Monday, January 30, 2017

Time for a Knife Hand

Okay...yeah, I know...

I let this blog go for over nine months. In truth, I was going to just shut it down. Lack of time and lack of inspiration hit me hard. However, the past week or two have given me fuel to burn on. There's gonna be some changes, some that might surprise a few of you, but really, the basic format will stay the same.

If you leftists think I'm done calling you out on your bullshit, think again. However, I'm watching both sides of the political spectrum. If our new Commander In Chief screws the pooch, I'll be all over it the same way I called out Lord Obeezy and his minions. But mostly, I have the feeling I'll still be calling you Leftists out on your hypocrisy, your lies, and your socialist idiocy.

So, yeah, new shit is coming soon. And probably a newer layout.

Lightning Six Actual, out.