Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Get Your Checkbooks Ready (with guest blogger Rick)

My ranks are filled with old Army buddies who for some odd reason still like me enough to stay in touch. Today we get some wisdom from Rick, who wrote this a few weeks ago before the White House pulled another fast one with the Omnibus Spending Bill and then started to talk about another Succubus Package Part Two.

So the stimulus package has been passed. And why not? The one they passed in the Fall has worked so well.

According to the Tax Foundation 44% of Americans that filed tax returns paid no taxes last year.

According to a financial expert I heard on the radio in the fall, the $700 billion stimulus would cost taxpayers - not filers, but people that actually paid taxes - $300,000 each if divided equally among us. Using my percentage calculator, this means each of us that pay taxes is .000042857% of the total.

Since the new stimulus is $787 billion, each taxpayer's share of this one will be $337,285.00.

Since Obama has said that the recently approved 'stimulus' package is "is merely a down payment for future spending..." we are sure to be expected to foot the bill for future money they throw at the problem in the absence of actual ideas to fix it.

And don't forget that this is the same Congress we have had for several years and they have already thrown money at the economy problem several times. Remember the rebate checks everyone got in June? And thanks to us taxpayers and our deep pockets, every one of the 44% of filers that don't pay any taxes was able to get a check. Last February's stimulus was estimated at $170 billion. Your bill for that stimulus is $72,857.00.

So your new tax bill will look something like this:
Fall = $300,000 +
this latest stimulus= $337,285 +
February 2008 stimulus = $72,857 +
General motors/Chrysler bailouts - $25 billion = $10,714
Total: $720,856 per taxpayer

And this does not include individual rescue packages (bailouts) except
the auto bailout, so this current total from the past year's "economic
stimulus" will be higher with those included. Add in the future spending
Obama mentioned and I predict your portion is 1 million dollars, and
that's not counting your normal tax bill and is before the interest starts accruing.

Better get your checkbook.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

And now the Liberals hate your black cars too

I swear, if Hell has a front gate, it’s located under a manhole at the corner of Haight and Ashbury in San Fransisco, the Crapital of Liberal Socialist America. After all, the City by the Bay spawned Diane Feinstein and Nasty Pelosi. Need I say more? The evil oozes downhill and has contaminated Sacramento so badly that California is just a running joke now. The rhino may be endangered but there’s a RINO in Kellyfawnya named Arnold who’s alive & well.

I say this, because as if there wasn’t enough governmental control bullshit and babble issuing forth from the Obamunist Manifesto in Washington, the asstards in California now want to control what color your car can be, based on Global Warming bullshit.

The problem stems from a new “cool paints” initiative from the California Air Resources Board. CARB wants to mandate the phase-in of heat-reflecting paints on vehicle exteriors beginning with the ’12 model year, with all colors meeting a 20% reflectivity requirement by the ’16 model year.

Because about 17 other states tend to follow California’s regulatory lead for no better reason than it sounds cool & hip, as many as 40% of the vehicles sold in the U.S. could be impacted by the proposed directive, suppliers say.

The measure is allegedly aimed at reducing carbon-dioxide emissions and improving fuel economy by keeping vehicles cooler on sunny days and decreasing the amount of time drivers use their air conditioners. I just simply can’t believe that someone feels they should regulate my personal comfort level in my car based on their own idiocy.

From the CARB website: “In 2006, California adopted the California Global Warming Solutions Act, also known as AB 32. This law created a comprehensive, long term plan for California to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020. Cool Paints was identified as an Early Action strategy, to be in place no later than January 1, 2010. This strategy is based on measures to reduce the solar heat gain in a vehicle parked in the sun. A cooler interior would make drivers less likely to activate the air conditioner, which increases carbon dioxide emissions.”

The rationale goes like this: Vehicle a/c units sap engine power and hurt fuel economy. If vehicle paint and glass reflect more heat, car interiors will be cooler. That means drivers will use their a/c less, the compressors won’t have to work as hard and auto makers will be able to use smaller a/c units in the future. Eventually, these environmentalist assholes will outlaw air conditioning altogether.

There should be a massive public outcry, for at least these two reasons:
1. Black is a highly-popular car color, second only to white, according to the 2008 DuPont Automotive Color Popularity Report, and

2. Regulating the color of cars, or anything else for that matter, is the mark of an overly-intrusive government and a lessening of our freedoms.
In 2006 an experiment was conducted by Craig Eppling, the regional head of public relations for General Motors in Dallas.

He parked a red Buick Lucerne, a white Chevrolet Impala and a black Saab SUV on a concrete parking lot in Carrollton, Texas one afternoon in mid-July. All were late-model, low-mileage vehicles. There were thermometers in each car, and readings were taken every five minutes between 2 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. The temperature outside ranged from a 93 to 102.

The red Lucerne was left with its windows up. The white Impala started the test with its windows down a quarter of the way, and they were lowered all the way at 3:40 p.m. The black Saab had darkly tinted windows that were left up.

At 4:20 p.m., when the temperature hit 102 degrees outside, the black Saab with gangsta glass rolled up tight registered an interior temperature of 125.8. The white Impala with the windows down had an interior temperature of 127.2 degrees, and the red Lucerne with untinted windows up all the way was a brain-melting 139.5 degrees.
None of this surprised Jan Null, an adjunct professor of meteorology at San Francisco State University, who has done research on heat and sealed vehicles.

"The exterior of a black car gets hotter than a white car, but it does not get transferred to the interior any more than in a white car," he said. "Try this experiment: Take your hand and put it on the headliner. It's not very hot. The energy that heats up the inside of a car comes through the windows."

Holy shit. You mean there’s a sane, rational voice of reason in the Capital of Liberalism?

Besides, anyone who's ever entered a hot car knows that it can be cooled down immediately by driving a few dozen feet with the windows open, effectively neutralizing any color-caused heat issues before engaging the a/c. But whatever, black is evil according to he Dems, unless it’s to promote the fact that their President is black-ish.

Not even your super cool black Prius Hybrid is safe from Liberal Tyranny. Who's the dumbass now?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Illegal Immigrants are American Patriots? Why Nancy Pelosi is an Idiot.

You know what scares the crap outta me? The fact that the person third in line to be President of the United States is a complete & utter idiot, even more so than the Veep, I fear.

In yet another bold move that goes to show that this Liberal Flake has lost her freakin’ mind, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently told a group of both legal and illegal immigrants and their families that enforcement of existing immigration laws as currently practiced is "un-American."

