Saturday, May 12, 2007

A word from our sponsors

Before I start really uploading lots of stuff here, I want to state that I've been sorta stockpiling these things. I started writing what I called "rants" a couple years ago; every few weeks or so I'd come up with something to write, and just held onto them with no outlet for my scribbles. Then I started to occasionally post them up as blogs on MySpace, and I started to get some very positive feedback from my friends.

A few weeks ago, my buddy Chris said I was wasting my time just letting a few people read what I had to say through MySpaceand that I needed to branch out. Earlier this week I asked my friends to read my stuff and then tell their friends to read it too, and the response was even better. After some great feedback from Wil Whalen ( in Portland, Maine, I opted to go global.

I'll be uploading all my older stuff here as well, so some of what you read might seem a bit dated at first.

The rest, as they say, shall be history.

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