Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Election 2016: The Left's Donkey Show

It’s no secret that as a Libertarian-leaning Conservative, I sure as hell won’t be voting for whichever vile creature gets the nod from the Donkey Party.  I’d sooner poke myself in the eye with a scalding hot French fry than do that.

Whereas the Republicans have a clown car full of candidates, led in the polls by a carnival barker who keeps his lead despite stepping on his pecker almost daily by saying something inflammatory or just plain stupid, the Leftists have but three choices thus far that I’ve seen. The Criminal, The Communist, and The Kook. Welcome to the Donkey Show.

The Criminal
Look, I’ve hated Hillary for years. I once said, foolishly,Anyone But Hillary when I outed her for her ties to Chinese operatives at the beginning of the 2008 elections. But as the old adage goes, be careful what you wish for, because we ended up with The Dear Leader, Sheik Barry, who has spent nearly 8 years destroying the country, shredding the Constitution, apologizing to and aiding our enemies, blaming his predecessors for anything and everything from the economy to the extinction of the dinosaurs, accepting awards he didn’t earn, taking credit for things he didn’t do, playing golf, vacationing, and turning the Office of President of the United States into a joke.

 (Dear Occupy Democrats: You are delusional at best. He didn't save the auto industry: he presided over huge bailouts despite saying bailouts were bad and watched as a couple companies folded and others were sold to foreign owners. He didn't triple the market; the market is private industry doing its thing in spite of Barry stating he wanted to bankrupt the coal industry and waste money on green energy failures and siting on his ass for weeks while an oil well vomited in the Gulf of Mexico so he could use the accident to vilify the oil companies. He didn't end two wars but rather kept them going for years and we are still sending troops to get killed all over the Middle East, and kept GitMo open for his whole Presidency while letting our enemies goe free, trading five of them for a traitor. Gas is finally coming down after it broke 4 bucks a gallon under Barry after being a buck eighty nine when he took office, and raised our deficits to 17 trillion and lowered our national credit rating. And no, asshole, you didn't get Bin Laden. The SEALs did. You just took a break from golfing long enough to take the credit. Scumbag.)
So now we have Hillary the Criminal Liar. Hillary who left Americans to die in Libya and then said “What difference does it make?” Hillary who lied about landing under sniper fire in Bosnia. Hillary who kept her Top Secret government emails on a private server that turned out to be located in a suburban couple’s bathroom closet, and when confronted about the illegality of her actions has now wiped that server clean. The same Hillary who cried poormouth (a Southern phrase for telling people how broke you are, living hand to mouth) while raking in millions, and who still rakes in millions, and spent millions on her kid’s wedding. Hillary who was fired from working on the Watergate investigation for being an unethical liar. Hillary who put on a horribly affected southern accent to ingratiate herself to southern Democrats who frown upon New Yorkers, while ducking her poor white trash roots to represent New York from her million dollar mansion.

Bill and Hill each rake in more per speaking engagement than most families in America earn in a couple years.

The same Sanger who founded Planned Parenthood to keep blacks from breeding and now sells dead baby parts.

Now, prior to Hillary's campaign being slightly derailed by the criminal investigations into her emails, Her Majesty was attempting to mingle with the common people on a trip through Iowa but her photo op for coffee was totally staged. All three people she sat with were hand-selected Democrat operatives driven to the event by the former head of the Iowa Democrat Party Troy Price.

The Obama Intern is Austin Bird, a hospital government relations and one time Biden chauffeur on a campaign stop. The other two were University of Iowa College Democrats president Carter Bell and Planned Parenthood of the Heartland employee Sara Sedlacek. Everyday ordinary Americans my ass.

Because Democrats and their Media Lapdogs are superficial idiots more worried about sizzle than steak.

What difference does it make?

Guess who paid for Hillary's van? We did. That "Scooby van", as people were calling it is really just a tax payer funded limousine purchased by the Secret Service.
Specifically: It's a limited edition Chevrolet Express van outfitted with a Limited SE package by Explorer Vans company. It boasts gray leather interior, heated seats, a 29 inch Samsung television, and a Blu-ray DVD player.

While there is no refrigerator in the van, it does feature an ice chest between the two front seats. The middle chairs are swivel and quick release. Indirect lighting (like mood lighting) is placed throughout the van. The power sofa in the rear of the vehicle converts into a bed. But given the fact it's only a 6 foot wide vehicle, it might have been a little hard to get a proper night's sleep in it.

Oh no, Environmentalists, it’s an all-wheel-drive that gets only 16-18 miles per gallon. They don’t make ‘em like this anymore.  Indeed, because of rising regulated fuel efficiency standards, it's the last of its kind. Due to Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) regulations, they don't make them like this anymore. It seems 2014 was the last year one could get an all-wheel-drive van like this, and the SS insisted on all-wheel-drive.

