Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bush Caused Haiti Earthquake

That's the headline I'm waiting for. Somehow, some way, they'll lay the blame for the Haitian disaster on Bush.

Yes, it's a terrible tragedy and my heart goes out to the people of Haiti affected by the quake. But, as is my wont, I have thoughts and concerns.

As always, we're the first ones jumping to the rescue of people. I'm proud of the fact that we Americans are always the first to help out when another nation experiences a tragedy, but sometimes it feels like we're the ones expected to help, regardless of our own problems. We spend billions of our dollars and use countless resources of food, medicine, fuel, etc. in places where sometimes we're hated & reviled for being helpful Americans.

Half the world wants us all to die for being Americans, but not before we help them. They'll gladly take our help and then car-bomb us. Earthquake in Iran? Sure, send us help and then we'll drive you into the sea with your Israeli lackeys.

Like after the tsunami a couple years ago, when the Indonesian government wasn't all that welcoming to American military personnel coming to help out. Sure, guys, we'll just drop the supplies over here on the beach & motor can come pick 'em up...what? no roads? No helicopters to come get it? Damn, maybe you shoulda' let us do our thing then, huh?

The United Nations will promise help for Haiti and wrings its collective hands in worry, but who bankrolls the UN? We do.

US troops are fighting wars on two fronts, and yet we're ready to send a brigade's worth of soldiers to Haiti. We're looking at anywhere from 10-15% unemployment, and our economy is in the shitter, but we gotta help. Tens of thousands homeless in America, and we gotta help. The Haitian people have slowly (or not so slowly) destroyed their own country for the past few decades (I know, blame the French, or blame us, or blame everyone except the Haitians)and we gotta pick up the pieces for them.

The world hates us, but we gotta save them. Oh man, I can hear the Libs now, frothing at the mouth to tell me that we're hated because we're arrogant, and we start wars, and we pollute, and blah blah blah wonder they hate us blah blah. I'm waiting for them to say Global Warming caused the earthquake.

We can barely take care of our own, and we're expected to drop everything & help everyone else. I dunno, gang. I guess maybe I'm sick of being the world's babysitter, the world's pantry, the world's wallet, the world's bitch, the world's whipping boy, for a world that's ungrateful at best and openly hostile at worst. We're treading water, clinging to the floating door, and the rest of the world gladly climbs over our freezing body to get into the last Titanic lifeboat.

And as our frozen corpse slides beneath the waves, they'll row to safety, only they'll still have that big-assed jeweled necklace in their hands courtesy of Uncle Sugar, and they'll wrap up in that toasty green wool blanket with "US" stenciled on it and laugh. Enjoy the briney deep suckers.


Jim said...

Really? You're waiting for that headline? You should get out more and maybe seek treatment for that right-wing persecution complex you're clearly suffering from. It's widespread among you righties. Maybe there's a support group. Act now!

j summ said...

dude, exactly!!! i have always felt that way about kate winslet's fat ass in titanic. i also remember how after the tsunami, some asshole from norway said we americans should be doing more. when the fuck is someone, anyone, going to ask the world what the fuck they intended to do in regards to disaster relief? you answered it. look at us, down their noses, with raised eyebrows.

Anonymous said...

According to the Washington Post:

The United States, France, China and the Dominican Republic are sending search-and-rescue teams to Haiti, a country of 9 million people with a primitive network of two-lane roads, only the most major of which are paved. Andrus said Brazil has sent three jets carrying 21 tons of equipment, and many countries have pledged money. Spain has sent planes with surgical teams.

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

The Left has blamed Bush and/or Cheney for everything from Global Warming to to the extinction of the dinosaurs to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It's not just pretty widespread among the Lefties; it's the new religion.

It's nice to see other countries lending a hand instead of just us. I'm sincere when I say that my heart goes out to the Haitians but we spend so much time taking care of the REST of the world that we often neglect our own.

