Saturday, October 30, 2010

And these are the faces of the opposition...

Why wave an American flag when it's so much more trendy, chic, and cool to wave a Chilean flag?


The ABC's of Liberal Idiocy all gathered today on the Mall in DC for Colbert & Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity or some such bullshit. I'm
embarrassed to even live within miles of the city Colbert hails from, Charleston, South Carolina, although today is damn near just a cake-topper for that asshole stunt he pulled by making a testifying before Congress into bad sketch comedy.

And considering the way Obama has left Israel hung out
to dry and suckled the teats of Islam the past couple years like the good Muslim he was raised to be, Obama's buddy Jon Stewart (or Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz) has a greater sense of loyalty to Liberalism than to Judaism it seems. Every Judas has his price I guess.

Oh, lookie. It seems that a Muslim and a Jew really can peacefully share a stage, as long as it's Stage Left. No, that's not Tommy Chong; it's Cat Stevens...excuse me, I meant Yusuf Islam.

Those dicks at CBS "news" said that Glenn Beck's rally on 8/28 had 87,000 people in attendance, which is just insulting. Try closer to half a m
illion, assholes. Even Joe Scarborough at PMSNBC said it was half a million, echoed by the Brits at Sky News who had nothing invested in lying for Obama's minions. So far, reports say as many as 150,000 kooks and bored pre-Halloweenies showed up for the Leftist Lovefest. Anyone that I personally knew who was going weren't going to support an agenda; they went to people-watch.

Look at the comparison between aerial shots of the rallies. The second pic just shows you how tightly packed that peaceful sea of humanity was for the Beck rally.
So even Areola Puffnstuff's Magic Bus Caravan couldn't out-do Beck. Hope you enjoyed the show, dahhhlink.

One sign I saw in a picture on Yahoo News stated : "Millennials, you'd better be nice to us. We'll be on your death panel."


And here below we have Val Ibarra, 29, of San Fransisco, California. No real surprise there, I guess. Hey,'re pushing 30. Grow up, put the bong away, and be a responsible adult, k? Or are you just quoting Bawney Fwank?


Brooke said...

Even a cursory look at this crowd shows exactly what the left is.

Insane, disgusting, illogical... I could easily go on.

How the hell did Cat Stevens get into the country? I thought they wouldn't let him off the plane the last time he tried.

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

Sure enough, he was not allowed off the plane and deported back to the UK in September 2004 after appearing on a no-fly list. However, the GOP was in the White House back then and now anybody can waltz in. Hell, these stupid bastards would let Roman Polanski in to cut the ribbon at a grand opening of the new Toys R Us in Sheboygan and not even think twice. I'm surprised Ira Einhorn hasn't been given a Messianic Pardon.

oddsocks said...

Regardless of the number of liberals in attendance, I think the point of the rally was to draw attention to the polarizing effect of the media (both the Fox News crowd and the MSNBC crowd) on the American people, which has sort of divided us as a nation. I don't mean to criticize your opinion, but I've watched the speeches, and I think that what the point was for people to shout less, and just be less dickish to one another, especially politically. Some people were holding signs with things like, "I disagree with your viewpoint, but I'm pretty sure you're not Hitler," and I think that’s what this is about: polite disagreement without slandering the other side to terrify the American people into following yours. Both the Glenn Becks and the Keith Olbermanns have played a role in riling up the American people one way or the other, and both use fear to get their points across. The right wing might be slightly more open about it, but the left is just as bad, and possibly worse because it’s hidden in a way. As someone whose views don't fall neatly to one side or the other, I'm a bit concerned about where our country is headed as a result.
You know, I've been following your blog for awhile - it's been nearly 3 years since my boyfriend introduced me to it - and in that time I've seen you turn from someone interested in political moderation, someone who believes that neither side has it totally right and that both sides are flawed in some ways, into someone who rabidly spouts all of the propaganda that Glenn Beck spouts off on his show. I'm probably on the slightly more conservative side of the middle, but it makes me sick to see where our country is going in this way. I believe that people have the right to bear arms, marry whoever the hell they want, and have a strong military to protect them in need. I believe women have the right to choose what happens to and with their bodies based on their own experiences and circumstances, and if it violates the bible, too bad; religion has no place in politics (which makes the gay marriage debate similarly pointless).
I think the healthcare bill is Obama’s greatest failing as a President, abov e all others, and though I voted for him in 2008, I admit that he was perhaps not the best choice, and that I am disappointed in what little he has accomplished, especially considering the huge promises made in his campaign, but I was terrified that if I voted McCain, he’d have a heart attack or something in office and that idiot Sarah Palin would end up our acting president.
I believe that not all Muslims are terrorists… and not all terrorists are Muslim (Ireland? Hello?), and we should respect the religious choices of those who want to practice their religion in peace, and reserve our condemnation for those extremist groups who are actively trying to destroy America. I’m sick of being treated like a criminal in the airport when all I want to do is fly home to visit my parents. I think that the second that we sacrifice any of our constitutional rights – in particular the first 10 amendments – for “security” or “the common good”, we will no longer be America.
I apologize for the length of this comment, but as a political moderate who hates Nancy Pelosi with a firey passion and is grateful for the sacrifice of those who have given their lives to make sure I still have the right to think and say what I will, I disagree with your opinion, because you’ve missed the point of a rally simply because of the people in attendance.
Much as I disagree with many liberal policies and practices, I’m not in favor of the conservatives either. Call me one of those violent “progressives” if you wish, but I think that the best way to progress as a nation is to stop all of this stupid, petty bickering and actually work for solutions to problems that actually benefit the American people – neither side is doing that at the moment, and it’s sickening to watch.