Pelosi, condemning raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, referred to the immigrants she was addressing as "very, very patriotic."

"Who in this country would not want to change a policy of kicking in doors in the middle of the night and sending a parent away from their families?" Pelosi told a mostly Hispanic gathering at St. Anthony's Church in San Francisco. "It must be stopped....What value system is that? I think it's un-American. I think it's un-American."

Have I been taken away by an alien craft and transported to Bizarro World? What kind of nonsensical horseshit is this? She portrays our ICE agents as if they were jackbooted thugs dragging people off to concentration camps, delousing showers full of Zyklon B, and really big ovens. And then she has the audacity, or is it just plain naïve stupidity, to say that people who snuck into this country and are living illegally under the radar and manipulating the system for personal gain are the actual American patriots?

Pelosi said she was invited to the church by Representative Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) as part of his 17-city, cross-country tour called United Families, which he says is intended to put a human face on the immigration debate.

"We think that families are the cornerstone of our society and our nation, and an immigration system should preserve those families, not destroy them," Gutierrez told FOX News Capitol Hill Producer Chad Pergram.The congressman is collecting petitions that ask President Obama to "stop the immigration raids and deportations that are tearing our marriages, families and children apart." He is expected to present those petitions when Hispanic members of Congress meet with the President.

Um, we can keep the families together, Congressman. Simply deport them home all at the same time. They snuck over together & didn’t get lost, so a nice orderly return home shouldn’t break them up, pal. Adios!!!!

On Saturday night, Pelosi joined Gutierrez before a cheering crowd at St. Anthony's chanting, "Si se puede," or "Yes we can."

I believe I may vomit. Did we wave a Ché Guevara poster too? Did you wear a cute little Fidel Castro olive drab field cap and smoke a cigar, too?

Referring to work site enforcement actions by ICE agents, by where the dreaded SS Stormtroopers of “La Migra” swoop in from black helicopters to roust the proletariat as they toil to provide for the good of the state and the Party (or, in truth, the ICE teams check known & suspected work sites to check for illegals getting paid under the table) Pelosi said, "We have to have a change in policy and practice and again ... I can't say enough, the raids must end. The raids must end…You are special people. You're here on a Saturday night to take responsibility for our country's future. That makes you very, very patriotic."

Yes, it’s oh so very patriotic to sneak in, work under the table, not pay taxes, abuse our healthcare system, find ways to mooch welfare & food stamps, send your kids to our overburdened schools, and then get in-state tuition to colleges, all as you send the bulk of your money back to Mexico or wherever you came from. Hell yeah! Where do I sign up?

Oh, wait, I’m an AMERICAN…I can’t sign up. I have to pay state & federal taxes and see a huge slice of my pay taken away to pay for my health insurance, I have to budget out for groceries since I pay for them with my money and not governmental assistance, and I get to pay for you too. I pay higher car insurance rates to compensate for underinsured and uninsured illegals driving on foreign licenses (or no licenses at all), a rampant problem here in South Carolina.

Maybe I should go throw my medals earned during my four years in the Army over the White House fence, since the old definitions of being a patriot seem to be gone. Perhaps then the Dems will see me as a patriot. After all, it worked for John Kerry…

Remember when Clinton was gonna give Elian Gonzalez instant US citizenship? Wasn't current AG Eric Holder in on that fiasco too?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Liberals Hate Your Guns, Part Three: Armed Pilots

Like I’ve said before, the Liberals hate your guns, and they can’t wait to take them away from you. Despite protests to the contrary stating that they have no such intentions, The Obama Empire is taking steps quietly to shut down the program that qualifies commercial airline pilots to carry firearms in jetliner cockpits in order to ward off another 9/11-type attack.

The administration recently diverted $2 million from a program to train and certify pilots to carry firearms safely while on duty. Instead, it is using the money to hire additional field inspectors to help discipline pilots who step out of line, according to a report in Tuesday’s Washington Times.

Since Obama took office, the approval process for certifying pilots to carry firearms has ground to a halt, the newspaper reports. Pilots are afraid to speak out about the behind-the-scenes maneuverings, for fear of retaliation, according to the newspaper. No cases have been reported in which pilots have brandished a weapon inappropriately or otherwise abused their eligibility to carry firearms.

About 12,000 pilots have been authorized to carry handguns while flying aircraft as part of the Federal Flight Deck Officers Program. Congress authorized the program in a 310-to-113 vote following the 9/11 attacks to help prevent terrorists from turning jetliners into flying bombs that could be used to attack key sites like the White House, the Pentagon, or Capitol Hill.

Pilots are already required to pay for their own room and board during training, and use paid leave for the time they’re off the job. Every six months, the program requires them to be requalified for firearm use. So, it already costs them plenty to even get certified, so you know these guys are dedicated professionals.

The Washington Times points out that about 70 percent of airline pilots have military backgrounds. With airport screening less than 100 percent effective, it states, armed pilots provide a second layer of defense.

“Only anti-gun extremists and terrorist recruits are worried about armed pilots,” the newspaper editorial says.

Amen, brother. Are you asshats worried about a crazed pilot taking pot shots at passengers when he snaps? Trust me, that guy has control over the entire aircraft; if he was suicidal or wanted to kill passengers, he’d just point the whole frikkin’ thing straight down, and there really wouldn’t be jack-diddly-shit the passengers could do.

What you should be worried about are the 113 Congressional Dickheads who voted against having a terrorist deterrent onboard our flights. Sure, there’s the Air Marshall program, but there’s not enough of them and you never know what flights they’re on. If a potential terrorist wants to snatch a flight, what if there’s no Sky Cops around? The only possible deterrent other than brave passengers is the idea of the pilots being able to ventilate the skull and thorax of the aforementioned terrorist with a carefully aimed shot.

And before you sniveling whiners bring up the argument about shooting holes in the aircraft and suffering a massive blowout by depressurizing it, they already debunked that myth on the Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters show. Federal Air Marshalls, by the by, do not carry frangible ammunition either. By frangible, I mean that if they hit something they disintegrate instead of punching through intact. My sources tell me that FAM’s carry the Sig P229 pistol chambered for .357, with Speer Gold Dot ammunition, which is a rather high-velocity round. They’re just really well-trained. And if a small hole does depressurize the cabin, the most the passengers will suffer is some discomfort till the plane reaches a lower altitude.

