoint, yelling obscenities at them and kicking one of the women." At least 12 of the plaintiffs are listed as “anonymous”. This makes it even more outrageous since the plaintiffs’ attorneys are purposefully hiding their identities.

In the lawsuit, MALDEF said Mr. Barnett approached the group as the immigrants moved through his property, and that he was carrying a pistol and threatening them in English and Spanish. At one point, it said, Mr. Barnett's dog barked at several of the women and he yelled at them in Spanish, "My dog is hungry, and he's hungry for buttocks."

Good for him. They’re lucky he didn’t just shoot their asses and leave them for the coyotes and buzzards.

Roger Barnett: A true American patriot

The lawsuit said he then called his wife and two Border Patrol agents arrived at the site. It also said Mr. Barnett acknowledged that he had turned over 12,000 illegal immigrants to the Border Patrol since 1998.

In March, U.S. District Judge John Roll rejected a motion by Mr. Barnett to have the charges dropped, ruling there was sufficient evidence to allow the matter to be presented to a jury. Mr. Barnett's attorney, David Hardy, had argued that illegal immigrants did not have the same rights as U.S. citizens.

Holy shit. The Voice of Reason. Thank you, Mister Hardy.

Mr. Barnett told The Washington Times in a 2002 interview that he began rounding up illegal immigrants after they started to vandalize his property, northeast of Douglas along Arizona Highway 80. He said the immigrants tore up his water pumps, killed his calves, destroyed his fences and gates, stole his trucks and broke into his home.

Some of his cattle died from ingesting the plastic bottles left behind by the immigrants, he said, adding that he installed a faucet on an 8,000-gallon water tank so the immigrants would stop damaging the tank to get water.

This man is protecting his personal private property, livestock, and home. Furthermore, he is assisting the government in curbing the tide of invasion. And yet, he’s being treated as a criminal. WTF?

Mr. Barnett said some of the ranch’s established immigrant trails were littered with trash 10 inches deep, including human waste, used toilet paper, soiled diapers, cigarette packs, clothes, backpacks, empty gallon water bottles, chewing-gum wrappers, and aluminum foil - which supposedly is used to pack the drugs the immigrant smugglers, known as coyotes, give their "clients" to keep them running.

Welcome to America. Please feel free to trash the place.

He said he carried a pistol during his searches for the immigrants and had a rifle in his truck "for protection" against immigrant and drug smugglers, who often are armed. Besides, the Arizona countryside is a haven for venomous snakes and Gila monsters. I’d go out armed too. Hell, if I go traipsing about the woods here in South Carolina I have my own pistol with me for snakes.

A former Cochise County sheriff’s deputy who later was successful in the towing and propane business, Mr. Barnett spent $30,000 on electronic sensors, which he has hidden along established trails on his ranch. He searches the ranch for illegal immigrants in a pickup truck, dressed in a green shirt and camouflage hat, with his handgun and rifle, high-powered binoculars and a walkie-talkie.

His sprawling ranch became an illegal-immigration highway when the Border Patrol diverted its attention to several border towns in an effort to take control of the established ports of entry. That effort moved the illegal immigrants to the remote areas of the border, including the Cross Rail Ranch.

"This is my land. I’m the victim here," Mr. Barnett said. "When someone’s home and loved ones are in jeopardy and the government seemingly can’t do anything about it, I feel justified in taking matters into my own hands. And I always watch my back."

Good for you, Roger. Maybe if our representative government would get off its collective dead ass and finish that border fence, you might have fewer problems. These illegals oughtta be happy that we’re so lax and lenient, because some countries out there shoot to kill when people attempt to infiltrate their country’s borders. Some countries have minefields along their borders. Perhaps we should spend some of this bloated stimulus package money on securing our borders? That’s jobs to manufacture the fences and jobs to put the fences up, right? Unless Homeland Security (now headed by former Arizona governor Janet Napolitano coincidentally) half-asses it and contracts the work to some company full of illegals working under the table, of course.

Here’s an idea for those out there planning to enter my country illegally: don’t. Ask us for permission, come in legally, learn English, get a job, pay taxes, and then enjoy our freedoms and lifestyle. When the time comes, become a citizen and vote. Don’t sneak in, work illegally, refuse to speak the language, sponge off us taxpayers, and then wire all your money back home where you came from.

Speaking of which, why even bother coming here illegall? Hell, there’s no jobs for you anymore. We’re hemorrhaging jobs by the tens of thousands. We don’t have any jobs for our own citizens, let alone you. Tell you what…go south instead. Sneak into Panama. Instead of digging ditches here, go dig another Panama Canal. That’d stimulate the world economy for sure. Plus…you already speak the language! Or go to Venezuela. They have a thriving oil-based economy, and you already speak the language.(Just don't mind the dictator) Try Bolivia or Colombia. They have thriving cocaine-based economies. If you go pick dope, we can stimulate our own economy by funneling more money to the supposed War on Drugs…jobs for cops, jobs for people to make helicopters and boats to use against the smugglers…or you could just pick coffee. Juan Valdez needs help, I hear. Plus, you already speak the language.

