Saturday, June 20, 2009

Casual Jihad Fridays at Crazy Achmed's Carpet Kingdom!

Care to venture a guess as to why I’m not exactly keen on the idea of releasing Gitmo detainees pell-mell into the free world at large? Care to fancy a notion as to why I’m just a bit worried about the consequences of tossing released terror suspects out onto the pristine beaches of Palau and Bermuda? Wanna know why I was more than a little concerned about the release of Khalid Duhham Al-Jawary back in January? ( )

Maybe it’s because there was a guy we let loose from Gitmo and returned to Saudi Arabia, a former carpet salesman named Said al-Shihiri…

Sa'id Ali Jabir Al Khathim Al Shihri is a Saudi who was captured at the Pakistani border with Afghanistan in December of 2001 and was one of the first detainees at Guantanamo Bay. He was held in American custody for almost six years before being released.

Following his repatriation to Saudi custody he was enrolled in a rehabilitation and reintegration program. Following his release, he traveled to Yemen, where he was soon after described as a deputy leader in a press release from al-Qaeda. Yeah, you read that right; we let his ass go, then the Saudis let his ass go, and now he’s the Number 2 guy in al-Qaeda in Yemen. Smooth guys…really smooth.

"By Allah, imprisonment only increased our persistence in our principles for which we went out, did jihad for, and were imprisoned for." Said al-Shihiri, on his time in Gitmo

Well, it seems that the fate of three of nine foreigners abducted in Yemen last week is known because their bodies were found, shot execution style. But the whereabouts of the other six, including three children under the age of 6, remain a mystery. Or they’ll remain a mystery until their bodies turn up, or some al-Jazeera newsfeed shows them being decapitated by adherents of The Religion of Peace…

The nine foreigners (and by foreigners we mean non-Muslims) — four German adults, three small German children, a British man and a South Korean woman — were abducted on June 12 after they ventured outside the city of Saada without their required police escorts, according to a spokesman from the Yemeni Embassy in Washington. Admittedly, not a smart thing to do, and since when did Yemen become a cool tourist destination?

Days later the bodies of Rita Stumpp and Anita Gruenwald, German nurses in training, and Eom Young-sun of South Korea were found shot execution style in the Noshour Valley, an area known to be a hotbed of Al Qaeda activity. Killing women and children is considered off-limits among many Jihadist groups, though not to al-Shihri.

Yeah, two nurses certainly look like a threat to Islam...

“This bears the marks of al-Shihri’s activity and bears the signs of his beliefs and assumptions of his behavior that are not viewed by other Jihadists,” said Robert Spencer, terror expert and director of Jihad Watch, referring to the killing of women and presumed killing of the three small children. “If he believed that these people picnicking in Yemen were aiding in the war against Islam, then he can justify these killings as legitimate — it’s this kind of perspective that this guy holds to, that it’s right to kill people who would normally be considered off-limits,” Spencer said.

"All carpets are 20% off. Just bring in the head of a Zionist to get your discount!"

Al-Shihiri is also suspected to be behind the bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Yemen in 2008, a year after being released. Among the 16 people killed in the attack were Susan Elbaneh, 18, of Lackawanna, New York, and her Yemeni husband.

And hey, I bet ya’ll didn’t know that the biggest group of Gitmo Gang members are Yemeni, right? So let’s cut ‘em loose and let ‘em make their way back to Yemen and the open arms of Uncle Said and see what sort of mischief they get into. After all, Obammy sez there’s no more terrizm, and Nappy Napolitano says it’s all just man-caused disasters and what not anyways. And on the last week of every month, we can have Casual Jihad Fridays!


WomanHonorThyself said...

lolz..brilliant!All carpets are 20% off. Just bring in the head of a Zionist to get your discount!"..indeed!

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no that's not a suicide belt packed with explosives, it's my cummerbund that i wear every friday. hand me that clacker device, yeah the one by the berber samples.