So, Liberal gun haters are trying to take away your guns, and if they can’t do that, then they want to make it impossible to get ammunition, either by taxing it and pricing it out of range or by regulating it with excessive laws so that no one will want to mess with it. Like it says on the header to my friend Brooke’s blog site, courtesy of Thomas Jefferson: a government big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take away everything you have.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Liberals Hate Your Guns, Part Two (with Guest Blogger Jim)

Blair Holt, a good kid in the wrong place at the wrong time, killed trying to shield someone in the crossfire.

PART TWO is courtesy of returning Guest Blogger Jim, who originally wrote this last month:

Today I read, with both interest and concern, of a new bill before congress, HR 45, the Blair Holt Licensing Act of 2009. Blair Holt was 16 and riding home from school on May 10, 2007, on a Chicago public transit bus when a subject got on and started shooting. Blair selflessly positioned himself in front of a girl, was shot, and subsequently died of his wounds. Police have since made two arrests and determined that Blair was just an innocent victim, who in a time of peril, chose others over self, and paid the ultimate price. This speaks volumes about his upbringing and character.

In my opinion, to simply label Blair a hero does not adequately memorialize his sacrifice. And to be honest , I don't know what would. To Ron Holt and Annette Nance-Holt, thank you for raising such a fine young man. I'm sure he was, and continues to be, an inspiration to all who knew him.

Now along comes Bobby Rush (D-IL), with HR45. This is a bill that, if passed into law, would require the licensing of all "qualified" firearms, to whit: any handgun or any semi-auto firearm that accepts a detachable magazine. The fee would be $25 and the bill does not state whether this is per gun or per gun owner. My guess is (knowing how Libs think) it will be per gun.

Some of your requirements under this bill to keep your 2nd Amendment rights would be:
>to submit a photo and thumb print.
>give your name, address and place of birth.
>completion of the 1968 form, (ie: I'm not crazy according to the courts/I'm not addicted to drugs etc.)
>a promise to keep your guns safely stored and out of the possession of persons under the age of 18.
>submit to a written test which would test your "knowledge and ability" to store safely firearms" particularly in the vicinity" of persons under 18 years of age, the safe handling of firearms, the use of firearms in the home and the risks associated with same, the legal responsibility of firearm owners and any other subject determined to be appropriate.

That’s for buying a gun in the first two years of this being voted into law; after that it’s for all guns owned. If you fuck up, you lose your guns and maybe get relocated to the house with many doors. I forgot to mention you have to apply for renewal every five years…

So thinking back on Blair Holt’s sacrifice, I'm trying to draw the corollary between what he did and this piece of shit bill the gun grabbers are trying to force on you. Attention liberal government agents: I own zero guns…(heh heh)

Keep in mind this happened in Chicago, where its already illegal to own a handgun. No amount of legislation would have kept that gun out of the shooter’s hand. A study conducted by the Force Science Research Center of Minnesota State University, who investigated 40 cases involving gun violence against law enforcement officers, revealed that the hand gun was the weapon of choice. In the cases studied it was determined that all but one of the weapons were acquired illegally. The FBI found through interviewing these subjects that none of the felons they spoke to were hindered by any federal, state, or local law that had ever been established to prevent gun ownership. They just laughed at gun laws. If they are willing to do this type of violence towards cops, they won't stop for me or you or Blair.

What happened to Blair and his family is tragic; however no amount of legislation forced on law abiding, responsible citizens will bring him back. Stricter enforcement of most current laws, coupled with longer sentences will keep the scum off the streets, making us all safer. Damn few men sentenced at age 25 to 50 plus years in the pokey, without the chance for parole, will get out to re-offend.

If you love your liberty and freedom call, write or email your members of congress and tell them to vote no on HR45.

Additional notes from MojoSteve....

Gun control is being able to hit your target...

Here are some fun facts that pertain to HR45:

1. Most likely all US citizens will have to register their firearm(s) with the government. All Canadians must do this now and those who didn’t do it were arrested, charged and sent to prison. Socialism is fun, no?

2. Police will not need a warrant to enter your premises if and when you violate any laws that pertain to HR45.

3. Your medical records will be the final determination of your ability to own a firearm legally.

If you're wondering about the third one , here’s some news for you. Once the Obama administration approves the nationalization of medical care (btw-that was slipped into the stimulus package), your medical records will be stored in a central data base; therefore the government will have access to your medical records. Again, say hello to Obamunism.

One other thing in the bill that boggles the brain:

(1) IN GENERAL. It shall be unlawful for any person other than a licensed importer, licensed manufacturer, licensed dealer, or licensed collector to possess a qualifying firearm on or after the applicable date, unless that person has been issued a firearm license . . .

So, under this bill, after awhile no one can own a gun without a government license, and those licenses will be unavailable to the average Joe Schmoe.

Say hello to Socialism, kids!!!!

Gun Control makes Baby Jesus cry...

The Liberals Hate Your Guns, Part One

To paraphrase Sir Sean Connery’s character Jim Malone in The Untouchables, don’t bring a knife to a gunfight. And trust me, Democrats and left-wing Socialists, you’ll have one hell of a fight on your hands if you try to take away people’s guns.

It seems that newly-crowned Attorney General Eric Holder is using the drug violence in Mexico to "confuse and mislead" Americans in an attempt to reinstate the expired Federal Assault Weapons Ban, according to gun advocates. Holder revealed his intention to reinstate the ban last month while announcing more than 700 arrests in connection with a crackdown on Mexican drug cartels operating in the United States.

"As President Obama indicated during the campaign, there are just a few gun-related changes that we would like to make, and among them would be to re-institute the ban on the sale of assault weapons," Holder said. "I think that will have a positive impact in Mexico, at a minimum." Holder said reinstating the ban would decrease the flow of guns from the U.S. into Mexico but declined to offer a timeframe for any re-implementation.

Actually, Eric, I think rooting out all the corrupt government officials and drug cartels might have a more positive impact on Mexico. Maybe the cartels need to be mowed down by some assault weapons?

Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the National Rifle Association, told FOXNews.com that Holder's "argument in general is bizarre…It's a delusion to say that diminishing the Second Amendment in America is somehow going to stop these ruthless drug cartels in Mexico." LaPierre, referring to the drug-related violence that killed more than 6,200 people in Mexico last year, accused Holder of trying to "put a failed political agenda on the back of a national tragedy."

I agree, Wayne. I think we should hand out more guns to people on the border, and instruct them to shoot drug runners and illegals. Perhaps sealing up a too-porous border might have a positive impact on both countries?

LaPierre called on Holder and Justice Department officials to uphold existing laws and focus on increasing enforcement along the 2,000-mile U.S.-Mexico border, rather than consider additional legislation.

