Monday, August 26, 2013

America's next war...

I thought someone slipped Obama a Nobel PEACE Prize back when he was all Hopey Changey Shiny & New? You know, back before he burned the Constitution and hit the golf links in between mass screwings of the populace...I mean, Gitmo is still open despite his promises to close it. We stayed in Iraq a good long while, we're still in Afghanistan...we have troops in Uganda hunting Kony and people helping the French find Al Qaeda in Mali, we shit the bed in Libya completely, and now we're off the Syrian coast.

However, I think our next war is gonna be just a bit closer to home if people don't wake the hell up and pay attention to what's going on around us.

Like Eric Cartman said on an episode of South Park:

Wait, I can see I've lost a few of you.

This is gonna come off as Tinfoil Hat Conspiracy Theory stuff for sure. So be it. Just hear me out.

The Trayvon Martin incident was simply local news until the Mainstream Media, who is controlled by the Left as their propaganda mouthpiece,  picked up the ball and fomented racial strife nationwide. And when they jury couldn't find him guilty, even after a judge gave them every opportunity by adding extra charges no one agreed on before the trial started, they continued to foment racial tensions.The media actually seemed disappointed that there weren't riots in the streets.

Now they act all surprised when whites start getting murdered, if they even bother to cover the cases at all. In Duncan, OK a white college student from Australia here to play baseball is cowardly shot in the back by 3 kids with ties to gangs, because "they were bored." . Mainstream media only covers it after conservative talk radio shames them into coverage, and then they revel in Australia's calls for gun control in America. Two of Chris Lane's killers are black. Police are trying to say it's not racially motivated because one of the suspects is white, despite the other two kids blowing up social media with their hatred of whites. They just don't want to admit the truth.

In Spokane, Washington, two black teens are in custody charged with the brutal beating of an 88-year old white man, a combat-wounded veteran of WW2. He survived the vicious combat of the Pacific against the Japanese only to be beaten to death with flashlights outside an ice rink as he waited for a friend.

Delbert "Shorty" Belton

The kids who killed Shorty

Two weeks ago in Memphis, TN, 27-year old David Santucci was gunned down on his way to his car. Three black men are arrested but police backpedal at warp speed to say it was a botched robbery and not a racial hate crime. However, witnesses say a car passed Santucci, stopped, backed up, a man got out and shot him through the heart, and then got back in the vehicle and drove away. A single 9mm shell casing was found 10 feet from his body, indicating the shooter never closed in on Santucci, and he retained posession of his car keys, wallet, and cell phone. Robbery, my ass.They don't want to admit racial crime problems a block off of Beale Street, the trendy tourist zone of Memphis.

David Santucci, killed for no apparent reason

His killers were taken into custody within 15 minutes

How about the Homeland Security employee who was running an anti-white racist website advocating a race war? Oh yeah, that didn't make the ABC, CBS, or NBC news broadcasts, did it? Dude was in charge of buying guns & ammo for Immigration & Customs Enforcement, so how much you wanna bet he's been funneling weapons to hate groups? I mean, why not? The DOJ was selling guns to Mexican drug lords after all.

It could all be coincidences, or it could be the beginnings of an organized wave of killings against whites to spark a race war, orchestrated through the White House via gangs and hate groups like the New Black Panther Party. We already know they "hate every iota of a cracker" anyways.

King Samir Shabazz hates you. And me. Especially me.

Either way, the White House is awfully quiet about the nation circling the they manipulate events behind the scenes....because once Amwerica is at war with itself the Islamists can do their dirty work unfettered....

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jay son said...

i have a hard time believing a race war could take place in the country, based on how self centered and brain dead most people are. just show them kim k's big ass, or a bunch of whores trying to out fuck and suck each other to win the bachelor, or the fake tits and spray on tans of the real housewives of wherever, and the masses are anesthetized for another evening.

unless you live in America's asshole, oakland california, in which case you burn cars and smash windows if the nude transsexual ice cream man(?)drops your bomb pop, while handing you your change.