Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's like Watergate, only different...

Stop staring at my tits. I'm a serious politician now.

So...liberal rag Mother Jones posts up recorded footage of Kentucky Senator (and Senate Minority Leader) Mitch McConnell conferring with strategists about how to defeat a potential opponent in the next Senatorial campaign. The gist of the conversation was how to use the opponent's own statements and quotes to prove they weren't the best choice. Not a smear campaign or lies, but the opponent's actual quotes. Big whoop, right?

Yes, big whoop. A very big whoop. The Left is making it a big whoop because it was Liberal Darling and Hollyweird Celeb Ashley Judd. How DARE anyone try to defeat Ashley Judd? She's a liberal and a celebrity. How dare you defy the Left?

The bigger whoop, and the one the Leftist, Biased, Blamestream Media is avoiding is that the recording was made via an illegal wiretap of McConnell's offices. The media is making all this noise about how vile and evil and awful it is that someone would want to defeat the angelic and saintly Ashley Judd by using her own words against her, and not a peep about how a rag named after a Leftist agitator obtained the recordings by breaking into and ILLEGALLY BUGGING the offices of a sitting United States Senator.

The real Mother Jones, stirring up the masses like a good socialist.
Last I checked, a President resigned his office after a scandal involving office invasion....but since Nixon was an evil Republican and he broke into the offices of the peaceful and honorable and innocent DNC at the Watergate Hotel, he should burn in the 666th level of Dante's Inferno while it is perfectly acceptable, no, HEROIC, to break into a Republican's office and record his private conversations.

This country is doomed.

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