Again, Wayne, I agree.

"The answer is to enforce the law on both sides of the border," LaPierre said. "I reject the notion that the reenactment of that ban would have any impact on the Mexican drug cartels."

I disagree there, Wayne. Banning guns will just embolden the cartels even more. The knowledge that there’s no rancher or Minuteman around with a Ruger Mini-14 or Rock River M-4 and a couple 30-round magazines will just encourage them.

Signed into law in 1994 by another liberal Democrat, President Clinton, the Federal Assault Weapons Ban prohibited the sale of ammunition clips with more than 10 rounds and 19 types of semi-automatic military-style guns, including AK-47s and AR-15s. The ban expired in 2004, and a 10-year extension proposed by yet another flaming liberal Dem, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) was voted down.

During a House subcommittee hearing last week, Chris Cox, executive director of the NRA's Institute for Legislative Action, warned against making U.S. gun owners "scapegoats" for the Mexican crisis.

"The message here is clear: According to some, the violence in Mexico is not the fault of the drug cartels or their American customers, nor is it the fault of decades of Mexican government corruption," Cox said in prepared remarks. "In their view, the fault lies with American gun owners. This is an outrageous assertion…Authorities should ramp up border security and continue targeting so-called straw buyers who do the cartels' "dirty work," Cox said.

Of course. Don’t blame the Mexicans; blame the Americans. Moreover, blame conservative right-leaning gun-owning Americans exercising their freedom to bear arms for Mexico’s violence, because a guy shooting 30 or 40 prairie dogs or a pack of nuisance coyotes on his private property are to blame for another country’s internal problems. Shit, we may as well blame people who burn away excess brush on their property in America for Australia’s wildfires. Blame people in America who buy legal fireworks at roadside stands for car bombs in Israel. Blame little Timmy Snodgrass in Miss Carbunkle’s seventh grade science class at Turd Ferguson Middle School for the eruption of the undersea volcano off Tonga this week because his science fair project was a model volcano. Damn you, Timmy! Plus, your volcano contributed to global warming. Did you buy carbon credits from Al Gore to cover it?

But Tom Diaz, senior policy analyst at the Violence Policy Center, a liberal lobby group, testified at the subcommittee on National Security and Foreign Affairs on Thursday that the U.S. civilian gun market is fueling violence in Mexico and on both sides of its border.

"If one set out to design a 'legal' market conducive to the business of funneling guns to criminals, one would be hard-pressed to come up with a 'better' system that the U.S. civilian gun market -- short of simply selling guns directly to criminals from manufacturer and importer inventories," Diaz said in prepared remarks.

More than 7,770 guns sold in the U.S. were traced to Mexico last year, up from 3,300 in 2007 and roughly 2,100 in 2006, according to ATF statistics. It was not immediately clear what percentage of those guns fell under the United States' federal assault weapons ban. Diaz also cited ATF tracing data that shows Mexican drug cartels receive between 90 and 95 percent of their firearms from the United States.

So, then, wouldn’t the logical answer be to do a better fucking job of border security? If the border wasn’t so porous, mayhap the guns might not go South, and the dope not go North , in part in the rectums of illegals? The US Army’s Air Defense Artillery School is right there in El Paso on the Mexican border at Fort Bliss; I bet if we started training our soldiers by letting them live-fire a few Stingers at low-flying Cessnas crammed with bales of pot, they might stop flying. Since the terrain of Arizona resembles Afghanistan, let our soldiers getting ready to deploy there get used to planting mines and sniping at insurgents by spreading a few Claymores on the trails and popping a few people sneaking into our country unannounced?

See, people keep coming here illegally, whether to sponge off our welfare teats or to deliver drugs, because they know damned well that 99.9% of the time, it’s safe and the worst that’ll happen is they get sent back to Mexico to do it all over again. Remember my advice…ask first and come in legally if we say it’s okay. It’s not that hard, people. Just ask, and do things legally, and I’ll welcome you with open arms.

Anyways, banning firearms here might cut down on the guns going to the Mexican cartels. That just means that they’ll just go elsewhere to buy them. In the Third World, and even in the Second World, it’s easier to get an AK-47 than it is to get clean water. The collapse of the Warsaw Pact kinda made the AK the currency of choice around the globe. The AK-series were produced in Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, East Germany, China, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Yugoslavia, Finland, Iraq, Egypt, North Korea, Indonesia, damn near everywhere, in a wide variety of configurations and calibers. Dime a dozen, kids, and by far more plentiful than AR-15’s. Trust me, friends, they’ll scoot down farther south to their cartel buddies in Colombia or Bolivia, or just ask good old Hugo Chavez for help. He hates America enough to supply them with guns.

So the Liberals want your guns, and they’ll use any excuse to get them. No wonder ammunition sales are up, requests for concealed carry permits are up, and there’s a six-month backlog on orders for some weapons, especially from manufacturers like Rock River Arms.

I’ve heard the arguments against so-called assault weapons. People ask me why you need a 30-round magazine, or what purpose other than killing people would you own an AK? They understand a shotgun or a revolver, but not something that could be even remotely construed as vaguely military. Personally I don’t have a problem with responsible gun ownership by law-abiding and responsible citizens. I myself am a gun owner. I own a .45 caliber semi-auto pistol.

Why the need for standard magazines? Ask your local police officer. He is on patrol with a handgun which uses standard magazines and, in many cities, an automatic rifile or a submachine gun with standard magazines. Under stress, even well-trained people can miss. Moreover, a single hit is not guaranteed to stop an attack. Fortunately, he has the benefit of body armor and backup just a radio call away.
Most people have no such luxuries. They don't sleep with magazine pouches affixed to their pj’s and would depend on that one magazine already in their weapons.

Arbitrarily requiring that your one magazine hold a lot less ammunition than normal has the effect of giving attacking criminals an edge over the law-abiding citizenry.
I could just as easily ask why anyone would want a car with 300 horsepower that can go 150 miles per hour when the average speed limit in America is between 65 and 70 miles per hour. So by the previous argument’s logic: why own that car, except to speed illegally and possibly kill someone? How many people are killed each year in speed-related accidents, and moreover how many more are killed in accidents than with so-called assault weapons? Yet no one is trying to put a fucking ban on a Ford Mustang GT.

If you want to take away our legal rights to own firearms that you think are excessive, then why stop there? We should immediately ban fast, powerful cars and force Detroit to build cars that won’t exceed 70 miles per hour. (And of course it’ll be a green hybrid, or the Libs will be pissed). And while we’re at it, ban ski masks because people wear them to rob banks. Ban cookies because some people get fat from eating them, and thusly become disabled. Outlaw Canada geese because they bring down jetliners into the Hudson…no, wait….Liberals would want us to ban airplanes because they interfere with the geese.

