Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Food Terrorism and Other Scary Crap

I’m not the sort of man who cries wolf or gets up in arms doing the Chicken Little thing. If anything, I often get accused of being disinterested in things enough to discount what most perceive to be the End Times. However, this doesn’t mean that I’m ignorant of things around me or that I don’t file away little nuggets of happenstance for future reference.

That said, I’m beginning to wonder about Food Terrorism. That big E-coli scare last year with all the tainted spinach, followed up by tainted broccoli and tainted lettuce, and then the tainted pet food, and now tainted honeybees……whoa, wait a sec Steve…did you say tainted bees? Yup.

I was willing to let slide the tainted spinach and such. Escherichia-coli is a naturally occurring bacteria found in the intestines. Run off from a pig farm or something similar was the published cause. Perfectly plausible excuse, but it still makes me wonder; wouldn’t watered-down pigshit be the first suspect if there’s a hog farm next door to your veggie plot? If so, then why’d it take awhile for the Gummint™ to say so? Sure, they wanted to be 100% sure before they went public; makes sense. But then again, they could have been scrambling for a plausible explanation that wouldn’t scare the public too badly…

Then the pet food poisonings; turns out that a plastic by-product called melamine had leeched into wheat gluten used to make the pet food. Hmmm….all the wheat we grow here in America, and all the wheat we don’t grow by paying farmers subsidies to not grow food, and we’re buying wheat gluten from China. Fat lot of good that move did you, eh? Possibly thousands of house pets killed by kidney failure and all anyone can say is,”Oops!”

And the bees. There’s been an unexplainable malady striking the North American honeybee population that causes them to abandon the hives and letting the hives go fallow, eggs & queen and all. They aren’t producing honey and aren’t producing new bees, and are just dying off. Many bees are showing up with bodies rotted out by some sort of parasitic fungus. As much as 25% of the honeybee population has been lost.

This hasn’t been getting nearly the press coverage as Fluffy and Fido suffering multiple organ failure. Cats & dogs are cute; bees are vile death-dealers with poisoned stingers and an insatiable appetite for human blood….Actually, bees are a hell of a lot more necessary to humans than the bundles of fur splayed out on your sofa. There are dozens of crops that rely on bees to pollinate their species. Without the bees, there’s no pollination and the plants die out. There are 21 food crops in America that rely on honeybees as their SOLE pollinator. Can you say “Decreased Food Crops”? Can you say “Higher Prices for What Food Remains”? What if this fungus that’s killing off bees was intentionally introduced? What if this was Saddam’s weapon of mass destruction?

Some splinter cell could have easily scattered E-coli into a few food crop fields to cause a little mayhem and see what America’s reaction was as a precursor to a larger poisoning. Hell, China could be a willing accomplice with some terror organization in testing out how fast America detected a toxin in food by purposely poisoning pets. And some lab hidden in a far-off cave could develop a toxic fungus to kill off bees, and thus weaken our food supplies.

Or I could be just ranting like a deranged conspiracy-theory kook. I’m not saying this is what actually happened. I’m saying “What if this is what happened?”….or wouldn’t it be some shit if the CIA did economic terrorism and poisoned the pet food to lay the blame on China so we’d stop buying from them? What if the pet food scare was a ruse developed by the Gummint™ to take attention away from the war in Iraq? What if the bee fungus was something developed by the pointy-heads at Fort Dietrich (the Army’s nasty little chem-warfare lab in the Maryland farm country) and it went horribly wrong?

Oh, the list goes on….squirrels and monkeys and other small & fuzzy things are being found with a strain of the plague. Yeah, THAT plague. The Black Death. Ring Around The Rosy. Is it terrorism, or a Gummint™ experiment gone awry?

Scared yet? You should be. And you should continue with your life, and question the motives & actions of the Gummint™, which aren’t always in your best interest, and be aware (very aware) of threats against us from nefarious types who wish us all dead. All I’m really saying is, PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT GOES ON OUTSIDE YOUR DOORSTEP, and question it sometimes instead of being one of the Sheeple.

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John said...

Let me be the first to officially welcome you to the deranged conspiracy-theory kooks club! Your membership kit will be in the mail shortly. Your free bonus gift for joining, a genuine tin-foil hat to prevent the Gummint™ brain-control rays from working on you, will be sent separately and should arrive within four to six weeks.

