Saturday, October 23, 2010

This just in from the Islamic Caliphate of England

Kinda sucks when it's YOUR flag they're burning, doesn't it? And here I thought the only flags they burned were American & Israeli....Religion of Peace, my ass. See where accommodation has gotten you, England? You have Manchesterstan, Liverpoolistan, Birminghamistan, and The Sultanate of London....

File this one under "You Gotta Be Shitting Me."

As you all well know, I have been highly critical of England's constant knuckling under to her Islamic minority. From Burka Barbie to Muslim Swim Time to Sharia Law being recognized, I've been pretty harsh in my critique. Then again, I'm pretty damned tough on Islam as a whole; just use that cool little search tab up at the top left of my page, type in "Islam" and go to town.

And now, England falls further under the Crescent. The owner of a cafe in a Manchester suburb is being forced to remove the exhaust fan from her establishment's kitchen. Why? Because the smell of frying bacon is offensive to Muslims who were visiting her neighbor.

Digest that morsel, friends.

And now, feast on this: she's married to a Muslim Turk who has no problem frying the bacon and their Muslim friends come in there to eat non-pork food all the time (because they aren't crazy and they integrated into the culture of the Western land they inhabit). But because they supposedly had one complaint, the governmental wags flew into Muslim Appeasement Mode and this hard-working couple could incur undo hardship & expense to deal with the situation.

This is all anathema to me. Pretty much everything Islamic is anathema to my American viewpoint and American way of life. Islam prohibits alcohol and pork. Americans live on beer, hot dogs, and bacon cheeseburgers. Hallelujah! Islam strictly forbids homosexuality; I have lotsa gay friends whom I love dearly. As Americans, we are obligated to tolerate all faiths, but that doesn't mean we have to be willfully blind and stupid about people who are avowed to a culture which is diametrically opposed to everything America stands for.

Why is it that Islamists, who openly believe to their dying breath as they detonate themselves that every aspect of American life is intolerable and should be opposed by brute deadly force, want to infiltrate our country and communities... and yet it's not considered perfectly reasonable to keep a suspicious eye on them? Furthermore, just because we have to tolerate them doesn't mean we're under any obligation to accommodate them. The rules work both ways, Achmed. You're free to say that the Torah and Bible are corrupted, and Jesus was never really crucified, and that the Holocaust never happened. We're free to say that Mohammed was an opportunistic prick and that your ass-backwards religious zealotry has wiped out all of those great scientific and mathematical achievements scholars say you made while we were still wearing loincloths.What do you mean, "Muslims might find this offensive.." ? This is an epic win.

The is just about the only AK-47 a Muslim won't touch. So be it.


Brooke said...

England is quickly becoming lost. France is there, but fighting back at least a little.

Lord, do we need a couple of Churchills, BlackJacks, and Pattons. The West is quickly becoming a spineless, sniveling bunch of appeasers.

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