Ban sporks; they have multiple prongs. How many more innocents must die before we ban sporks?

Hey, I told you so....

Further proof that I’m right…

President Obama, after an uproar by veterans groups, has scrapped a plan to require private insurance carriers to reimburse the Department of Veterans Affairs for the treatment of troops injured in service.

"In considering the third-party billing issue, the administration was seeking to maximize the resources available for veterans," White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Wednesday in a written statement. "However, the president listened to concerns raised by the [veteran service organizations] that this might, under certain circumstances, affect veterans' and their families' ability to access health care. Therefore, the president has instructed that its consideration be dropped," Gibbs said.

More like, “Oh man, we’re bankrupting the country to pay for pork and bullshit and figured we’d defray the costs by screwing over those babykillers and war-mongerers who kill our socialist allies and other repressed peoples, and we got called out on it.”

I’d like to think that the administration folded after my withering, blistering assault the other day. Remember, this blog is read by powerful people the world over searching for wisdom and guidance under my tutelage.

Or not.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Look at Meeeeee, I'm Nancy Peeeeeee!!!

The balls of some people. Even if they physically lack balls.

Today I refer to the Speaker of the House, the Dishonorable Nazi Pelosi. Here we are, in hock up to our collective American ass, and she’s babbling on about a potential second round of a stimulus (ie: SUCCUBUS) on top of the Omnibus Bill (which His Obamaness Himself even said was far from perfect) and the first Succubus Package and the Bank Bailouts and the Automotive Bailouts and all the other bullshit we’ll be paying for over the next 3,000 years.

But Nasty Pelosi and Dirty Harry Reid and His Obamaness really grate under my skin when they continue to kick our military members in their members.

What? What’s that? You wonder what of which I speak?

Eric Shinseki, Secretary for Veteran’s Affairs, confirmed Tuesday that the Obama administration is considering a controversial plan to make veterans pay for treatment of service-related injuries with private insurance.

Are you fucking kidding me? These kids voluntarily go forth in the service of their nation and in defense of the freedoms of repressed and oppressed peoples in Third World shit-holes around the Middle East, and you bastards have the despicable audacity to ask them to pay for their own treatments after losing arms, legs, eyes, or suffering horrible burns and traumatic brain injuries? How dare you?

Instead of bullshit pork projects, how about funneling some of that Succubus Package funding to the Veteran’s Administration to help with the therapy and rehab for our returning heroes? And incidentally, General Shinseki, what with your two Purple Hearts earned in Vietnam and half of your foot blown off by a mine, did you pay for anything privately or did the Army take care of you? Thankfully there's organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project to help our returning heroes.

And Obama, who has never set foot in a recruiting office let alone served this country he wanted so badly to lead, has the cherries to come out and say that we’re not winning in Afghanistan, sullying the sacrifices given by the 666 US soldiers killed in Afghanistan to date as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. Reminds me of last year when Dirty Harry claimed that the war in Iraq was lost and that the surge had failed. Shit like that mocks the 4,260 brave troops who have died in Iraq.

And Pelosi…well, I told ya’ll months ago that she bitched and bitched about what sort of luxury ride she’d be flying around in as Speaker. She wanted the biggest plane this side of Air Force One. She has to drag her strap-hangers, bootlickers, pee-ons, and other minion serfs like some sort of motley entourage waiting on her hand & foot. And since she has galley slaves to feed her grapes and fan her with palm fronds, the sycophantic slag expects that the entire Air Mobility Command of the United States Air Force is at her beck and call., with unprecendented demands for military aircraft and wasted taxpayer resources with last-minute cancellations.

Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, announced today that it has obtained documents from the Department of Defense detailing Pelosi's multiple requests for military air travel. The documents, obtained by Judicial Watch through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), include internal DOD email correspondence detailing attempts by DOD staff to accommodate Pelosi's numerous requests for military escorts and military aircraft as well as the speaker's last minute cancellations and changes. The following are a few highlights from the documents:

In response to a series of requests for military aircraft, one Defense Department official wrote, "Any chance of politely querying [Pelosi's team] if they really intend to do all of these or are they just picking every weekend?...[T]here's no need to block every weekend 'just in case'..." The email also notes that Pelosi's office had, "a history of canceling many of their past requests."

One DOD official complained about the "hidden costs" associated with the speaker's last minute changes and cancellations. "We have...folks prepping the jets and crews driving in (not a short drive for some), cooking meals and preflighting the jets etc."

So she just expects a jumbo jet to be on standby every weekend for her to scoot back to her lair in San Fransisco?

The documents also detail correspondence from intermediaries for Queen Pelosi issuing demands for certain aircraft and expressing outrage when requested military planes were not available. "It is my understanding there are no G5s available for the House during the Memorial Day recess. This is totally unacceptable...The speaker will want to know where the planes are..." wrote Kay King, Director of the House Office of Interparliamentary Affairs. In a separate email, when told a certain type of aircraft would not be available, King writes, "This is not good news, and we will have some very disappointed folks, as well as a very upset [s]peaker."

During another email exchange DOD staff advised Kay King that one Pelosi military aircraft request could not be met because of "crew rest requirements" and offered to help secure commercial travel. Kay King responded: "We appreciate the efforts to help the codel [Congressional Delegation] fly commercially but you know the problem that creates with spouses. If we can find another way to assist with military assets, we would like to do that."

Speaker Pelosi came under fire in 2007 for requesting a 42-seat Air Force carrier to ferry the Speaker and her staff back and forth between San Francisco, CA and Washington, DC. Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert was allowed access to a 12-seat commuter jet for security reasons after the events of 9/11.

Pelosi's office disputed the claim, pointing to White House policy enacted after the September 11 attacks allowing for the House speaker to travel to his or her congressional district via military aircraft whenever possible for security reasons.

Her predecessor made do with access to a Gulfstream G-V (known in the military as a C-37). But she wants a much bigger plane. Heavens forbid she migt have to stop at a secure Air Force base in the heartland to refuel. She demands cross-country non-stop door-to-door delivery. It’s not like she’s getting out of a taxi in a seedy neighborhood to get gas…it’s an Air Force base. Whassamatter, Nancy? Too close to them common people in the Red States? Bitch.

