Saturday, January 30, 2010

Brown: The Scott Heard Round The World

For the past couple weeks now almost, folks have been celebrating the victory of Senator-elect Scott Brown, and rightly so. For a Republican to win the seat that Scuba Ted clutched in a death-grip with his bloated, vodker-stained fingers for 47-plus years, in a state that the Dems and their union thugs held by the short & curlies since time began, that’s one hell of an accomplishment.

But look at reality. This is but one seat, and while it does prevent a filibuster-proof mega-majority, there’s still a long fight left in store. Watching everyone whoop it up, I couldn’t help but compare this to the Doolittle Raid in April, 1942. It wasn’t a major blow to Japan, but it was a huge symbolic victory for morale and showed the Japanese that they were not invulnerable.

This in turn got me to thinking harder about the similarities between various events in American politics over the past 18 months and many of the major events of World War Two, both in the Pacific and in Europe. This is what I get for being a military history buff……
The run-up to the 2008 elections is like that pre-war gathering storm. Posturing, threats, hand-wringing, a crappy economy, a charismatic young firebrand promising hope, change, and prosperity, and a conciliatory jelly-back in John McCain to be our Neville Chamberlain.

When hostilities began in September, 1939, opposition was swept aside by the Blitzkrieg. In the same juggernaut fashion, the Democrats’ campaigns and national convention built a seemingly unstoppable momentum that spilled over to Election Day. Much in the same way that the various countries of Europe capitulated after being invaded, state after state fell under the yoke of The One and his Hench-socialists.

The time between Election Day and Inauguration Day, that quiet yet scary time, is a bit like the time referred to as The Phony War, a prelude to the unholy unpleasantness to come. The Vichy French were the forebears of today’s RINO Republicans, all friendly and conciliatory and turncoat collaborator. As the Bush administration cleaned out their desks and vacated their offices, one couldn’t help but think of the defeated forces being evacuated off the beaches at Dunkirk.

And yet, most of America was still not involved in the war. Not until Pearl Harbor, and the Coronation of the Obamessiah…

All hell broke loose at once. Sweeping changes came into effect with deadly bailouts and stimulus packages, each one a fell blow akin to the fall of Corregidor, the Bataan Death March, and the operations that took over North Africa. When a few valiant governors led by South Carolina’s Mark Sanford tried to refuse bailout money, they resisted as long as they could in a heroic last stand like that on Wake Island, until at last they too succumbed and the survivors surrendered.

Times looked bleak. We despaired. We worried. We almost panicked. But we would not be broken. We would not be vanquished. When London was under the Blitz, brave aviators took to the skies in Spitfires and Hurricanes and showed the Luftwaffe what we were made of. Taking up the challenge of our RAF forebears in the Battle of Britain, local heroes held town hall meetings and Tea Parties, culminating in a Tax Day Triumph in Washington over a million strong.

The seeds of victory had been planted, but there were doubters still. We needed more concrete successes to ensure the defeat of those who would destroy us.

Jimmy Doolittle carried out his aforementioned daring raid on the Japanese home islands, proving that indeed Tokyo was within reach and that they were vulnerable. Again, it was mostly a symbolic victory but it gave people hope. The November 2009 gubernatorial race in Virginia did the same thing. It was just one race but it showed them we were coming for them. The victory in New Jersey was another victory for freedom, a jumping off point like the Battle of Coral Sea, again just one state but a tactical victory that denied them another stronghold. We learned a valuable lesson in overconfidence though when we were bloodied at Kasserine Pass, and we likewise learned from losing the Congressional race in New York’s 23d District.

Forcing Van Jones out of The Inner Czar Circle was our victory at El Alamein, and the brilliant exposure of ACORN for the fraudsters and illegal operators that they are was a huge turning point that cut their influence off at the knees, our Battle of Midway if you will.

Despite the difficulties in Sicily and moving into Italy, we persevered. Despite the awarding of a Nobel Peace Prize, we made sure the world knew it was a joke, a fraud, a sham. We persevered.

It took a long and bloody fight to take Rome after bogging down at Anzio, but the Allies broke free from Kesselring’s panzer army and the day was ours; likewise the disastrous Climate Conference in Carbonhagen was in the end a huge loss for the Left after we showed the Global Warming hoax for what it was.

In much the same manner that Germany had its Lost Cause in a fight they couldn’t win, the Dems have theirs. They’re finding out rather quickly that Health Care has become their Russian Front. They invaded, they made great strides, and then they bogged down. At one point the Wehrmacht was almost to the suburbs of Moscow…and at one point the House had passed a version of a bill and the Senate had their version.


