Saturday, August 17, 2013

Has Ashton Kutcher grown up?

All of you in the cheap seats, stop voting Democrat....
 Suddenly the conservative world, the blogosphere, and even large chunks of the Leftist Lamestream Media are all aflutter over the speech Ashton Kutcher (oh wait, sorry...Chris Kutcher) gave the other night at the Teen Choice Awards. Glenn Beck verily wet himself and cried on the air.

It was heartfelt. It was humble. It might have been lost on the hordes of screaming teeniebopper girls in the audience, but it definitely showed that Kutcher has grown up a bit and may be moving past the juvenile hijinks of "Punk'd" and at age 35 looking to be taken more seriously.

One of the first things he said in his speech was “I feel like a fraud.” I can appreciate the humility in that, basically saying he's deep down just like you and me, that he’s no better than any of us despite his fame & fortune. Now, any half-wit with the inclination could Google the man or check his IMDB listing and learn that his given name is Christopher and that when he started acting started using his middle name, but folks are acting like this revelation is tantamount to learning who really killed JFK.

But what is being lost on those applauding his use of his given name is why he said it in the first place.  He knows he’s still the Chris he grew up as and talks not about his life as Ashton but about a few things he learned from his life as ‘Chris’. He talks about the grocery store job he had, the job carrying roofing shingles, the dishwashing job he had and the custodial job he had growing up. And then he said something that continues this thread of humility: “I’ve never had a job in my life that I was better than.” That's quite refreshing to hear from a successful actor and celebrity and is actually a positive message for teens to hear.

It's good for kids to hear someone talk about hard work and opportunity, being thoughtful and generous to people, that it's good to be smart, and to build a life instead of just living one.

This is an interesting change from the Ashton Kutcher who in 2009 was part of an obnoxiously touchy-feely Progressive love fest video where, attached at the hip to then-wife Dummy Moore, he and a couple dozen other celebs promised to serve the new Lord & Master, Black Jesus Himself, Hussein Sotero, King Obama the First. Seriously, the video is nauseating, starting with The Annointed One blathering about patriotism (from one who hates America) and responsibility (when he blames everything he does wrong on everyone else from Bush to YouTube video makers), and his minions go on about healthcare for the elderly while Obamacare kills MediCare, pushing the Green agenda while they fly private jets to exotic vacations, pushing an anti-slavery message without saying where those slaves are and by doing so race-bait the ignorant masses of America into staying focused on the slavery here that ended 150 years ago.

I wonder how some of those celebs are feeling today about their Messiah? Half the couples featured all smiling and happy are split up now. Is Jason Bateman still only flushing after he craps? Hey, Diddy, did you finally remember to turn off the lights? I hope so, with your 4 mansions, 8 million dollar Manhattan apartment, a yacht, Gulfstream jet, and fleet of cars. That's a lotta lights to turn off when most of the country is trying to keep their lights turned on. I have a hard time taking orders on how to live a frugal life from limousine liberals whose Dear Leader used one of the MV-22 Ospreys attached to HMX-1 (the Marine Corps helicopter squadron assigned to Presidential flight duty) to carry his mothereffing DOG to his latest golfing vacation at Mecca's Vineyard.

HMX-1 took delivery of a pair of MV-22B Osprey tilt-rotors in the customary dark olive green paint scheme back in May to replace their aging CH-46 Sea Knights

Hopefully, Chris Kutcher has come over to the Right from the Dark Side. If so, welcome aboard.

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jay son said...

okay i wish there was a way to verify which of these asshole actually lived up to their pledges. plant 500 trees, free a million from slavery? lets see the quantitative facts that they actually followed thru on their line of B.S.