Thursday, June 18, 2009

Terror: It ain't just for Muslims anymore

Much as I rail against radical Islamist extremists and the terrorism they use, and having recently gone on in much detail about home-grown American terrorists, and as much as I shake my head incredulously at the farcicality of left-wing extremists, on the opposite end of the spectrum there is also right-wing extremism and home-grown American terrorists who aren’t Muslim converts.

Of course, I’m talking about neo-Nazi white supremacist scumbag James von Brunn. The 88-year old hate-monger and crackpot “author” of anti-Semitic diatribes on his website decided that it was somehow in his best interest to walk into the packed Holocaust Museum in Washington with a rifle in hand and proceed to open fire, killing a security guard before taking fire himself and being critically wounded. In fact the guard, 39-year old Stephen Johns, was kind enough to hold the door open for what he thought was an elderly visitor, and as he held the door, our homegrown Hitler fired at him.

Steve Johns, killed by the man he held the door for.

Look, I’ll call a spade a spade. Guys like this make Conservatives look bad. They’re past right-wing; so far to the right in their twisted extremism that I claim absolutely nothing in common with them whatsoever. It galls me that assholes like this (and like Ahmedinijad) can deny that the Holocaust ever happened.

When my grandparents came to the States in 1960, my grandfather worked awhile for a friend of his that he’d met back home in Toronto who had moved to America to set up a locksmith business. The young couple he worked for and who were kind enough to help him out with a job both had tattoos on their arms from having been in a concentration camp.

Ever been to Dachau? It’s creepy. Really creepy. You feel like you wanna go take a hot shower afterwards to wash the ghosts and the shame and the fear and the hate and the death off of your very soul. You can be in a great mood rolling down the Autobahn and then you see the exit for the town of Dachau and you can’t help but think of what happened there and it really knocks the wind out of your sails.

It’s been a few days now; the Holocaust Museum has reopened, and Steve Johns has been laid to rest. Iranians are rioting in the street to protest the fraudulent reelection of their leader, who still wants to raze Israel to rubble. There’s been remarkably little news surrounding the condition of our little old Hitlerite. Part of me wonders if he wanted to do a suicide-by-cop thing and tried to make a statement by doing so. Sadly, his website traffic shot up but I’m sure most of that was just from people who simply had to see his ranting bullshit for themselves.

Why is it that so many people in this world feel so threatened by a religion that only has 13.2 million adherents worldwide out of over 4 BILLION people on Earth? Forgive my crappity math skills, but isn’t that like 0.3% of the world? According to a 2007 study I found, Judaism was the 12th ranked religion worldwide. And out of that 13.2 million, just about only 5.3 million Jews live in Israel (and are 75% of the population there, not 100% as everyone thinks) which is a little bit bigger than the state of Massachusetts.

Iran, whose leader wants to drive Israel into the sea and kill every Jew a thousand times over, is three times larger than Arizona and has about 66 million people, most of whom actually like the USA and would really rather be living in a free society.

Come on, Iran…overthrow that asstard and come join the 21st century. You can lead the way and show the rest of the Islamic world that it’s okay to be friends with Israel. And since Iranians are ethnically Aryan and not Arabs, wouldn’t that be a delicious irony to all those asshole white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and other Aryan-wannabe douchebags?

He hates everyone....except naked kids. Or hadn't you heard that the FBI found child pornography on this asshole's computer?


j summ said...

hate is hate no matter how it's packaged. like my blog about "dr. death", the german concentration camp "dr.", who injected people with poison to see how they would die. he converted to islam prior to his death. i also encourage everyone who can to visit dachau as we did, that the world will never forget.

TT said...

These bastards are the same whatever their race/religion/etc... is. They just want their absolutely degrading beliefs to be imposed on others.

No, I didn't know about him having pornography in his computer, but why I am not the least surprised to read it??