Healthcare Reform in the versions they want to force feed us are stalled. Frau Pelosi says that she doubts the House can pass the Senate version. This is their Stalingrad, people. We’re gonna jam them up at Stalingrad and force their retreat. If we can get someone like Reid or Shumer or someone else to fall, that’ll be like the surrender of the German Sixth Army and capture of General Paulus. Obama says he’s going to force the issue and get it passed, much like Hitler ordering Operation Citadel, a last offensive in Russia, and after the great tank battle at Kursk, anything else on the Russian Front was a retreat back to Germany. So let it be with Obamacare.

The Scott Brown victory…I almost don’t know where to place this. Maybe with the long battle for the seat after Kennedy’s death and all the unpleasantness heaved upon Brown, that final victory was almost like winning Guadalcanal, the perfect stepping stone for our island-hopping campaign to victory.

As I said before, we still have a great struggle ahead of us. And I do mean “us”, for you and me, we’re the foot soldiers in this. Bloggers, Tea Party-goers, campaigners, we’re the grass-roots ground-pounders who get the word out and fight the fight.

The countdown is on to the 2010 elections. This will be our D-Day invasion. We’ll storm the polls in waves. Early & absentee voters will be our airborne drops behind their lines. We’ll establish our beachheads and storm inland. When we take back Congress and liberate Washington, it’ll be like liberating Paris, and Obama can ask “Brennt Washington?” (Is Washington burning?) over the phone, screaming at Barbara von Boxer.

They’ll attempt to rally their forces prior to the Presidential elections. They’ll attack in one last offensive, a Battle of the Bulge so to speak; if a race is almost too close to call and the Left is calling for us to concede that race, I sincerely hope that our candidate will have the audacity to quote Anthony McAuliffe and simply say, “Nuts!”.

When we go to the polls to win back our country, we’ll have DC surrounded like Berlin in ’45. The Conservatives rushing in from one side and the disenfranchised Obama voters from the other, shaking hands on the bridge at the Elbe.

And then we’ll accept their unconditional surrender…they may still resist, but do they really wanna get nuked? But what would that metaphorical nuke be? Aha! A Nigerian birth certificate? Nahhhh…his mom was an American citizen so all that birther crap is out the window. A photo taken holding hands with Osama bin Laden? Nahhhh, too easily Photoshopped.

No, his own policies will be his undoing. The sheer righteousness of our cause is enough. C'mon, gang; your country needs you.


Mr. P said...

This spoof of climate science may be of interest:

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

I caught the same video over at Left Coast Rebel. These Hitler spoofs are becoming the hot new thing.

jay son said...

great job piecing it all together, i know you've been working on this for awhile. i can see the guadalcanal or maybe macarthur's return to the philippines and i'm with you completely on jindal, palin and sanford being like the eagle squadron. eeeeeeeeww, the libs are going to be pissed over your pictures, again. makes me smile.

j summett said...

Great post! I especially like the Don't Tread On Me pic, and the Scuba Ted line.

Everyone needs to be engaged now, right on through the presidential election in 2012. Make the Dems regret not listening to the American people when we said ENOUGH!!

Anonymous said...

Buy War Bonds. Nickie Goomba War Bonds are probably the best investment.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I am with you, Lightening Man. If we can wake everyone up and get them to vote for representatives of the PEOPLE we have a chance to turn this thing around.

My personal hope is that we will have the opportunity to elect people who understand our monetary system and the corrupting dangers of fiat money, and who will fight to fix specifically these problems. This is because, as long as the monetary system we have remains, any person from any political party can manipulate the system and cheat us. Only an honest monetary system will allow us to keep our representatives in line.

Anonymous said...

Nicely done, Although the ACORN exposure was a nice boost,it was no Midway--after that we hunt the Japs down pretty much at will. We haven't taken out the Yamato yet. (Dad flew anti-shipping/submarine missions). As for the European theater analogies--we haven't seen their Battle of the Bulge yet either--hopefully we will survive that too.

Brooke said...

Great post, great pics.

I really do think it will come down to another Revolution!

Snarky Basterd said...

Shit, Steve, this is magnificent. When you emailed me recently about this I have to admit, I didn't think it was possible to pull it off in one post.

You sure as hell have here.

I'm going to put this up at ADHD in the next couple days as a guest post, linking back to you.

It's a wonderful piece of work.

sig94 said...

Execellent analogy. Hard times now should remind us to redouble our efforts. Don't let a single vestige of the Obama administration reamain.