Monday, June 8, 2009

I see your true colors shining through...

Again and again the Religion of Peace shows its true colors, and as always I’m amazed at how conciliatory the Brits are to their minority Muslim population, condemning their actions on one hand while using the other hand to pat them on the head and make policy changes to British life to pacify Islam.

A British man being held hostage in Mali has been executed, his captors said this past Wednesday, prompting strong condemnation from Britain of a "barbaric" act. Afterwards, they went back to kissing Islam’s ass.

Edwin Dyer was one of four European tourists kidnapped on January 22 as they returned from attending the "Festival in the Desert," a celebration of music and nomad culture at Anderamboukane in Mali, near the border with Niger.

Messages posted on Islamic web sites indicated that they were being held by Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), a 300-strong Islamist terror group splinter cell offshoot that operates in the desert borderlands of Mali, Algeria, Niger and Mauritania.

Edwin Dyer in film footage taken by his captors

England’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown said there was "strong reason" to believe that the report was true. "I utterly condemn this appalling and barbaric act of terrorism. My thoughts are with Edwin Dyer’s family. I offer them the condolences of the whole country."

A few weeks after the abduction, the hostage-takers issued an ultimatum, warning they would kill Dyer unless the U.K. freed the radical cleric Abu Qatada within 20 days. The good cleric is being held in Long Lartin prison in Worcestershire while he fights extradition to Jordan, where he faces terrorism charges.

Abû-Qatâda al-Filisṭînî (sometimes called Abû-Omar) is the author of Islamic Movements and Contemporary Alliances, which argues essentially for no affiliation whatsoever between Muslim and non-Muslim countries. Under the name Omar Mahmoud Othman he is under worldwide embargo by the United Nations Security Council for his affiliation with al-Qaeda. He is wanted on terrorism charges in Algeria, America, Belgium, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, and his native Jordan. Seems that he was implicated in the July 2005 London bombings, and Qatada is reported to have been a preacher or advisor to noted al-Qaeda terrorists Zacarias Moussaoui and failed asstard shoe-bomber Richard Reid.

When questioned in the UK in February 2001, Abu Qatada was in possession of £170,000 cash, including £805 in an envelope labelled "For the Mujahedin in Chechnya". That’d be $271,643.00 in his posession, and a terrorist donation envelope with a paltry $1286.34, hardly enough to buy some Semtex for bomb-making.

Uncle Abu is such a jolly fellow. Looks like an Arab Santa Claus...with a sackfull of hate.

Nineteen audio cassettes of Abu Qatada's sermons were found in the apartment of Mohamed Atta when it was searched after the September 11 attacks. I’m sure ya’ll remember Atta, right? The dude who led the attacks? Such a nice fellow.

On May 15 the deadline was extended by a further two weeks to May 30, and a second demand was issued, this time for a ransom of $142 million in exchange for Dyer and another hostage.

In a statement issued Wednesday AQIM said: "The British captive was killed so that he, and with him the British state, may taste a tiny portion of what innocent Muslims taste every day at the hands of the Crusader and Jewish coalition to the east and to the west."

Dude, wtf? Just move to England and they’ll give you whatever you ask for…the Archbishop of Canterbury himself will be your butler, along with Lord Chief Justice Phillips as your legal counsel.

Brown said: "This tragedy reinforces our commitment to confront terrorism. It strengthens our determination never to concede to the demands of terrorists, nor to pay ransoms. I want those who would use terror against British citizens to know beyond doubt that we and our allies will pursue them relentlessly, and that they will meet the justice they deserve.”

That translates from politico-speak as “We’ll keep sitting on our thumbs acquiescing to your wishes and hope that you’ll go away while you continue to blow people up and cut off their heads. But we support our American ally Obama as he runs about apologizing to Muslims for America’s reaction to Islamic terror attacks”.

In other news, last month Iran executed a 23-year old woman without due process and after she retracted her forced confession for murder. This is the same Iran that Obama is just itching to be friends with, remember.

Delara Darabi made a frantic phone call to her mother begging for help before Iranian authorities held a rushed execution, disregarding a stay-of-execution order and allegedly without informing her lawyer.