Maybe ACORN can fly down and rig them up an election and then the SEIU can unionize the survivors....

djquest1mia said...

hey steve,
how many people, on how many contries have we taken out in the past 70 yrs. monroe doctrine said no countries from the other side of the atlantic can come over here and dictate but we do it to the rest of the world.
Fact: haiti was the first free nation of people's of the african diasporsa - hatians were free while africa was still getting banged without the vasaline by europe and the US.
have you ever been to miami? how many haitians did you see? have you seen any playing professional sports in america? have you seen any of them on the news with their mugshot? know where the baseballs for america's pasttime come from?
the world hates us because we''ve been making major dollars of the backs of the woprld's people. that's why everyone who still hates us want to come here- to get a piece of that pie.
don't get it twisted, i'm an immigrant myself, been in the states form Jamaica since six years old came here legally and all. i'm not americanized but i'm pretty much and american if you catch my dift; i'm thirty now. other than jewish folks after WWII (know your history) the people who stole this land have shited on everone you can refer to as poor since the Declaration of Independence. who is this "own" your talking about. immigrants make this country. elininate us at any time in US hiostory ,guess what, no US. that's why we have to help, everyone here is from somewhere else. trace your roots steve. where are your peoples from? man i wish you actually had gone to high school in D.C. but i'm not going to judge, you were in the Man's army so you should have been around enough brothers to know about poverty. o' by the way the worlg economy is f'd up not just us.

djquest1mia said...

i wont be mad if you don't approve, i'm just glad you got to read it and anawer those few questions.

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

Oh, I approved the comment....and after work I'll address what you said. Not enough time at the moment...

Snarky Basterd said...

Jim, djquest1mia ...

You're absolutely right. We suck. We suck so badly that, if we weren't around, if we didn't have to rush off and defend the oppressed from the criminal dictators you so obviously adore, if we weren't around to pick everyone up off the ground when they fall or disaster befalls them, if we weren't the greatest engine of economic and creative and scientific endeavor in the history of the fucking planet ... you'd be living in the world Ayn Rand created in Atlas Shrugged.

But you wouldn't know that ... because you still haven't intellectually graduated from kindergarten and therefore don't know how to read yet.

Anonymous said...

Three will get you five that the Capatin Carbon Headline appears first. Did you get my email about the porkulus money for Michael Mann? Check out my post.

Anyway, while the history of U.S delving into Caribbean politics hasn't been our finest hour. Haiti is a shithole compare to the Dominican Republic just over the mountains due to ITS government, not ours.

You're a little too young to remember Papa Doc, but you should remember Baby Doc. And the wonderfully talented secret police they employed to ensure they lived like royalty while the nation starved.
Dictators followed by communists is not a recipe for economic growth.

I pray any relatives you still have there made it through the earthquake.

W. E. Messamore said...

When Katrina happened, nuts on the left blamed Bush while nuts on the right blamed everything from homosexuality to not having enough prayer in school or whatever (disclosure: I happen to be a theologically conservative Christian and hate to be lumped in with such folks).

While it should remain clear that hurricanes and earthquakes are natural events, one thing we can discuss now that Haiti is in the spotlight, is the cause of its desperate poverty, which exacerbates disasters like this one. With your permission, Steve, I'd like to post a link to this answer regarding Haiti's poverty:

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

Hey, Wes, thanks for stopping by!

And yeah, it's a wretched shame that the Haitians live in such abject poverty. Indeed I feel for them. I'm not a complete monster.

The entire history of the nation is a disaster, going from corrupt dictator despot to corrupt dictator despot, from Jean-Jacques Dessalines to Francois Duvalier. Seemingly one of the only truly progressive and peaceful eras in their history was the American occupation from 1915 to 1934.

Oh wait...the Left will choke on that....I can hear the apoplexy starting now because I dared to say that American troops on foreign soiul did good things to help oppressed peoples...

