Sunday, October 17, 2010

Screw The View

So, all it takes to get those sniveling bitches on The View to walk away is deliver them the truth?

Bill O'Reilly was on The View this past week and those scabby old cows figured he'd roll over like McCain and beg like a trained seal, or trained RINO. Have these people never watched Bill's show? Christ, they've had him on the show before. They're used to steamrolling over guests with conservative viewpoints the same way they all gang up on their token, Elisabeth Hasselbeck. (She must be making money hand over fist to keep putting up with them)

Nooooooo....we're not a Leftist front propaganda way.......

So Bill calls out Islam for the 9/11 attacks and Leftist Scumbag Mouthpieces Joy(less) Behar and Whoopi Cushion Goldberg (really, just go back to being Karen Johnson, a mostly unfunny and mostly untalented hack) actually walked off the show leaving The Wrinkle With The Speech Impediment to flabble some crap about "you have just seen what should not happen" by which she meant "we should be able to bully any opinion we don't agree with into submission", and of course they talked all over Hasselbeck, blew off her opinions, and demanded O'Reilly apologize for being right (and Right).

The only way it could have been more amusing would be if that Leftist hag O'Donnell had been there foaming at her snout at O'Reilly.

Imam Faisal Rauf, the man behind the Ground Zero Mosque, called O'Reilly's statements "uninformed" and "offensive"......Shut the hell up, you scumbag terrorist frontman shill.

The show shouldn't be called The View. It should be called The Liberal View, or The Leftist View, or The Skew....or to be truthful it should be:


Lynnae said...

I can't stand those 'ladies'. How does Elizabeth do it?
The only time I've really watched was at a workout room where i couldn't change the channel.

j summ said...

fuck dude!! the frau had to perform the heimlich maneuver me after i swallowed dessert wrong when reading the wrinkle with the speech impediment line. point of contention, i think o'reilly is more centrist with left leanings, and a serious apologist for obie, and have stopped listening to him all together.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen it. I never will.

Sharron said...

I hate that show and the nasty, andgry bitches on it. They all give me hives, even our Token. Her strident whining makes the rest of us look bad. If she behaved with class and decorum instead of letting those hags goad her into public displays of fishwifery I'd be a lot more impressed with her.