"Taken together, these documents show that Speaker Pelosi treats the Air Force like her personal airline," said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. "Not only does Speaker Pelosi issue unreasonable requests for military travel, but her office seems unconcerned about wasting taxpayer money with last minute cancellations and other demands."

Be thankful you even get to fly with the professionals from Air Mobility Command, Pelosi. You could be stuck on a commercial jet, delayed at airports, luggage lost, paying 10 bucks for a pillow, 20 for a blanket, 50 for a can of Coke, and having to pee in a cramped broom closet where some couple from Hoboken on their way to a honeymoon in Vegas just did the nasty on the sink.

Maybe take a bus, Mizz Madam Speakerness. Get out amongst the commoners and see how much they loathe you. We can call your bus BOTOX-ONE

A new word for your vocabulary: The Succubus Package

Everyone has their own pet name for the recent 700-billion-dollar stimulus package. I’ve heard Porkulus, Spendulus, Crapulus, etc.

Personally, I call it the Succubus Package.

A Succubus (plural succubi) is a demon who takes the form of a highly attractive woman to seduce men, in their dreams to have according to the medieval European legend. Their male counterpart is the incubus. They draw energy from the men to sustain themselves, often until the point of exhaustion or death of the victim.

The package lured everyone in with these grandiose promises of prosperity and will simply suck everyone dry.

So here you go, America……feel free to call it The Succubus Package.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

An Army of One, a Crime Wave of Two

Nowhere, and I mean nowhere, in this creed does it say to embezzle unit funds or sell drugs.

Normally, I go out of my way to highlight the good deeds and brave sacrifices of our nation’s military men and women. Our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines (and the Coasties too) seldom get the recognition they deserve.

However, a few bad apples full of worms ruin the whole bushel. Or, as a wise old MP sergeant that I knew in Germany once said, “One “aw, shit” wipes out all your attaboys”.”

It pains me to have to bring you this sort of news about a couple of scumbags who have tarnished the image of professional soldiering and disgraced the uniform of my United States Army.

My first shitbird is a commissioned officer, no less. It seems that Captain Michael Dung Nguyen pleaded not guilty last week to charges including theft of government property and money laundering stemming from stealing nearly $700,000.00 from unit funds while in Iraq.

Nguyen, a 2004 West Point graduate, is assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 2nd Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment, 4th Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division at Fort Lewis, Washington.

A federal grand jury indictment alleges that between April 2007 and February 2009, the 28-year old Nguyen stole more than $690,000 entrusted to him as the battalion Civil Affairs Officer in Muqdadiyah, Iraq. Prosecutors say the funds stolen by Nguyen were derived from the Commander’s Emergency Response Program (CERP) funds. CERP funds were designed to enable local commanders in Iraq and Afghanistan to respond to urgent humanitarian relief and reconstruction by carrying out programs that would immediately assist the people in the region.

The indictment alleges Nguyen used some of the money to buy a 2008 BMW M3 and a 2009 Hummer H3T, along with computers, electronics and furniture. Court documents state the indictment said he mailed bundles of stolen $100 bills home before he returned from Iraq and say he opened bank accounts in his home state of Oregon and elsewhere. The individual deposits were less than $10,000 but he sometimes made numerous deposits on the same or consecutive days, according to the indictment. The indictment further alleges that shortly after his return from Iraq, Nguyen opened new bank accounts at several banks, including Bank of America and Washington Mutual Bank, and proceeded to deposit the stolen money in a manner intended to avoid detection.

The maximum penalty for each of the charged crimes is 10 years in prison and a fine of $500,000.

U.S. Attorney Karin J. Immergut stated, “As an officer of the U.S. Army and a graduate of West Point, Capt. Nguyen agreed to uphold the principles of ‘Duty, Honor, Country.’ The conduct alleged in today’s indictment is flagrant and reprehensible disregard of these principles. By stealing money intended to assist Iraqi citizens, Capt. Nguyen betrayed his country and the fine men and women of our nation’s armed services.”

The investigation was initiated by the Portland office of the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation following the discovery of large and frequent currency deposits and substantial expenditures above Captain Nguyen’s legitimate income level. The investigation was joined by the FBI, the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division’s Major Procurement Fraud Unit and Defense Criminal Investigative Service.

What a dick.

As an MP, we looked out for suspicious turds like this. How fitting that Dung is in his name. Way to go, Captain Dung. When you start seeing a guy who’s obviously living beyond his ostensible means, it sends up red flags to authorities. Guys who all of a sudden are seen with outrageously fancy cars and big screen TV’s and dropping 8 grand on hot tubs in a 400-grand house get scrutinized a bit more closely. Sure, I had a lot of disposable income when I was in, and I pissed it away on CD’s and partying, but I still wasn’t able to sport a new Beemer, even when I was in Germany. We all shared a rather well-used 518, or we took cabs.

An O-3/Captain with 10 years in the Army makes $5,358.00 a month, plus more for combat pay and other incentives & allowances. Even still, a BMW M3 runs in the area of $58,000 and a Hummer H3T is about another $45,000 depending on options. This guy pulls down maybe $65,000 a year before taxes, and his two rides alone are easily $103,000 or so, plus insurance, fuel, and maintenance & upkeep. I’m not a mathematical genius, but even I can see the numbers are a bit off.

Sure, I’ve seen people go way into debt with outrageous car payments in the military to buy flashy rides, simply because they really had no other expenses, and a quick cursory look-see was all it took to make sure they were on the up & up. We even took a look at a kid in my own unit once who had a pretty nice ride, and also had loaded parents who bought it for him.

Like a typical dumbass criminal, he made a simple stupid error and flaunted his ill-gotten wealth instead of keeping a low profile. However, this next imbecile deserves a swift kick in the balls before being sent to Leavenworth for a few decades. At least Captain Dung didn’t kill anyone.

The United States Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth. Turning criminals into couples since 1874...

Private Timothy Bennitt, 19, was charged this week with involuntary manslaughter in the death of 16 year old Leah King on February 15. He is also charged with distributing drugs to other soldiers. King was found dead and another teenage girl was found unconscious in a barracks building at Fort Lewis.

Officials have confirmed King died from a toxic combination of Alprazolam, the anti-depressant marketed as Xanax, and Oxymorphone, a pain killer marketed as Opana. According to investigators, some of these drugs were crushed and inhaled in powder form, denying any time-release protection that a pill form might provide. Yeah, that’s real smart.

Additional charges have been filed against Bennitt related to the distribution of drugs to other soldiers, as well as wrongful use of a number of drugs at previous times. These remain under investigation.

