Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Slapping down a bogus Lib argument: A Conversations With Liberals special

If you're a long-time fan of my little corner of the Interwebz, then you've likely read a few of my previous posts in what I like to call my Conversations With Liberals series. In this series I take apart stupid things uttered by Liberals and dismantle their arguments, and show you their vile hatred with their own words.

However, if you've missed my earlier forays into the Den of Iniquities, you can always go here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. I'd like to think you'll learn a lot.

The picture below, I'm sure, has been circulating about the Net for a long time, yet it had escaped my notice until just a few days ago. It's nothing new whatsoever for the Left to compare Conservatives as a whole and the Tea Party in particular to the Nazi regime of the Hitler era. It's one of their favorite trite, jaded, and patently bullshit arguments.

Usually I'd ask where to begin, but the beginning is always the best place I suppose. Any questions? Yes. Several, chief amongst them being how often do you come out of your parents' basement to run to Starbucks for a triple mocha venti fucciato and a pithy repartee with your hipster brethren & sistren?

1. Nationalism. The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines nationalism as loyalty and devotion to a nation. Y'know, most everyone in every nation on earth engages in this, except for Buddhist monks who transcend such things, and liberal assclowns who are ashamed of their country and apologize daily for living where we do. Yes, we Conservatives do believe in a sense of American Exceptionalism and pride in being Americans. We're not ashamed of being the country most everyone on Earth turns to, unless they're trying to destroy us for our freedom & prosperity. The Nazis used nationalism to stir up a downtrodden populace and replaced national pride with a misguided hatred of those not of their ilk. Perhaps you've mistaken nationalism with nationalization? The Nazis did that, nationalizing industries because Nazi is a contraction of National Socialist Workers Party, a socialist system VASTLY apart from the Tea Party and more in line with the Leftist liberals and, dare I say, Obama and the Democrats. Y'know, where the federal government rules everyone...

2. Authoritarianism. Oh, you mean where the all-powerful and all-knowing kind & benevolent master, Mother Government, runs your life and doles out welfare and healthcare and controls you and spies on you? Like, say, Hitler's government and Obama's government? The Tea Party is rather anti-authority and stands for lesser, smaller government staying the hell out of the affairs of daily life.

3. Social Darwinism. Seriously? SD is a sociological theory that sociocultural advance is the product of intergroup conflict and competition and the socially elite classes (as those possessing wealth and power) possess biological superiority in the struggle for existence. I find it laughable. It's an elitist snobby notion that just because one is wealthy or more rather born into wealth that they are biologically superior. That's bollocks. Utter bollocks indeed. The Nazis were batshit crazy about superiority and being the Ubermenschen. Conservatives believe that anyone can thrive if they work hard and the government gets the hell out of our way. On a side note, liberals and Obama Sheeple worship the Hollywood Elite, rich sports stars, entertainers and other Limousine Liberals. They often blow their money on the lottery trying to become rich and superior instead of working for it and bettering themselves.

4. Indoctrination. Nazis indoctrinated kids from the earliest ages, with youth groups and pro-Hitler songs. So do Democrats and other Liberals via the public school system, from kindergarten up to lib-riddled universities. Remember the Obama Youth songs? Toss in the free lunch program and kids believe that the benevolent hand of the government shall coddle them from cradle to grave. No wonder libs hate that so many conservatives home-school their kids; they can't get LIBERAL INDOCTRINATION.

5. Propaganda. Oh, yeah....Crazy Joe Goebbels was a master of propaganda. And when you have the mainstream media on your side, print and broadcast, it's easier to spread the Fuhrer's message to der Volk. Kinda like how the mainstream media in America kisses Obama's ass as it leans so far to the Left it can no longer stand up straight. All the while they bash the Tea Party and paint them to be insane babykilling racists....oh, hey... that's propaganda.....

6. Anti-intellectualism. The Nazis were scared people would think for themselves and thusly campaigned against the intellegentsia. When people think for themselves and are self-reliant they can no longer be controlled by the government. That's why the Tea Party educates folks as to what's really going on in America and what their true rights are under the Constitution. And that's why the Left hates them.

7. Militarism. Yes, the Tea Party and Conservatives believe in a strong military to defend our borders and keep us free. The Nazis also believed in a strong military, to control the populace and conquer those they deemed inferior.A modern equivalent would be, say, arming Homeland Security to the teeth, loading up on IRS agents to enforce government health-scare, and the NSA spying on you.

8. Anti-Communism. Man...y'all say that like being against Communism is a bad thing. Ladies & germs, communism is a bad thing. Funny thing is, the Nazis were socialists, just like the Soviet commies were. But Hitler viewed the Russians/Soviets as subhumans and had to demonize their Stalinist communism to maintain control. The Tea Party is indeed against socialism and communism and all in favor of capitalism and the right of free men to pursue individual prosperity with minimal governmental intervention or taxation, values the Democrat Party despises & abhors.

Nice try, Libs. But, as always, you have failed and your argument is invalid.I suppose you'll call me a racist now because I disagree with you....and I will continue to wage Teahad back at you.

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