Wednesday, June 12, 2013

If you can't feed 'em, don't breed 'em

I just finished watching a report on my local TV news proudly touting that while school has ended, kids are still getting "healthy nutritious meals" because of the Summer Feeding Program. In Charleston County alone there's some 22,000 kids who get free or reduced price meals during the school year, and the taxpayer is responsible for feeding them on summer break too.

I mean, it's not the parents' responsibility any more but rather the solemn duty of Joe & Jane Taxpayer to raise these kids. Never mind that you've got your own family to feed, with food prices going up every day, or that you gotta put gas in your car as the price of gas goes up, gas that you need to get to your job that you gotta work to pay taxes to....raise other peoples' kids and pay for their housing and utilities and Obama get the picture.

I remember, as a young elementary-aged kid, my then-single mom busted her ass to raise me. She refused to take government handouts even though I'm pretty sure I qualified for reduced price meals, if not free. She worked, and worked hard, instead of taking welfare & food stamps. Nowadays, despite the alleged welfare reform of the 90s, it's just as easy, if not easier, to milk the government teat and maintain a generational welfare lifestyle where in order to get a pay raise, you simply squirt out another kid.

The kids get free pizza and Domino's gets a tax break and free advertising.
 Generally speaking, if you're getting the proverbial free lunch, your family is On The System, likely getting welfare checks or reloadable debit cards in addition to the SNAP EBT cards (ie: food stamps, for us old-schoolers). The way things are set up, these kids get a free breakfast, a free lunch, free after-school care disguised as "activities" complete with free afternoon snack, half these programs toss them a free dinner, and this is in addition to the heating assistance, free Obama cell phones, Section 8 housing, Medicaid...and you have touchy-feely libs trying to say free WiFi and internet is a human right so look for that next....and now it's free summer grub too....

Why even bother to buy your kids food? The government will feed them and free your money up for lottery tickets.
Question: where in the bleedin' hell  is the food stamp money going if it isn't getting any food for the kids? I guess the parents are eating all the extra. I know that non-System families don't get extra money from their employers to buy specific food for the kids. It's part & parcel of the money we have & the family food budget. So it should be with the EBT and welfare; the American taxpayer is in essence your employer so why should we give you free food money and then EXTRA money for the kids to eat off of? I know steaks and crab legs are expensive, but damn...

Perhaps if the Leech Class wasn't using their benefits to buy junk food at the 7-11 and free school money to feed the kids while they use their welfare money to buy Bud Light Lime-a-Rita, blunts and weed, and iPhone 5's in addition to the free ObeezyPhone,...oh what the hell am I saying? It'll never happen.

I can hear my detractors right now screaming at my vile, evil, racist depictions of the poor downtrodden masses that White Corporate Amerikkka keeps down. However, I have seen with mine very own eyes the wanton abuse of the system.

Read it here. Or here. Or here. Or here.

Or just look here at pictures I took back in January when the Free Obama Phone tour stopped in my little town and all the Leeches lined up in packs.

I had to wait for the $45,000 Buick Enclave to disgorge its cache of Leeches to get in line so I could get the full picture. I stayed about ten minutes and the line swelled to over a hundred deep. Half of them were talking on the cell phones they already owned as they waited to get a free phone. Interesting side note: several people were of course wearing Obama shirts, but also spotted were several shirts from the last Census. The government was giving away tons of free Census swag to get folks to participate, and I'm sure it came with promises of more free loot for being held down by The Man.


jay son said...

i remember when i first got on how a group of bangers used to go to the park everyday to get their free noon time vittles.

i also remember how when the kids were younger, i watched an obviously upper middle class mommy by bread, milk cheese etc. with vouchers at the store and load them into an escalade parked near me. upon asking how she was able to do this, she kindly let me in on the secret.

tell the government you don't know how to feed the kinder nutritious meals, and the government fairy will shower you with free vouchers for staples.

amazing, really when you think of all the waste and the fact that for many, a few cheap and free carnival trinkets is all that would be needed to get them to self load into the "showers".

WomanHonorThyself said...

spot on! one has shame anymore...its gimme gimme gimme!