I’m not anti-immigration. I am the PRODUCT of immigration. My father’s dad was conceived in Poland and born here, and he married a woman from Wales during WW2 and brought her home. My mother came here in 1960 with her family. I helped her study for her own citizenship test in 1993. I’m all in favor of legal immigration.

But I also took an oath in July of 1987 to defend this nation and the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, when I enlisted, and I don’t recall anyone telling me that I was absolved of that responsibility or released from that oath. We’re being invaded, guys. Defend your rights and defend your country.

Wanna contact the judge? Have at it, chummy!
Roll, John M.
United States District Court
Evo A. DeConcini U.S. Courthouse
405 West Congress Street, Suite 5190
Tucson, AZ 85701-5053
Clerk's Office

It ain't much but it's a start. Minefield optional, provided we leave openings for migrating 3-toed dust frogs, or some other such shit. Can't piss off PETA now, can we?


Brooke said...

Good Gawd, I feel like I'm living in the Mirror Universe!

Anonymous said...

Machine gun towers and napalm might work.

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

And this was the comment left on MySpace by my buddy Chris:

I agree with you once again Steve-o; must be that wavelength thing we got going on! I want to be SECDEF for one week, I am not greedy but I bet illegal border crossings drop by 100% during MY week! I think the Army and the Marines need to do a little "border training". After all, our military is used to repulse invasions, is it not? There is a river right along the border which means that it flows to the ocean, which makes that part of it a marine evironment which makes it perfectly ok for me to use Marines in that area. The rest is wide open land, which as we all know, is what armies are suited for. Go in, take the land, and hold it! Hold it against who you ask? Why all of the "undocumented immigrants" of course!!! Anyone coming into the country that week illegally will be subjected to the simple Rules of Engagement of SFAQL, or "Shoot First, Ask Questions Later". No nambie-pambie humanitarian rules here. And no I won't follow the fucking Geneva Convention! No one else does, so why should we? Besides, it's MY country! And while we might be spiraling ever downward into the cesspool of Socialism, while I am alive and breathing I will agree with Steve: I took an oath to defend the United States of America and the Constitution of the United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic. I am not only capable of doing it, but I will do it! That goes for the ass-monkeys in Washington, D.C. Last I checked they worked for the American people. You know, the people who voted you into office in the hopes that you can make a difference??? The only thing I see is a herd mentality and a CYA policy that is second to none. They all seem to lack a certain something....what is it...hmmmmmmmm......OH YES! That's it! They all lack the BALLS (and since we have to be politically correct lest we offend the Liberals) and the OVARIES to stand up and do the right thing and think for themselves and in turn do what is best for this country!!! I have always been proud to be an American, I could never think of living anywhere else. I am still proud to be an American, although the lack of personal responsibility to do the right thing in cases like this make me sick to my stomach. The Drill Instructors had a saying when I went to boot camp: "Mothers of America are what is wrong with recruit training." You may ask what that saying has to do with this situation and the situation in general with this country, and I am happy to answer you: No one is allowed to make mistakes, to fall down and get hurt, to actually LEARN what real life means anymore. If you fall down you are entitled to sue someone and take what is their's. You don't learn that falling down hurts and to be careful noT to do it again! Instead we learn that it isn't our fault and it's someone else that is to blame. The same goes for, and let's call a spade a spade here, illegal immigrants that cross our boders that just because they made it here, suddenly entitles them to all of the things I and all of the people who came here the right way (through Immigration and Naturalization, got their visas, studied, passed the test to become card carrying citizens, assimilated to OUR ways of doing things, made an effort to learn the language and be positive contributing citizens), and just because they made the border crossing, we have to pay their way, make sure that their rights are not abused, provide schools, clothing, public assistance and every other damned thing. I plegeded alliegence to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation, under God, INDIVISIBLE, with liberty and justice for all. If you want all of those things, come here the right way. If you don't? Don't be shocked to be found floating the the Gulf of Mexico riddled with bullet holes.
Thus ended the sermon"

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

And my buddy Jim left this one for me on MySpace too:

here, here. everyday in cities all across our nation, our citizens are being victimized by illegal aliens. phoenix is the kidnap capital of the u.s. with an average of one a day. drugs flow into our country, usually across our southern border, turning your brothers, sisters and kids into zombies. and what does uncle sugar do? allows the people here uninvited and illegitimately, access to our courts, schools, health care and banking institutions, causing a huge drain on our national treasure. reason #11 why i hates me some liberals