Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Will HOA settlement taint George Zimmerman's trial?

That's right. I didn't use a picture of an angelic Trayvon like the biased Lamestream Media.

Just got word a couple days ago that the Home Owner's Association for the housing development where George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin had their fatal run-in last year settled a wrongful death suit with Martin's parents for a figure between one and two million dollars.

Now, my heart still goes out to his parents, who I'm sure are still grieving the loss of their son. However, I'm concerned that with the HOA rolling over and paying up before the criminal case even goes to trial, it further taints potential jurors against Zimmerman, on top of all the damage done by the Blamestream Media. I covered it here & here. Jurors are all going to know that the group who made Zimmerman the head of their Neighborhood Watch basically said they were guilty and doled out seven figures.

Now, the HOA played their game pretty slickly. HOA's as a general rule have an insurance policy against lawsuits and those are usually a million or two dollars worth. A lengthy trial would put vulture TV news trucks in front of that development daily, and some 300 homeowners would watch their home values drop like a rock. Rather than risk a fruitcake Florida jury awarding the Martin family 30 or 40 million dollars they opted to cut their losses and get the monkey off their back, throwing Zimmerman under the bus in the process. Would a jury do that? Of course. A Florida jury let Casey Anthony go free, didn't they?

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