Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Tolerant Left: Union guy fired for wearing a Bush-related shirt

Utterly stolen with all due credits from Eric Spillman's news blog at KTLA. Go here to read the full story.

It seems that Duane Hammond, a union stagehand working the Obama Love Fest rally in Lost Angeles, was FIRED because he was wearing a hoodie sweatshirt from the aircraft carrier his son is serving on, the USS George H. W. Bush. Seriously. I shit you not.

The hoodie didn't go over well with his union supervisor. Hammond says he was told to take off the sweatshirt, or he would have to go home.

He refused, and they told him he was fired from the job.

And we're supposed to feel good about unions? Unions used to be a good and sometimes necessary thing to protect workers and their rights. Now most unions just serve themselves and political interests.

Hell, when I lived in Bangor, Maine several years ago I was amazed to find that their police department was represented by none other than the TEAMSTERS. Seriously. And why? Because they have the most powerful lawyers and lobbyists to get them the best contracts.

The ship in question. Pretty offensive to unions, despite being built by...GASP!!! ---UNION LABOR!

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Teresa said...

So freaking ludicrous. Unions are pretty worthless now. Now they are bullies legitimized by our government. Unions need to be disbanded.