Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dear Oprah: Emmett Till is rolling in his grave

You're  racist! And you're  racist! And you're racist! Everyone's a racist! Oh, wait, that's supposed to be You get a car....

Somewhere outside Chicago, the body of Emmett Till is spinning in his grave like a top. If you live under a rock and don't know the name, young Mr. Till, aged 14, was visiting relatives in Mississippi from Chicago when he was brutally murdered for allegedly whistling at a white woman. And I mean brutally. His killers kidnapped him, transported him to a barn, beat him and gouged out one of his eyes, then shot him through the head and disposed of his body in the Tallahatchie River, weighing it down with a 70-pound cotton gin fan tied around his neck with barbed wire. His body was discovered by boys fishing, and retrieved from the river three days later. The treatment of the body and the funeral was a horror show, so dreadful that I won't go into it and you can go read about it yourself.  I felt so bad for his mother.

Till with his mother in happier times.
So, when Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman after beating Zimmerman's head into the concrete, Oprah Winfrey claimed that sweet baby Trayvon was the Emmett Till of our generation.


Young Mr. Till was kidnapped at gunpoint two days after the alleged incident by avowed white supremacists in a racially-motivated pre-meditated act, tortured for hours, and then murdered and dumped. The Martin incident took only a couple of minutes, was NOT pre-meditated, was NOT racially motivated, and was not a Stand Your Ground case despite race-baiters and gun-control jihadis claiming otherwise.

Meanwhile, Oprah has an agenda to push, claiming her Boo Hoo Victim status, learned at the right hand of Race-Baiting, America-Hating "reverend" Jeremiah Wright, who also taught Obama how to hate. Oprah is claiming that a clerk in a store in Switzerland refused to let her look at a handbag because she couldn't afford it. And by couldn't afforded it, Oprah claims it's because she's black.

Oh, yes, indeed. Not just any handbag, but a $38,000 handbag. Roughly a year's salary for many  Americans, and Queen Oprah could piss it away on a purse like the rest of us might buy a bagel and coffee. The owner of the shop vehemently called Oprah out on it, denying it and stopping just short of calling her a liar, demanding Oprah speak to her directly and publicly about the incident. The clerk, an Italian girl on loan to the Zurich shop from its sister boutique in even more upscale St. Moritz offered to show Winfrey cheaper bags in an effort to show a complete range of bags, according to the shop owner.

Shop owner Trudy Goetz with the ridiculously overpriced bag. She wants Oprah's ass for lunch.

I'm pretty damned sure you don't get to be a sales clerk in a shop that has the balls to charge $38,000 bucks for a frikkin' purse by treating shoppers like shit, Oprah. Get real.

Winfrey claims that she no longer wanted to look at the bag after finding out the cost anyways, yet still raised a ruckus, and even had the temerity to say she almost called her friends Tom Ford (the bag's designer) and Jennifer Aniston (whom the bag is named after) from the store, as if a purse maker or a namesake could forcibly rectify things to her liking. What an imbecile.

NOTE TO OPRAH: If I don't find a steak to my liking I don't threaten to call the farmer who raised the cow. You've lost touch with reality living in your Ebony Tower.

You make $77 MILLION dollars a year. I'd like to make even $77 thousand. You flew your private jet to Switzerland to attend the ultra-private exclusive wedding of Tina Turner (coincidentally the shop owner was a guest too), and you were looking at a $38,000 purse. And you think that an Italian chick in a Swiss boutique is guilty of American-style racism...because everyone's a racist when you have a movie to promote, right Oprah?

Whoa. Wait. Whaaaaaat?

Oh, yes, boys & girls. Oprah needs her name in the news to promote her new movie The Butler, which just coincidentally starts around the time of the the slaying of Emmett Till and ends with Forest Whitaker's character in Obama's White House to show how far we've come....tell you what, sister, we obviously haven't come very far because YOU WON'T LET IT PROGRESS PAST 1954 MISSISSIPPI. You play the victim card and the race card and the Woe is me, Whitey keeps me down card....Bitch, please, you're worth over a BILLION dollars so can the sob story. Limousine Liberals like YOU are keeping ME down with taxes and Leftist politics. How's that grab you?


Oprah has pulled this shit before. In 2005, when she (Gasp! Surprise!) had another movie to promote, coincidentally dealing with racism, Winfrey accused a store in Paris of racism. Gotta love free publicity at the expense of another, no? Check this article at Pat Dollard's site for more on that incident.

So I believe this was planned. Just by listening to Oprah's own statements it sounds planned. "Believe me, usually sales people rejoice when I come to them in their business. It is very unusual that I'm not really involved when in a boutique. Outside, people usually press their noses flat against the windows to see me shopping.' She went on: 'I was the only person in the store. I had dressed myself up extra special because I know that things can get very snobby in these kinds of stores. The employees first check out what clothes you're wearing. Therefore I chose a Donna Karan outfit - and even washed my hair even. So nobody could mistake me for a homeless person who got lost in the store."

You're used to people kissing your ass when they spot you, and you made sure you wore a Donna Karan outfit that likely cost more than my monthly food budget and wanted to be confronted by a snobby sales clerk and racially profiled as homeless, because obviously all blacks in Zurich are homeless, right?  By your own words you make a racist statement. Or were you pissed off because you weren't immediately recognized as The Benevolent Queen of All Blackness?

Even TMZ thinks you're full of crap. So hang it up already. Go back to your mansion and preen. Hopefully some local Chicago thugs won't mug you when you come down off your high horse long enough to go visit Emmett Till's grave and apologize to him. He's buried over in Burr Oak Cemetary in Alsip. But why would I know that? I'm just a racist white guy.....

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