'Mother they are going to execute me, please save me,' Delara Darabi
screamed, before a prison official grabbed the phone and told her mother: 'We are going to execute your daughter and there's nothing you can do about it.'

Delara Darabi: another victim of Islam

She was just 17 when she confessed to the killing of her father's cousin, before retracting her confession, saying she had been defending her 19-year-old boyfriend. She told a judge that she had initially confessed because her boyfriend, who she said carried out the killing, told her that, as a minor, she would not be executed and she could save him from being put to death.

Lawyer Mohammad Mostafaei said Darabi called her parents just moments before the execution on Friday. He quoted her as saying, 'Oh, Mother, I see the hangman's noose in front of me. They are going to execute me. Please save me.'

Iranian law requires authorities to inform a prisoner's lawyer at least 48 hours before an execution, but Mostafaei said he was not given warning that the sentence was to be carried out. The woman's parents were not allowed inside the prison to meet her for a last time, Mostafaei said.

'She was denied a legal right guaranteed under the law,' he said. 'The hasty execution and the ignoring of legal provisions suggests that some authorities were happy to put an end to her life,' he said. Mostafaei further said the court did not seriously consider his arguments in the woman's defense. For example, he said, Darabi was left-handed, while all the evidence suggests the crime was committed by someone who was right-handed.

I guess CSI: Teheran didn’t cover that part in their forensics classes. Gotta love Islam and Sharia Law. Good times.

And yet, President Obama rushed forth to semi-bow to the Saudi King before jetting to Cairo to address “The Muslim World”. Um, dude…of the world’s 1 BILLION-plus Muslims, barely 25% are Arabs, so you probably would have reached out to more Muslims by speaking in Indonesia, the country with the largest Islamic population on Earth. Instead you go to Egypt, a country whose leader is generally detested world-wide for human rights violations. Then again, Egypt at least recognizes the existance of Israel so perhaps your real reason was to speak from a somewhat-moderate (or at least less-openly-hostile) Arab Islamic nation to appease Arab Muslims and keep the oil flowing while the Democrats keep us from drilling our own.

While I applaud Obama for speaking at the site of the Buchenwald concentration camp and stating that it’s impossible to deny the events that took place there, I’m still not sure why we keep reaching out to Mahmoud Ahmedinijad and Iran’s imams and Ayatollahs. The man keeps denying that the Holocaust ever happenned. Would you be so quick to reach out if he denied that African slavery in America ever existed? (This question was posed by a caller to The Schnitt Show this week). I’m sure that Black America would be all up in arms over it if he did that, but folks make less of a fuss over it when it’s just Israel and the Jews, right?

At least this time you got the right camp. Last Memorial Day you claimed your uncle liberated Auschwitz, which was in Poland and was captured by the Soviet Red Army. In fact, Obama's great-uncle offered a pretty blunt appraisal as to why his nephew was visiting Buchenwald during his trip to Europe and the Middle East.

“This is a trip that he chose, not because of me I'm sure, but for political reasons,” Charles Payne told the German magazine Der Spiegel (The Mirror). “Perhaps his visit also has something to do with improving his standing with (German Chancellor) Angela Merkel. She gave him a hard time during his campaign and also afterwards.”

He said he had never spoken with Obama about the matter, nor did Obama ever express any interest in Payne's experience.

“I was quite surprised when the whole thing came up and Barack talked about my war experiences in Nazi Germany,” Payne said. “We had never talked about that before.”
That’s because it wasn’t politically expedient before, Mister Payne.

Also, I seem to recall that during the election campaign that if anyone mentioned that his middle name was Hussein or that he grew up with a Muslim parent, Obama would go bonkers apeshit over it, but this week all anyone in the administration could do, from Barack on down through to the gardening staff, embraced it and advertised it as part of the Apology Tour. Look at me, guys, I’m sorta Muslim too! Can I be in the club? Let’s be friends!

Dude, the 25% of them you’re sucking up to wants to kill us all for no other good reason than that we aren’t Muslims…and of course they might just kill us for not being the right kind of Muslim if we were Muslims. And hey, Gordon Brown, the more you let your Muslim population dictate how your country lives and breathes, the less English England becomes until HRH the Queen will be swathed in a burka if Philip asserts his Manliness and allows her to leave Buckingham Palace at all.

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