Queen Hillary's luxurious Mystery Machine

The Kook
If you don’t want the Criminal,  you have The Kook. Good Old Lunchbox Joe Biden. My only sympathy for the current Vice President of the United States was for the recent death of his son, who was only 3 months older than me, and was a fellow Army vet. Apart from that tragedy, all I can say is that the dude is a buffoon. His gaffes have made the Dan Quayle “potatoe” and Murphy Brown incidents look like Nobel Laureate material in comparison. Then again Democrats are a stupid breed of brute animal and would readily vote for Biden, much like they brought back Moonbeam Brown in The Socialist Republic of California. They’ll do whatever their union masters and the leftist media tell them to do.

I could go on all day showing the dumb shit this guy says. Heartbeat away from the Presidency....

But like I said, Democrats are dumb vicious brutes who do what the unions and the media tell them to do, including voting socialist.

And speaking of Socialists…the candidate that worries me the most is a self-described Democratic Socialist, bordering of American Communism.

The Communist
Every time I turn around someone I know on Facebook is spouting his nonsensical rhetoric. Like Obama, who is Socialist Lite where this old duffer is Super-Sized Socialism on Steroids, he promises the Kingdom to his acolytes, promises of free Everything. Free college tuitions. Free Healthcare. Taxing the rich at 90%. Gotta be riding the Lunatic Train of Kommie KoolAid from Comrade Bernie Sanders.

His promises will only cost 18 TRILLION dollars. A pittance, really. We’re already 17 trillion in the hole from Obeezy’s spending spree, and tacking on another 18 puts us 35 TRILLION in the hole. That’s a lotta commas and zeroes. $35,000,000,000.00. Feel the Bern, indeed.

Let Bernie take 90% of it, Princess.
So, tax the evil rich pigs at 90%. What incentive does ANYONE have to succeed now, when you’re stealing 90% of it to give people free shit? Wait till all you Hollywood limousine liberals and MTV Assholes start losing 90% of your money. How many of you will move yourselves overseas? Then again, an unhealthy bunch of you live over here to avoid the high socialist taxes in your home countries so…karma’s a bitch.

Wait till your $24 million a year baseball and basketball players lose 90% in taxes. The precious NFL may be tax exempt for now, but its players ain’t, and there’s an assload of dollars in football. Ready to get by on 10% of what you earn? And from that 10% you have to pay your agent, and support all your homies and dick-riders in your entourage, and that Maybach with the 28” spinners, and the South Beach McMansion, and the hot & cold running Henny fountains, the weed, the endless supply of fresh Jordans, the lawyer on retainer for your inevitable assault/rape charges, the house in Hotlanta for your Momma and Big Momma, and pay for all your kids from all your Baby Mommas, and still tuck something away for the end of your playing career in a few years since your only fall back is a degree in PhysEd that you barely passed with 5 tutors provided by the University’s athletic department and donations by high-placed boosters and alumni. Good luck.

Free healthcare is a joke. Why are there so many jokes about British dentistry? Why do I read so many horror stories in the British news about people dying waiting for care or dying from botched care or missed diagnoses on free healthcare from the NHS?  Why do so many Canadians come here for healthcare and then scamper home for their “free” prescriptions? Why do all those rich Eurotrash stars and Saudi princes and what not come HERE for healthcare and not stay in their own countries? Because you get what you pay for. Half the countries in Europe are on the verge of being broke paying for free shit for refugees from the Eastern bloc, Africa, and the Middle East.

Free college tuition? Look, everyone has the right to pursue higher education if they so desire but why the hell do I have to pay for it? It’s like happiness; the Constitution doesn’t guarantee it, and it isn’t a right. You have the right to pursue it. Go work and bust your ass and achieve your dreams. Yes, we have the responsibility to educate kids in the basic foundations and then turn them loose as adults, but we don’t have the responsibility of letting some idiot spend our money to chase a $120,000 degree in art history so they can draw faces in my latte foam, as my college dropout ass waits on the other side of the counter. You're a minimum-wage kid with a degree in Classic Russian Poetry? That's special...Yes, I want whipped cream on that.

Think about your chances of actually using that degree in your chosen field of study and making a valid contribution to society vs. wasting time and money to just study something for the sake of studying it and having a 6% chance of finding a job in that field. Not on my dime, kid. No way. Go get a real job, and spend your own money if you wanna study some bullshit with the name “Studies” after it. A 2011 article in The Guardian showed that only 7% of art history graduates find a job in that field. Even Kate Middleton’s art history degree is useless; granted she parlayed it into meeting a Prince but now her sole function is to birth heirs to the British throne and smile and wave to her subjects.

Should college be affordable? Hell yes. Should you be forced to spend decades paying off student loans? Hell no. Should you be an idiot taking on debt in six figures to study useless shit with no market value? Again, Hell No. Should I have to foot the bill as an American taxpayer for you or your kid to study useless and/or unmarketable shit just because they have a passing whim or a fancy for 17th century paintings of naked fat chicks or stories written in a dead language? No Freakin’ Way. 
Sorry, Sunshine; you wanna go that route, pay for it yourself.

