Monday, June 29, 2009

Death is good for the bank account

If ever you needed proof that dying increases your popularity, radio play for Michael Jackson's music is up 1735% this week. Yeah, One thousand, seven hundred thirty-five per cent. That ain't a typo.

According to research provided by Nielsen BDS of monitored airplay from over 1,600 terrestrial and satellite radio stations, 143 of Jackson's recordings totaled 67,383 plays for the week ending June 28, up 1,735% from last week's sum of 3,671 plays.

After having just one song("Rock With You") post more than 500 plays in the week prior to his death, 22 of Jackson's tracks eclipsed 1,000 plays this past week, led by his biggest Billboard Top 100 hit, "Billie Jean" (4,500 spins). That total places the track at No. 51 among all current or recurrent titles for the week. It was followed, of course, by "Thriller", the video for which received more spins after his death than anything else I saw on VH1 Classic.

And since he had over a hundred songs stashed away for release after his death to feed his kids off future royalties, we'll be hearing him for years to come, just like every other dead pop star. In fact, it's almost time for another album from either Tupac or Biggie...

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