Tuesday, June 9, 2009

If everyone already knows, then is it really news?

Revealing the truth of the worst-kept secret since Clay Aiken came out and said he was gay, this year’s runner up on American Idol, Adam Lambert, has confirmed that he too is gay.


No one really cares. Nor should they. He was a pretty decent singer before today, and chances are fairly good that he’ll be a pretty decent singer tomorrow, too.

I think the only person who really has their knickers all a-twitter is likely to be Perez Hilton, whom I was certain was gonna wage a one-queen Jihad against American Idol for not crowning a gay man as champion. Fresh from raising a huge stink over Mizz California giving her personal opinion on an ambush question instead of the politically-correct answer he wanted to hear; nay, demanded.

Adam, you weren’t really fooling anyone, especially after everyone pre-outed you on the Interwebz with picture after picture of you kissing guys and dressing in drag. And then to drag it out, so to speak, week after week and hinting coyly about revealing the truth eventually, that was just self-serving crap to feed the hype machine and keep your name in the press.

Enjoy the fifteen minutes, dude. I think we’re down to about 14:30 now.

The number of guesses you get as to Adam Lambert's sexual orientation...


Brooke said...


Like you said, WHO CARES?!?

I ought to start confirming my heterosexuality to total strangers.

Do you think I'll get any applause.

WomanHonorThyself said...

lol Brooke..yup!

Kidbilly said...

I hate when people try to ride the gay wave to make money. Lance Bass did it, Clay Aiken did it and now Adam Lambert. And Rolling Stone put this Freddy Mercury Wannabee on its cover. Didn't that magazine used to be about rock n roll? He is NOT rock in roll. I'm a 40 yo gay man who listens primarily to classic rock and 80's stuff (Steve and I have very similar tastes in music) and Adam doesn't compare to anyone. He looks like he fell out of a twilight book, he sings every song like he's vying for the lead in the a remake of Rocky Horror Picture show and he BUTCHERED Johnny Cash. There should be laws about who's allowed to cover the greats. Anyway, great blog as always Mojo Steve!