Thursday, June 20, 2013

Surprise!!! The Most Dangerous Cities in America are run by Democrats

Last August, I ruffled a hell of a lot of feathers when I pointed out that the Motor City, good old Detroit, Michigan, was a wasteland akin to Hiroshima after the Fat Man bomb, but minus the radiation.

In that article I made it abundantly clear that the worst cities in America, those with the biggest crime problems and the scummiest slums, were run by Democrats.

Well, a new list of the Most Dangerous Cities in America has come out, from the fine folks at 24/7 Wall Street. A look at that list reveals that the things really haven't changed much since last year other than it would seem that New Haven, CT has replaced Little Rock on the list, and one of the cities has replaced its Democrat mayor with a Republican of dubious standing.

10. Cleveland, Ohio -- Run by Democrat Mayor Frank G. Jackson, Cleveland most recently made the news for a guy holding a couple women hostage as sex slaves for a decade, repeatedly beating, torturing, and raping them. Stay classy, Cleveland.

The Mayor of Cleveland

A run-down house in Cleveland

9. Baltimore, Maryland -- Run by Democrat Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. A crap town in a deeply blue state. Like I've always said, don't let the shiny, pretty, touristy Inner Harbor fool you. Baltimore is a sty.

The Mayor of Baltimore

Looking good, B'more!

8. New Haven, Connecticut -- Run by Democrat John DeStefano. Most people think of Yale and quaint New England charm instead of a crime-ridden cesspit. Surprise!

The Mayor of New Haven

Hey, that's not the Yale crew club!

7. Birmingham, Alabama -- Run by Democrat William A. Bell. Ahhh, that Deep South charm and hospitality. And crime....

The Mayor of Birmingham with a llama

Meanwhile, the city has some drama

6. Stockton, California -- Run by Republican Anthony Silva. Silva took over 6 months ago from a Democrat who ran the city to actual bankruptcy. He's also under investigation for sexual battery.

The Mayor of Stockton

Police in Stockton securing a scene
 5. Memphis, Tennessee -- Run by Democrat A.C. Wharton. As of 2010 a Gallup poll ranked Tennessee second in the nation for states lacking access to healthy foods in low-income neighborhoods. The poll also ranked Memphis #1 for hunger in the country with a startling 26 percent of people in the Memphis Metropolitan Statistical Area saying they couldn’t afford to buy food for their families in the last 12 months.

The Mayor of Memphis

A scene in Memphis' Ward 232, the worst in the city
4. St. Louis, Missouri -- Run by Democrat Francis Slay. The river. The Arch. The history. The crime.

The Mayor of St. Louis

Hey, that's not the Arch...
3. Oakland, California -- Run by Democrat Jean Quan. Raider Nation has a long history of being a Bolshevik dumpster. It's the ugly stepsister across the bay from San Francisco and just as leftist.

The Mayor of Oakland

Oakland Police officers in March of 2009 after a scumbag on parole for assault with a deadly weapon opened fire and killed 4 Oakland officers.

2. Detroit, Michigan -- Run by Democrat Dave Bing. What more can really be said about Detroit that hasn't already been said?

The Honorable Mayor of Detroit

Inner Detroit from the air

Inner Detroit from the ground

1. Flint, Michigan -- Run by Democrat Dayne Walling. The police chief in Flint was begging for more cops a year ago when they were at the top of this onerous list. Instead he got recommendations from Michigan State University researchers on how to make do with fewer. Or, more rather, how do work more efficiently with reduced staffing. They're still at the top of the list. It's led the list for years and yet the good people of Flint continue to do the same thing over & over again. They elect Democrats and expect to be saved by the All Knowing Benevolent Government.

The Mayor of Flint

Good luck, fellas.

A typical view in Flint

Can't wait to visit Vehicle City

Urban Artwork. Yeah, that's the ticket...


jay son said...

st.louis could possibly afford to hire more officers if they were a bit more frugal mit der crime scene tape.

dave bing has begged for and received an emergency mananger to help run the city and guess who is fighting that guy tooth and nails? the democrats.

wasn't flint where asshole joe (biden) got up all indignant talking about hiring more cops a couple of years back so rape victims could get an officer to respond, instead of a bored dispatcher taking note while the assault continued?

god bless the democrats, all posture and no problem solving.

jay son said...

hey how the fuck did chicago avoid this list? did obama and emmanual get to you?

Brooke said...

Even the worst areas of my town have nothing on these Dem run hell holes!

These people live in the worst of conditions, yet for a few food stamps and lack of cops waved in their face they keep voting Dem.

If you didn't know any better, you'd think you were looking at something out of a dystopian sic-fi movie.

Julia john said...

Thanks for sharing this list. I am planning to move America, this list would help me choose a safe place. check Top ten most dangerous cities in the world