The drugs he's accused of distributing include Alprazolam (Xanax), Oxymorphone (Opana), Oxycodone (Percocet), and marijuana.
These are the following charges against Bennitt under the Punitive Articles of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ):
- Article 119 - Involuntary Manslaughter
- Article 112a - Wrongful use and distribution of controlled substances
- Article 81 - Conspiracy to use controlled substances
If convicted of all charges contained in the charge sheet, the maximum punishment is reduction in rank to private (E-1), forfeiture of all pay and allowances, confinement for 82 years, and a dishonorable discharge.

Hell, I’d piss-test him to see if we could get him on Article 134 (the catch-all General Article) in addition to Article 92 (Failure to Obey a Lawful Order). He had two underage girls in there, most likely to get them stoned before screwing them, so mayhap we can add Article 120 (Sexual Misconduct) or maybe even Sodomy under Article 125. (Incidentally the military looks upon oral sex as Sodomy. There’s a lot of guilty people out there. Some of them even write popular blogs.)

Since the death of King, Fort Lewis has made changes to its access on the base. All minors must be signed in at the Fort Lewis Visitor's Center. The staff is required to screen all minors and sponsors. Fort Lewis has also increased random access checks of vehicles to help prevent minors from gaining inappropriate access to the post. In addition, authorities have increased checks at barracks. Sadly, unit commanders are now gonna get a ration of shit & be accused of not keeping a closer eye on their subordinates and the MP’s at Lewis will be worked even harder to “increase the presence” since in the Army, shit rolls downhill and the further down the food chain you are, the wider your mouth opens to receive that steamy open-faced shitwich.

It’s a fine line that junior enlisted soldiers have to walk, being 18 and 19 years old, right out of high school and still learning how to be adults as well as soldiers, and many still think it’s okay to hang out with high-schoolers. However, there are certain freedoms and liberties you surrender to a certain degree when you don the uniform, and codes of conduct that need to be strictly enforced for the general good.

This Bennitt puke not just broke the code of conduct, he shredded and mangled it by selling drugs, took advantage of dumb-ass school kids for his own pleasures, and whether he wanted to or not, got one of them killed.

Have fun playing poker with Captain Dung at Leavenworth, Bennitt. And don’t drop the soap.

Bad boys, bad boys....whatcha gonna do?

Depeche Mode : Come Back, indeed!

This is a studio session of Depeche Mode recording a track from their soon-to-be-released album "Sounds of the Universe". The song is called "Come Back", and it is simply gorgeous. I'm not sure how much this version will differ from the final mix on the CD, but this one sounded pretty damned amazing to me.

For all of you out there who keep asking me why I've been a Depeche Mode fan since the early 80's, THIS is why. They just keep getting better.....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Guest Blogger Series: Mexico Wants WHAT?

I'm trying something new here kids. I have friends who write sporadically but not often enough to have their own blogs, so whenever I find something good, I'll post it up here. This blog was written by my friend Jim.


The U.S. State Department recently issued a travel advisory for Mexico aimed at college students who might want to head south o' the border for spring break. This is in response to increasing violence as drug cartels vie for supremacy.

A report by the U.S. Joint Forces Command states that Mexico (as well as Pakistan) could face "sudden and rapid collapse", also due to the Mexican cartels.

So what does Mexico have to say about this? First it wants an apology from us for trying to scare off millions of potential tourist dollars. Next, they want us to stop the flow of guns into their country, which they claim is fueling the drug cartel violence.

What the fuck!!!???

It's our fault that your citizens are killing each other? It's our fault you can't control your border, and guns stolen or bought illegally here end up down there?

What about the dope you see coming up here? The illegals, who leech off our system? The crimes they commit against U.S. citizens, which many times could result in the death penalty, that Mexico hides after they return to the old country?

And the U.S. government, big and magnanimous, wants to help. We are thinking about sharing intel, and equipping and training Mexican forces to deal with their problem. This is what got us out of the pan and into the fire in the first place.

Enter the "zetas". This is a Mexican drug cartel, founded and comprised of military deserters, who were previously trained by Uncle Sugar to combat the narco-terrorists. Guess they saw the light, and counted the dollar signs and switched sides. Not a bad idea if you can get away with it. Free training, take out the competition, and take over their market share.

I've got a little time on my hands, so for free, here is some advice. Feel free, Mexico and America to take notes:

1. Close the border. Work together on this, build the fence and guard it. In the Army, I was taught that if you put up an obstacle, (ie: mine field, wire, etc,) you guard it. That way, nobody removes it w/o your consent.

2.Both countries need to work harder at prosecuting Mexicans, on either side of the border, who engage in illegal activities. There needs to be more aggressive prosecution and stiffer penalties.

3. Mexico has some of the toughest gun control laws in the world. Anything considered to be "military grade" is illegal for citizens to own. Why? Vigilantie groups are springing up in Mexico, as a result of the rampant crime, and are getting results. If the cops and military are unable or unwilling to protect the masses, shouldn't they have the tools to protect themselves?

4. Do not give the Mexicans 1 more cent to fight crime in their country. Corruption is the norm down there. They can use the funds seized from drug busts to pay for their war on drugs.

I'm smart enough to know there are no easy solutions, but these seem like reasonable places to start. Ideas of your own? Post 'em here.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Apocalypse is Nigh. They ran outta nuggets.

Why? Why do people have to be so damnably stupid?

I eat out a few times a month, and occasionally something isn’t the way I wanted it. Sometimes I just suck it up, since often in life there are more important things to get riled up about, but at other times I’ll make sure that it’s made right. However, in all of my nearly 40 years of turning oxygen into carbon dioxide have I ever felt the compulsion to dial 911 over a botched restaurant order. I mean, I’ve had to get a manager over things like something that felt like a pebble in my corned beef hash, or a weensy green inchworm that shimmied his way across a plate from a piece of unwashed garnish leaf, and both of those got me a free meal. But to call 911? But wait…I’m ahead of myself here.

Latreasa L. Goodman, 27, made three calls to 911after she tried to get her money back from a Fort Pierce McDonald's and the cashier told her all sales were final. It seems that they were out of McNuggets, and Goodman snapped. I guess fried niblets of processed chicken goo are a crisis situation of Biblical proportions.

Police released the 911 tapes, and holy shit they’re positively hysterical.
"This is an emergency. If I would have known they didn't have McNuggets, I wouldn't have given my money, and now she wants to give me a McDouble, but I don't want one," police quoted her as saying. "This is an emergency."