...but seriously...

I've had my suspicions about the tainted pet food being either a precursor to, or the first wave of, an attack on the USA® via our food supply, for several months now. Think about how many people are out there who are pissed off at the USA®- it would not surprise me at all to find that these food poisonings are the beginning of a new wave of attacks, and possibly not all by the same group. Once some of the other "bad guys" see how well the first group is doing by poisoning us, they'll want to get in on the action themselves.

I predict within the next six months to a year we'll start seeing higher security around our farms- the kind of higher security we're already seeing around our power plants. They'll call it something like "Critical Infrastructure"... which really means "these are the places where the bad guys will do some real damage if they attack." In fact, I wouldn't be totally shocked to see the Gummint™ start taking over the farms. (We all know how much good that did in the former Soviet Union... or if you were educated in the USA® public school system, maybe you don't know.)

Of course, it doesn't help that the only reason we're importing grain from other countries to begin with is that the Gummint™ is paying our farmers not to grow so much. It would be interesting to see what would happen if the USA® were to start producing food at full capacity, and start producing oil at full capacity- I wonder if that would be enough to allow us to NOT have to buy this outside grain, and NOT have to buy oil from the middle east?

Which leads to the next question- if we HAVE the capacity to be self-sufficient, then WHY THE McPHUCQUE are we not doing it?

Answer: because having the USA® buy these things from outside the country promotes a "global economy", which has been the dream of a bunch of fat white men since the early 1700's. Men with names like Rothschild, Rockefeller, Warburg, Morgan, Chase, and Kennedy. (You probably know them as the International Banking Cartel®.) And don't forget their political lap-dogs... for a list, try "almost every member of Congress over the past fifty years."

OBVIOUSLY the current strategy of turning the entire country into a surveillance state is working SO well- we're all so much more secure because the Gummint™ is watching our every move as soon as we walk out the door... so now the Terrorists™ are having to find other ways to attack us. The food supply just happens to be one vector which we weren't watching as closely as we should have been.

Of course, if we weren't importing grain in the first place, if we would allow our farmers to do what they do best and grow as much food as the land will produce in the first place, this couldn't have happened to begin with.

And here's a thought- if we were feeding our gas-guzzlers from our OWN oil supply instead of importing oil from the middle east, we wouldn't be nearly as tempted to meddle in the internal affairs of these other countries to begin with, they wouldn't BE so pissed off at us, and they wouldn't want to attack us in the first place.

We brought this on ourselves, by being lazy enough to let the bankers and the corporations take over our government, until now the federal government is so obviously a farce that we make jokes about the "Gummint™" and the "USA®". We need to wake up, READ THE CONSTITUTION, and remember that these assholes in Washington are supposed to be working for us, for WE THE PEOPLE, instead of taking their marching orders from whichever bank or corporation is willing to donate the most money to their re-election campaign.

We also need to realize that there ARE more than just two parties out there. The donkeys and elephants both work for the bankers- we owe it to ourselves and our children to learn as much as we can about how things really work, and then do what we can to steer things back towards the republican form of government (not Republican as in the party) laid out in the Constitution, and away from the current trends toward fascism (i.e. corporate control of the government) and socialism (i.e. government control of the people.) Learn about what these other parties believe in, find one whose core values most closely match your own, join it, and then (here's the hard part) WATCH WHAT THEY'RE DOING to make sure they're actually doing what you think they are.

Personally, the Libertarian Party is about as close as I've found to my own beliefs. I'm not pushing it on anybody else, but I am suggesting that you check out their web site and see what they stand for- and if you agree with their beliefs, start helping them. (And if not, then find a party whose beliefs you DO agree with, and help them instead.) The idea is to get off your ass and start taking an active part in the government of your country- because we all see how well the sheeple are doing right now, by letting the professional politicians run everything...

The word "Gummint" is a trademark, and the word "USA" is a registered trademark, of The United States®, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the International Banking Cartel® in order to facilitate the theft of all property from the people of the united States of America. All rites reversed, all prosecutors will be violated. Doodle doodle dee, wubba wubba wubba.