Wednesday, October 20, 2010

There's hope for our children yet...

In a world where kids wear pants 3 sizes too big with their drawers hanging out, where kids are sending naked pictures on their cell phones to their friends as young as ten years old, kids are dropping out of school, kids are running with gangs, and kids are being courted by the left by Obama as he appears on MTV, it's good to know that some kids these days still have their priorities straight.

The above young lady is the daughter of a friend of mine who shall remain anonymous. Instead of getting indoctrinated by the union-ruined Left-Wing public school system zombies, she's homeschooled. Instead of getting influenced by morons, she's learning values and responsibility in the Girl Scouts. Instead of drinking Left Wing-flavored Kool Aid, she's having a nice tall glass of FREEDOM. Freedom of thought, freedom of expression, freedom to grow up without a union and George Soros telling her what to do to fulfill the Leftist Socialist Agenda.

Share this pic with your friends. I'd love to see it go viral.

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