The cashier suggested she choose something else off the menu of equal value to the McNuggets, and offered up a cheeseburger called the McDouble. (This is the cheap replacement for the Double Cheeseburger off the 99-cent value menu. Instead of two pseudo-beef flakes and two slivers of something akin to cheese, there’s only one cheese-like sliver. This saves Ronald McDonald at least 2 cents a burger in profits.)
"She's trying to force me to eat something off the menu and I don't want it," Goodman told 911.

Lady, no one held a gun to your head and said you had to eat it or there’d be a 230-grain steel-jacketed hollow-point burrowing through your cerebellum. A lack of McNuggets is not an emergency. Was someone trapped in a burning building? Were the Jaws of Life needed to extricate a victim from a wrecked car? Was a naked wino brandishing a box cutter and singing Gregorian chants? No. It was six chintzy-assed pieces of deep-fried poultry squeezin’s.

And yet, it came to Mizz Goodman as a great surprise when the police arrived, apparently without a SWAT team or helicopter support, and cited her for misuse of the 911 system. I woulda paid good money to watch that little scene unfold. It had to have been utterly priceless.

A McDonald's spokesman said Goodman should have been given a refund, and she's being sent a gift card for a free meal. See, there we go; a happy ending. The minimum wage asstard at the counter should have just done that from the get-go, but I’ve never seen a plethora of rocket scientists running the counter in the middle of the day at the Golden Arches. One noted exception would be the girl I went to school with who managed a McDonald’s through her six years of school while getting her Master’s degree. Sadly, my local establishment is by & large staffed by slack-jawed mouth-breathers who can barely speak your order back to you in something beyond an unintelligible mumble.

Perhaps this calls for one of my patented Sad Meals?
Da-da-da-da-daaaaaaaa…I’m hatin’ it!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A somber and sobering anniversary...

If you’re like me, you most likely enjoy a good conspiracy theory. Here’s one hell of a conspiracy for you.

What if, once upon a time, a small cabal of hard-line Soviet Communists wanted to take care of two of their rivals at once and sent an eleven-man KGB Osnaz commando unit to take over a ballistic missile submarine, sail it to an exact point 350 miles from Hawaii, surface the boat, and launch a missile at Pearl Harbor? The range and characteristics of the launch would have fit in with a scenario the Americans were worried about, which was a nuclear attack by alone rogue…from China. Ostensibly, the U.S. would nuke China in retaliation, and a surging Red Chinese threat on the Soviet border would be eliminated, and American naval power in the Pacific would be utterly crushed.

Sounds like a hell of a conspiracy, huh? Stuff of novels and films, you say?

It happened.

Read this book.

I’ve been reading Ken Sewell’s book Red Star Rogue, and it scared the hell out of me. I urge you to read it too. You’ll be sucked in by the story of a crew of professional sailors, military men serving their nation, who were pawns in a sinister plot, and ultimately met their demise when those eleven extra crewmen took over the submarine K-129 and tried to unleash nuclear Armageddon.

I say “tried”, because a failsafe mechanism on the missile caused it to explode in the tube, and the resulting aftermath sunk the sub and killed everyone aboard it, including the unwitting crewmen who had nothing to do with the plot.

As a military veteran myself who has a number of friends in the submarine community, I feel a tremendous amount of sympathy for those men who were performing their duties and got killed for it without being willing participants. That’s why today I want to make mention of the crew of K-129 and honor their memory. As for the Osnaz team, well, they were KGB “wet-work” killers and they knew the deal. I got nothin’ for ‘em.

The thing is, though, we already knew that K-129 had sailed, but not exactly where she was at the time. We knew enough of the Soviet Navy’s movements and ships that we wouldn’t have fallen for the ruse and would have retaliated against Moscow, not Beijing.

But why mention it now? Because the K-129 sank exactly 41 years ago yesterday, on March 7th, 1968, about 15 months before I was born. Had the plan succeeded, I might not be here now. Neither would you, possibly.

The world may never know the full story. Most of the chief conspirators are dead, like their pawns. Rest in peace, sailors of K-129. Fairs seas and following winds.

The Soviet Navy's Golf-II class of ballistic missile sub was a modified follow-on design based on the German Type-XXI U-Boats

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Drones, Advisors, and Loose Lips

An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle heads out to send the bad guys to the Hurt Locker. Aw, yeah....

Y’know, guys, I just don’t understand the idiocy of the human condition sometimes... Here we are, been at war for what, seven & a half years or so now? And still, people just don’t get it. Liberal flakes and media assclowns are still going out of their way to find ways to give away our secrets to our enemies under the guise of reporting the truth but in reality in the name of ratings, readership, and fame. Personal gain at the expense of our soldiers' lives.

The Times of London published a Google Earth image apparently showing three U.S. drones at the Shamsi airbase in Pakistan's southwestern province of Baluchistan as early as 2006, thereby letting the world know that the United States has been using a base in Pakistan to station unmanned Predator drones that have been used to attack terrorist targets inside the country's tribal areas. Senate intelligence committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) riled intelligence circles when she seemed to reveal sensitive information about such a Pakistan-based staging ground during a hearing. The Times reported that the CIA was secretly using Shamsi to launch the Predator drones that observe and attack Al Qaeda and Taliban militants around Pakistan's border with Afghanistan. There have been 30 strikes since August with 11 top leaders of Al Qaeda taken out, according to intelligence reports.

Why the hell is Feinstein running the senate Intelligence Committee if she can’t even keep her freakin’ trap shut?

Should it surprise me that a news rag in Islamo-friendly Britain leaked her leak?

And then our own UberLiberal New York Times lets it out that we have at least 70 Special Forces advisors secretly training Pakistani troops in their backwater tribal areas to help root out the vermin infestation of Taliban and Al Qeada operatives. Why not just publish their names, SSN’s, pictures of them and their families, home addresses, and a GPS fix on where to find them all to kill them so the terrorists can have an easier go of it?

Again, do you people think that the enemy doesn’t read our papers and watch our news feeds? Where do you think they get their intel from? Hell, our own soldiers get more info from CNN Headline News than they get from their own chains of command sometimes.

Wow. Seems Pakistan is really burning the candle at both ends, don't it? Acquiescing to Talibanian demands for Sharia Law in the backwater tribal zones while letting our SpecOps boys train people to kill them and letting us fly drones from their base to lob a few laser guided bombs and Hellfire missiles at the top bad guys. How dramatic. All that’s missing is a rabid chimp, 14 babies, a tour bus full of strippers, and Tom Arnold for a host.