Sunday, May 20, 2012

"I've got Israel's back...until I don't..."

“There should not be a shred of doubt right now: When the chips are down, I have Israel’s back..."

Sure, Barry. When the chips are down, you need the Jewish vote and will do whatever it takes to get it. For the life of me I can not fathom why American Jews support you in any way, shape, or form. You have consistently crapped on Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu. You ignored Netanyahu as he waited for you in favor of dinner with Mooch and the girls.In fact, you stormed out of the meeting with him and left Bibi to stew in the meeting room.You even had the cherries to tell him and the Israeli people to withdraw to pre-1967 borders that are indefensible just to make your Muslim buddies happy.

But you need those Jewish votes, Barry.

Daniel Shapiro, Washington's ambassador to Israel, recently warned the Iranian regime that only "a brief window" now existed to settle the impasse over its nuclear program through diplomacy and he assured Israel that, if diplomacy failed, the United States was fully prepared to resort to military force to end the threat the Jewish state says it faces from a nuclear-armed Iran. And then Leon Panetta says that we're going to magically print $70 million to give Israel this year to bolster their Iron Dome anti-missile air defense system and that we'll keep on printing more money out of thin air to help even more over the next three years. I'm not begrudging them the help, mind you; it's just that I have no idea where this money is coming from.

I find the timing on this to be the kicker. It's election time. Barry has treated our staunchest ally in the Middle East like some kind of proverbial red-headed stepchild at best and an arm's reach piece of rubbish at the worst of times, and now he thinks that if he plays nice-nice with Tel Aviv that the American Jewish population will line up lock-step and vote for him. And after the election, you'll go back to crapping on Israel again...

Ein lecha shoom busha, Barry...


jay son said...

you got this exactly right. what happens after the election? for that answer we only have to look back a couple of months to what he told medvedev about our own missile defense.

i will never understand how AMERICAN jews can vote for politicians who want to disarm them (and everyone else).

Brooke said...

Pretty much sums it up. Barry is a vote whore, and if the Jewish voters support them they are fools. I'm sure he doesn't mind at all when Islamists talk about driving the Jews into the sea, ect.