The UN has been allegedly keeping the peace in Haiti for years, and when the merde hit the ventilatuer the other night, the UN called America to come rescue everyone. Oh, wait, the UN mission to Haiti crumbled in the rubble...guess you shoulda' reinforced your headquarters building against disasters instead of enjoying the tropical sunshine.

Where was the UN, and where was the rest of the world, this past weekend when a 6.5 quake hit California? Who came rushing to OUR aid? California is so broke it almost qualifies as a Third World Economy.

Funston Panther said...

Is it my imagination, or do all these drive-by Liberal dong-pullers who have nothing better to do than troll Conservative websites have unviewable, anonymous-type profiles?

Sure Haiti was to be ruled by a series of tinpot dictators who killed all the people who opposed them.

The aforementioned Dessalines that Steve spoke of above was declared Emperor for Life and killed off all the white people on the island. Racial genocide is bad if white people kill non-whites, but perfectly acceptable if it's Kill Whitey time? By any means necessary, I suppose. Preach on Brother Malcolm.

Hey, DJ, if you intend to blog comment under a screen of anonymity
make sure that you use a different user ID. With a little effort one could see that you frequent a lot of singles sites of a dubious nature.

I love how folks think America is good enough to live in for the majority of their lives yet refuse to be Americanized and talk shit about their host nation.

Snarky Basterd said...

Well, Steve ... I guess Jim and djquest1mia didn't have the foresight you did to know this was coming: Your prophecy delivered.

Steve: The Lightning Man said... is done, time for fun.

DJ, I find it interesting that you've lived here for 24 years and say you're not Americanized, and then say "we" in talking about taking out countries. Dude, are you one of us or not? To say "we" implies you're an American, not a resident alien guest of ours.

Yes, I've been to Miami, on a business trip to take a class. Must not have seen too many Haitians due to all the Cubans. I guess we finally stopped accepting other peoples' refugees pell-mell after the Cuban Boatlift. One of my Army buddies spent the first YEAR of his marriage in Cuba babysitting Haitian refugees in a tent city.

Where do all the baseballs come from? Rawlings, based in Saint Louis, Missouri. If you meant baseball players, they come from the OTHER side of the island, the Dominican Republic. I'm not likely to see any Haitians playing pro sports, because the only pro sport I follow is ice hockey, and ice, like a stable non-corrupt government, is in short supply there. Then again, you Jamaicans do have a bobsled team, so anything is possible. Disney could make a movie about the young boy from Port Au Prince who flees to Montreal, and eventually makes his way to play for the Mighty Ducks. Maybe Emilio Estevez will do a cameo.

I am the son of an immigrant. I grew up in a lower middle-class and very racially diverse neighborhood just outside DC. When I moved away in 1983, we were one of three white families on the block; everyone else was black or immigrants from El Salvador, Nicaragua, and the Jamaican family 3 houses from the end of the street. My single mom & me lived with her immigrant parents. Please, let's not lecture me about immigrants & being poor.

And my roots? My father's parents were also immigrants. Some of my family fled Poland. While everyone mention the six million Jews, few mention the six million Poles who were slaughtered in WW2 too.

Why do you wish I'd gone to high school in DC? Were my previous 8 years as a victim of the overcrowded Prince Georges County, Maryland schools not enough? I started high school in Maryland and moved to Maine. I escaped a 3000-kid school with 45 kids crammed into a class for a 42-minute class: even an asshole like me can do THAT math; less than one minute of personal attention per student. I graduated from a 450-kid school with a solid education instead of being just another number.

I was in "the man's" Army? What sort of gibberish is this? I was around enough brothers to know what poverty was? Who the fuck are you to comment on whether or not I know poverty? Just because I'm white and articulate that makes me from a wealthy background? If we weren't so poor, we wouldn't have lived with my mom's parents while my absentee father skipped out on child support. My former neighborhood is a crime-ridden combat zone. Luckily I got out of there & made something of myself.