I’ll be double damned if I’m gonna foot the bill so you can go study Neo-Classical Babylonian Poetry or some other time-waster like Philosophy, which is pretty much the biggest waste of time on the planet. The cost to attend Harvard is $60,659 a year, or $242,636 for four years.    You pay nearly a quarter of a million dollars to just think about stuff. That’s it. Do you know what you can do with a philosophy degree? Teach philosophy, which consists of asking questions that have no answers. The teacher of philosophy is in no way a teacher, just encouraging idiots to ponder their ideas that were inspired by acid trips and reading esoteric bullshit. The cycle continues because the only time there was a demand for philosophers, the last of the mastodons had just recently been killed and eaten by saber toothed cats. Okay, I’m being facetious. The true last time was about the time Caligula was banging his sister and fisting all of Rome and the Spartan 300 were defending Athens from the encroaching Iranians Persian Hordes.
Yet, Red Bernie thinks this is the wave of the future, even after we watched bankrupted and destroyed communist nations in Europe fall, we watched the Socialist countries of Europe go down the economic pisser, and we watch Cubans turn a ’53 DeSoto into a raft to risk death floating to Key West rather than stay in the Socialist Worker’s Paradise of Uncle Fidel.

 Of course you want to tax the wealthy. That way you can dole out more handouts to your enslaved proletarians to keep their votes and keep you in power. But that just forces more jobs overseas when no one wants to base their operations here because it is cheaper to do business elsewhere. And then you'll force them to do business here by taxing them everywhere they go. And tax them for using carbon while you limousine liberals fly in your private jets to bullshit climate conferences. Because, well, taxes...unless you're on welfare sucking the government's teat. Expand handouts and welfare. And gotta love the socialist mafia unions. They force their slaves to vote Donkey.

Not every union is full of thugs, mind you, and a lot of good people work in union-represented fields like cops and firemen. But in my humble, yet correct, opinion, unions no longer serve the purpose they once did. They were once necessary to earn rights for workers and to keep them from being taken advantage of. But by and large, now, they only serve to empower a select few and rake in millions that they funnel to the Democrats while bitching about corporate fat cats and Republicans. The City of Bangor, Maine wasn't represented by a police union when I lived there; they were part of the Teamsters, a truck driver union. Why? Because they had better lawyers and force to demand better contracts. Why is your car so expensive? To pay for union labor to watch a robot build it at $40 bucks an hour.

Teacher's Unions are a damned joke. They demand more and more while churning out abject idiots unprepared for adult life and oppose any minor attempt to be rigorously evaluated like any other profession. Recall the 2012 Chicago Teachers Unions strike that left nearly 400,000 students out of the classroom for nearly two weeks. After the dust was settled, the City of Chicago agreed to spend $1 billion more each year on teacher salaries (despite the fact that the average teacher already made a generous $76,000 per year). To no one's surprise, the school district quickly learned that they could not maintain current operations while adding the extra cost and, as a result, closed 49 schools to keep their finances afloat.

Public sector/governmental unions have a long history of opposing reforms that would reward individual employees for exemplary service to protect their bottom line of keeping the most members. For example, Michelle Rhee, who once headed the Washington, DC public school system, once proposed a plan that would reward successful teachers with high salaries up to $130,000 for improving their students’ test scores. While such a proposal would seem like a bargain for any worthwhile teacher, the Washington Teachers Union rejected the idea outright. After all, rigorous evaluations may mean bad teacher get fired, which may mean less names on the union's membership rolls.

To paraphrase an article I saw from the American Enterprise Institute:

A union is a form of monopoly, or cartel. It is a single seller of labor services to a business. This means that unions have the ability to raise compensation for its members above the level that would prevail in a competitive marketplace, as well as to define work rules for its members that reduce efficiency. By raising wages and adopting inefficient work rules, unions increase business costs and prices, which in turn reduce employment and output. From this perspective, unions seem misplaced in a modern economy in which there is considerable competition in the labor market and in other markets, and in which there is general recognition among economists and policymakers that increasing competition benefits society by improving the allocation of scarce resources, increasing efficiency, and maximizing output.

The TSA has a union to protect them as they grope your grandmother. Let that sink in a bit.The government has no competition, so why do their employees need unions? The government is also hideously unconcerned with efficiency unless it's in collecting taxes and fees.

But I digress. Back to the Clown Show.

A Red Bernie graphic.
Ah, yes, when a Democrat calls out a fellow Democrat for being a rich fat cat. Hillary is in bed with Wall Street, while Bernie is in bed with union thuggery.

The choice is yours, Donkey types. The Criminal, The Kook, or the Communist. Have fun.