Sunday, April 14, 2013

Turd of the Week: Dominic Francis

Oh, woe is me. I'm sad and downtrodden. My parents live in a mansion.
I've been absolutely appalled this past week at the nasty backlash and celebrations surrounding the death of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and further appalled at the plans for protests during her funeral this coming Wednesday.

Most of the assclowns who took to the streets in celebration were either young children during the Thatcher years or weren't even bloody well born yet when she left office in 1990, so they have no true context to base this celebration upon other than the indoctrination of their Liberal, Marxist, Socialist, Union Thug professors and parents. A pox upon the lot of them.

Based upon downloads costing a mere 99p, or about $1.52, the number two song on the British pop charts this week in a despicable display of decidedly non-British crassness was "Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead".


And now we find that the mastermind of the upcoming protests is a mollycoddled, elitist, pampered 25-year old college student named Dominic Francis. At 25, he was what, maybe three years of age when Baroness Thatcher left No.10 Downing Street? This punk-assed kid attends Ruskin College in Oxford, and while it's not a constituent part of Oxford University itself, it is an affiliated institution that allows students to attend lectures and use the facilities at the University. Ostensibly the college was set up for students from disadvantaged backgrounds with little or no qualifications, yet this guy's parents live in a £700,000 home (almost $1.5 million) in the town of Royal Tunbridge Wells about 40 miles outside of London. It seems he's all boo hoo and sad that the government is putting on a large state funeral for Thatcher and feels the need to protest it. He said he was urging the protests with a heavy heart, and said the action would be peaceful, adding: ‘I support that her mourners should be allowed to grieve in peace. But when they decided to hold a State-funded, large ceremony like that, they open themselves up to public criticism.’

Tough shit, boyo. The woman was the head of government for your nation for over a decade. Are we expected to see her wrapped in newspaper and set alight in a rubbish bin because you didn't like her politics? Over here in America, regardless of politics, a former President, of which a Prime Minister is the equivalent as a head of state, is afforded a state funeral with full honors and respect for the office is observed even if you didn't respect the deceased in life.

Even John Lydon has the decency to show a modicum of respect to Mrs. Thatcher in death. I daresay that the rest of you lot over there should piss off and do the same.

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