Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Trump Media Circus

Top THAT, Vladimir Putin...

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Donald Trump may have stepped in a pile of dookie deep enough that he may not be able to easily shake it off his loafer. Trump has made a side career out of pissing people off, ancillary to his real estate and media fortunes. He’s never been afraid to just shoot his mouth off with zero regard for the consequences, because when you have both Eff You Money and Eff Me Money, you can generally say whatever you want without fear of repercussions because what are they gonna do, fire you?

In fact, they’ve tried to fire him. The Obama Lackey Liberal Pansies at NBC opted to cancel Trump’s The Apprentice TV show, probably because no one was really even watching it and not because Trump spouted off about illegal immigrants and the number of illegals who pour in from Mexico to rape and murder our citizens. But, over the last six months, America has become the Land Of The Sissies. All we do is look for things to be offended by, and then we either attack the alleged offenders or we capitulate in the face of the attackers. But I digress.

They aren’t exactly canceling Trump’s other show, the one that people actually do watch, Celebrity Apprentice. Nooo, instead they’re just replacing him as host, and the name being bandied around the most as the new host is comedian George Lopez. Why Lopez? Not because folks were clamoring for another Lopez show. After his sitcom got canceled in 2007 after five seasons, he had a short-lived two seasons as a late night talk show host, and his newest show made a whole 10 episodes before they pulled the plug. No, Lopez is being looked at because he is Mexican-American and seen as safe, a soft and cuddly comic, the voice of Papi in Beverley Hills Chihuahua…who was quoted onstage this week saying “Fuck that Puto (whore)” in reference to Trump. Soft and cuddly indeed. Oh, hey, wait a second...puto can also mean "faggot" or "male prostitute"? Oh, snap! You don't see anyone calling Lopez out on that do you? The HuffPo kinda whispered it, but no one noticed but me.

Careful, Lopez....mess with fire and you might get burned.
 Hispanic TV network Univision has decided to drop its telecast of the Miss USA pageant (which Trump owns) and severed all other business ties to Trump on June 25. Trump has since filed a $500 million lawsuit, accusing the company of breach of contract and defamation. Trump has the money and the lawyers to bleed Univision dry in a case that could drag for years.

Ever since Trump announced his bid for the White House, seeking the GOP nomination, there has been a veritable shit storm on both sides. Why? Because Trump is a wild card, a loose cannon of sorts. He can’t be bought and can’t be controlled, and that scares the everloving shit out of both the Establishment GOP Karl Rove acolytes and the Democrat Leftists. And this is precisely what Trump wants. I used to think he was just a bloviating blowhard. Now I can't wit to see what he says next.

Disdainful Rove is disdainful
In my humble, yet correct, opinion, Trump knows he isn’t going to win the popular vote. He’s too polarizing. I don’t even think he even wants to win. No, he is in it to stay in the media spotlight (he’s been an attention whore for decades) but more importantly is the Big Picture Reason. And what would that be?

I believe, deep down, Donald John Trump, Sr. loves this country and wants to see it succeed. A rising tide floats all boats. And knowing he isn’t going to win everyone over to his side, instead he is gonna shove every problem we have into the spotlight. Trump is going to bring up and shed light on every ugly, nasty, potentially embarrassing hot potato elephant in the room issue that The Left is terrified Joe Voter will realize they have orchestrated and that the progressive jellybacks in the Establishment GOP are too spineless to address. 

 At first the Leftist Media was content to call Trump a front-runner. Why? Because they thought he was going to be a clown show who would fizzle out and embarrass the Republicans in the process, and move the mindless masses to their masters in the DNC. You see, we’re thought of as stupid by the Left and their media minions, and they tell us who the supposed frontrunners are and most of the sheeple out there believe it. They tell you who they want the frontrunners to be and too damned many times the public has wagged their tails like obedient dogs and followed along. They handpick their Donkey Party candidate and then seek out the easiest to beat, or the most pliant, weak-willed middle of the road flip flop progressive squish that they can control should the GOP win. That’s who the GOP frontrunner will be according to them. 

Problem is, we are still a year away from the deepest darkest scariest part of the race, and just under sixteen months from Election Day itself. We still need to whittle down the Clownfish Parade of GOP Wannabe candidates. It’s way too early for an honest, no-shit GOP frontrunner. Most will run out of money; not a problem for Trump. A couple will fall victim to smear campaigns; Trump doesn’t give a royal F-word about this because he is a veteran of getting smeared and likes to fire back with both barrels. A few will just fall to the wayside because they are retreads from the last election who crapped out four years ago and are doomed to crap out again due to lack of voter support, and some will just fade away due to lack of name recognition.

