Saturday, October 31, 2009

Daddy gots a new laptop

Actually both of us do. I was getting pissed at the boggy performance I'd been getting lately from Windoze Vista on my Dell Inspiron 1501, and Mrs. Steve wanted to throw her laptop against the wall on a daily basis (a 4 year old Dell B130).

Today we both received bright & shiny new Dell Inspiron 1750's. Hers is pink, with a donation for breast cancer research, and mine is ice blue. The 17" HiDef screens are a trip; I'm not used to such a big screen on a notebook. I just have to transfer about 150GB of files from my external drive (though I'll likely just store the excess on the external for now & transfer the important stuff...)

The biggest thing that I have to get used to now is that I'm running Windows 7. Pretty spiffy so far. Daddy likes.....any of my regulars out there running W7 too?

Hope to get some new material up & posted soon, guys. Thanks for staying subscribed!


The_Kid said...

Cool stuff.

We're upgrading to new PC's and W7 at work soon. Looking forward to it.
My home PC runs just fine on XP tho.

Steve, what kind of resources do you have? Memory and CPU speed. You said it runs spiffy so the rest of the questions are answered.

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

I'm now running a Pentium (R) dual-core, T4300 @2.10 Ghz with 4GB of RAM. Before I was running an AMD processor with only 1GB of RAM. I forget how many GHz my old processor was operating on. I doubled my hard drive from 80 to 160 Gigs and still have my two externals.

Teresa said...

That sounds sweet!! I have a desktop HP which runs pretty good for the most part. I need to buy windows 7. I am glad you are having a good experience with Windows 7 so far. I know vista had problems when it was first released. Now, I think they worked out the kinks with Vista.

Войска ПВО said...

Looks sharp! I would be interested in your thoughts on V7 versus Vista. I have a new Acer and Vista seems *just* o.k. But, to me, it's like having an extra mother-in-law; it always nags you about the commercial anti-virus and other crap. Kinda gets annoying.

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

So far it's not really nagging me on anything yet. I guess I got used to Vista asking me left & right if I wanted to do things or continue, so when 7 does it I just take it in stride. Yeah, Vista hated third-party never really liked my use of Defender Pro.

After awhile, it just started getting boggy. It would open a folder, and I'd have to go back down to the bottom of the screen & right click on the window's icon just to get it to finish the task at hand. It doubled my workload. It would also spontaneously drop my Internet connection regularly.

The_Kid said...

Thanks Steve.

Our IT dept evaluated Vista after SP1 and determined it offered nothing of value over XP for our business, was way too buggy, did not have drivers for some of the things we use like tablet PC's. To this day, it appears Vista offers the business environment nothing but bugs and excessive resource requirements.

I had always heard and believed vista needed 2 gig RAM min to operate so that was probably some of your headache, but the bugginess is still there as well.

W7 offers the ability to run in XP mode, which most will probably view as a weakness/fall back position for Msft, but all said and done, I expect a large volume of business users moving to W7 that either skipped Vista or can't wait to get off of it. If you do anything with stocks, I'd say MSFT will be a good investment over the next couple quarters.

The Xp mode will allow you to run software or use hardware that don't yet have compatible drivers for W7, so that's a nice touch actually.

Brooke said...

Windows suck.

Go Linux or OSX!