And it's the UNITED STATES ARMY, not The Man's Army. I served America, as in We, The People. I even protected the rights of non-citizen immigrants.The people whose country is kind enough to give you a home. Like I tell any immigrant who bitches: You can leave any time you want. If we're so fucked up and evil & bad, feel free to go back where you came from and see if you like it better there.

blackandgoldfan said...

The conditions of Haiti pre-earthquake couldn't have anything to do with the regimes of Papa Doc or Aristide, eh? We all know how dictators truly care about the people!

People love to talk shit on America, but when the need arises, who's one of the first countries to respond with aid? It ain't fucking Kenya!!!!

If we're so damned bad as a country, why do the libs fucking stay here??? Go find your socialist utopia in Europe somewhere!

Bunch of jagoffs!

Krystal said...

Read an article just a couple hours ago. $400 million in aid to Haiti ONE-FOURTH of that, $100,000,000, comes from the U.S.

I'm glad that I'm not the only one feeling "this way". I'm truly upset by the images I'm seeing. I'm not a heartless person. However, I have NEVER believed that tax-payers dollars should be sent in relief for natural disasters. I believe it should be up the individual American people to send what they're led to send.

My heart goes out to Haiti, 50,000+ dead! MY GOD! And that is said more as a prayer than anything else. What else IS there to say?

But we have homeless here in America. We have children living on the street in America. We have people starving to death in America. We have people who can't get medical care here in America.

Charity begins at home. It makes no sense to feed the neighbor's child while your own dies of starvation.

Amusing Bunni said...

They wouldn't have been so poor to begin with if they had not kicked out the French! Any other country in that area that had some colonial rule did pretty well.
I agree with Steve, why should we drop everything....and throw money at them $100 million of our money! They have a more corrupt gov't than we do. It's sad and all, but things happen. Who is going to help all the poor displaced Americans?

Obummer is going to send all the refugee survivors over here, and all the criminals and gangs and terrorists will sneak in with them, and he'll have millions of refugees that he'll give amnesty to and they'll be voting demotard for life...that's his plan,
nothing altruistic about it.

LL said...

I hate it when George Bush does things like that. If only he would use his super powers for good...

Anonymous said...

Last night my microwave oven stopped working. Man, I really hate George Bush.

Anonymous said...

Well, Danny Glover came through for me with the Global Warming hobgoblin. But I think the blame bush came out first.
Dammit, that's why I'm not a bookie.

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

Danny Glover's incoherent rant was damn near comical but instead was simply infuriating.

Soloman said...

just a thought... $400 million in foreign aid to Haiti, with 25% of that being from The United States...

and that's our government's contribution. Let's not even begin to mention all of the contributions individuals will give in countless ways.

Brad and Angelina were reported to give $1 million - just from them. The NFL gave a million, MLB gave a million, the New York Yankees gave a million, the NBA gave a million..

at basketball games nationwide there have been people collecting for UNICEF (a charity I refuse to give to, but that's fodder for another day) and those collections are bound to be in the millions of dollars. Text messaging set up for instant $10 donations through your wireless provider... the list goes on.

So all of you who wish to bash the U.S.A. and disparage our people or our motives in this world - fuck the lot of you. We're the best nation this world has ever seen, and others do not hate us - they are jealous and envious. We welcome all of you to copy our platform and begin free nations of your own - or shut your mouths.

Krystal said...

Steve, I wish I could shake your hand for the "work is over, time for fun" comment.

I grew up in S. Florida and am still trying to figure out the point of DJ's remarks regarding about Haitians in Miami.

Brooke said...

Didn't some on the looney left think Bush had a Japanese bought weather machine to make Katrina happen?

That last pic is brilliant. I'm waiting for the Goreacle to start up on it...

I agree; I want us to help, but not that it should be expected. I say help those Haitians that we can, and every one we see loot, abuse corpses or whatever (I'm sure you've seen the pics) should be shot on site.

Oh, and after we rebuild Haiti, we OWN it, dammit.