Like I said, provided he can keep from stepping on his wang, Trump is here for a while. He ain’t going anywhere. He is gonna bring up issue after issue and FORCE both sides to address them. While the GOP was busy sitting on their thumbs as Obeezy and Company sold us up the economic river with that craptastical trade agreement and gave Iran the Bomb while letting them flood the market with oil to fund ISIS and world terrorism, while we were holding Caitlyn Jenner’s nut sack in our clammy hands as we allowed the NAACP to begin eradicating the history of a third of America’s states because it was offensive as it patently ignores the rampant black on black crime of Democrat controlled cities, no one had the cherries to discuss the burgeoning problem of illegal immigration. No one but Trump.

That can't be comfortable in your bum.
 Trump met it head on and caused a shit storm for daring to mention the frighteningly large number of rapists and murderers that flood into our country from Meh-hee-ko. Yeah, the Latin world calls him a puto and worse, and even started marketing a Trump-faced butt plug (see above picture), and the same Latin world said exactly Jack Shit as an illegal who had been arrested and deported five times murdered Kate Steinle in the Liberal Sanctuary City of San Francisco. Where were they when the illegal from Mexico who had been deported four times killed his wife with a hammer in Laredo, Texas a couple weeks ago? Where were they when 17-year old Jamiel Shaw Jr was murdered by an illegal who had just been released from jail the night before instead of being deported? Y’know, under Obama, there’ve been over 121 murders as of last month attributed to illegals released by his administration. The Latin world, and Obeezy, has done Juan Mierda to stem the tide. 

Yeah, while America was distracted by bright shiny objects or smoke & mirrors, only one person was bringing up illegal immigration as an issue. 

As I said earlier, Trump stepped in some deep shit over the weekend as he spoke out against John McCain. I’ve read a couple different accounts of what may or may not have been said, but the basic gist is that Trump disparaged McCain for having been a POW and that he prefers people who haven’t been captured. Very poor taste in off the cuff remarks, Donald. You can list a LOT of things wrong about McCain but it’s not cool to knock him for having been a POW and making it sound like all former POWs are turds in your eyes. Dude, not cool.

You can be sure that shit just got real when the Washington Post, the second biggest liberal rag sheet after the New York Times, defends John McCain against you. Funny thing about this WaPo article, though: they bash Trump for having done draft deferment by going to college to avoid Vietnam, but isn’t that what Bill Clinton did? And isn’t Bill Clinton the very essence of what a modern progressive liberal El Presidente should be? So why is it okay for Bill Clinton to draft dodge in college but not okay for Trump? The article also chides Trump for being Ivy League, yet John Kerry went to Yale, as did Hillary, as did Bill Clinton for a while... and then there’s Harvard, where folks like the Obamas, Al Gore, and the Kennedy clan learned their vile trade. Princeton gave us She-Obama (a double-dipper), and Democrat Disasterpiece Eliot Spitzer. Dartmouth begat Former Treasury Idiot Tim Geithner and Hillary shadow Kirsten Gillibrand. Columbia? Lord Obama again (Jesus, is there an Ivy League school that he didn't smoke pot at?) and a list of notable Lefties like Erskine Bowles, Madeline Albright, George Pataki, David Paterson, FDR, Eric Holder, George Stephanopoulos, and Chelsea Clinton. So don’t pull the Ivy League bullshit, WaPo; it more than piles up on the Left.

Because Trump is kicking everyone’s ass in the polls. In fact, he could easily beat the dogsnot out of Killary the She-Beast of Benghazi and Comrade Bernie Sanders of Communist Vermont. That terrifies the Left and so they must stop Trump. That way, they can have a nice, easily managed squish more to their liking or someone they can just beat down with negative press. And the Establishment GOP is right in lock step, hand in hand with their liberal buddies in denouncing Trump because they want and need him out of the way to further themselves before they run out of money and time.
Meanwhile, instead of taking the cue from Trump and actually speaking their own platform opinions on anything Trump speaks about, the couple dozen or so GOP Wannabe candidates are either chiding Trump or staying silent. And that, my friends, is why we keep losing.

The eyes of the world are on you, Donald. Bring up every ugly nasty issue you can, while you can, and pave the way for the serious candidate who, so far, has yet to rise to the top, in part because it’s too early amongst a field that is way overpopulated and in part because the Establishment GOP progressives are doing their level best to suppress certain candidates with help from the liberal media.
In the past you have donated to the Ted Cruz war chest and he hasn't spoken out against you in the press, unlike, say Linzy Grahamnesty...whose long-standing bromance with McCain is legendary.

And a note to the rest of you GOP Wannabe types out there: start speaking up. Your silence on the recent Iran Nuke deal, the Asian trade deal, the eradication of Confederate history, illegal immigration, the teror attack on our military recruiters, and every other issue affecting us all, is being noted.

We're watching. We're waiting.

The party we really need right now...