Wednesday, July 24, 2013

And the Trayvon Insanity Festival keeps rolling on

One less cop car able to respond to save your ass after some thug robs you. Way to go, assclowns.

I love how Los Angeles has to riot over a case in Florida. Morons. Nothing says Justice like burning trash.

If you've been a loyal reader of mine in the past, you'll likely remember the pieces I wrote last year when the whole witch hunt against George Zimmerman began. You were there when I gave my first statements last April. You were there when I told you the Homeowner's Association settled with Trayvon's parents for a sum of between one and two million bucks to keep them from suing for more. You were there last week when I asked where the justice was for other people who were murdered and ignored by the media. and of course you were there when I told you about a strip club using the whole Trayvon angle to get people to come to their establishment in a very tasteless display.

If there's a camera, Sharpton is there...and I always knew those other two clowns were useless.

So now come all the protests and calls for justice and Race Pimps like Sharpton and Jackson calling for people to boycott Florida, boycott Disney, and boycott oranges and orange juice. Jackson's soundbyte calling Florida an apartheid state was even more unintelligible gibberish than he usually spouts. It was priceless. now if I go to Disney there might be shorter lines? Great! and if the boycott lingers maybe they'll drop their insanely high prices? I'm in!

There will be more oranges and orange juice for me now. Thanks. Much appreciated.

I live in South (By God) Carolina, where we've allegedly been under a boycott by the NAACP for a good decade-plus. Actually, since 2000... They object to the fact we stage Civil War re-enactments that don't portray the state as the bad guys one step removed from Nazi Waffen-SS stormtroopers and we have a Confederate flag in front of our State House. Not surprisingly, the boycott has really meant bollocks and our tourist economy still thrives.

It's okay, Florida; you'll survive this boycott.

Now, moving up I-95 into the Peach State of Georgia...the quaint antebellum city of Savannah is about 80 minutes down the road from me and I visit it a couple times a year. One of their local nightclubs, called Frozen Paradise,  is making national headlines after their Facebook page started advertising their upcoming Blackout Party for Trayvon Martin.

Yes, you read that right.

Nothing quite memorializes a dead teenager quite like $2.00 drink specials. I guess two bucks is about the cost of an Arizona tea and a bag of Skittles so is that the connection to a kid 4 years under the legal drinking age? Hopefully the ghost of Trayvon won't mind sharing his special evening with birthday girl Rasheeda...It would be a shame if Mr. Tatmoney got sued by the Martin family for using that pic of Trayvon, because they copyrighted his likeness to avoid people making a buck off their kid. I hope the copyright holders for Arizona and Skittles get wind of this too.

To add insult to injury, as if this wasn't already tasteless as hell, there's the line underneath that mentions "all our fallen soldiers". How galling. Are you people equating a kid suspended from school, whose Twitter feed was full of pics of him flipping the bird, blowing smoke rings, and showing off an illegal handgun in his possession, with American soldiers killed in the service of their nation in the theater of war? If so, you are classless in a way you are incapable of even understanding. Actually, in looking at it again, you aren't equating Trayvon with fallen soldiers, because the party is for Trayvon and you added the soldiers in really tiny print as an afterthought. Making a buck off the backs of dead soldiers is dispicable.

I guess making a buck is Justice for Trayvon? Then again, this fiasco is presented by people named TatMoney and GetMoney.

Justice for Trayvon...the new hip, chic cool catch phrase. May as well have its own ribbon for celebrities to wear as their du jour cause célèbre. 

What about justice for Amy Gibbons and her five year old son? Who are they, you ask? Amy was a young white woman who had her head bashed in by a black man who then set fire to her house. she died from blunt force trauma. Her five year old son died from smoke inhalation in the fire. Derek Posey killed two people for a cell phone and a debit card, but the major networks didn't make a big deal about it because the perp was black and the victims were white.

A lot of people are sniveling about how the Zimmerman jury had no black people on it because the victim was black. Well, the victim wasn't on trial, dickheads, and it's a jury of one's peers. I guess the attorneys involved, who select the jury, felt that the six women they selected were of a certain peerage with Zimmerman. Nationwide, there are a shortage of blacks, especially black men, able to serve on jury duty. Why? Felonies.

According to one Georgia study, for example, in some counties more than half of black men are excluded from jury service because they are convicted felons. According to another study, almost one-third of black men nationally are barred from jury duty. In Seminole County, Florida (where the Zimmerman trial was held) jurors are automatically disqualified if they have ever been convicted of a felony, or if they are currently facing a prosecution – rules that apply in most of the United States. Don't blame me; I'm just the messenger.

Oh, wait, go ahead & blame me. I'm a middle-aged white guy. Therefore, I must be a racist. Meanwhile, take no responsibility or blame for your own actions. It's never your fault. Evil Whitey holds us down.

Maybe if you hear it from the mouth of a young, educated black man, it will sink in?

Monday, July 15, 2013

This riot brought to you by CNN and MSNBC

Across the nation, thousands are creating a mental shopping list in their heads for what they'll loot first in the riots......

Many of us remember where we were when the OJ verdict came in. I was checking emails and listening to the news on the radio when it came across. I was at my mom's house when the Rodney King verdict came over the TV. And Saturday night I was on vacation at a beach house at Edisto Beach when the Zimmerman verdict came in. Sadly, my first thought was that I hoped the hoodlums who live across the street from my house didn't burn it down while I was gone.

While the mass riots and lootings everyone expected have yet to materialize, I have a feeling that things aren't going to stay stable much longer. Yes, there have been protests in a few cities and arrests have been made. I think it's the calm before the storm though. A person I know on Facebook through a mutual friend is outraged that a jury of his peers acquitted Zimmerman after the prosecution failed to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. See below.

Nothing changes the fact that yes, a family lost their 17-year old son. I feel for his parents. Yes, a person was killed by another person and yes we should feel bad for that but at the same time,  the armchair lawyers at CNN and MSNBC (or even real lawyers who sold their souls to the liberal media like Nancy Grace and Jane Velez Mitchell)  seem hell-bent on kindling outrage and violence and none of them want to rest until a lynch mob strings him up.

That same media, who picked up on this story on a slow news day and only ran with it on the race card, refuses to acknowledge certain other acts of violence that have occurred in this country. When the Zimmerman case first came to light last spring, I wrote a piece on it and asked about a lack of media coverage for the case of Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian, and the case of Matthew Owens who died a few days after I posted my article.

Where was the media and Hollywood outrage this past October after two black kids, brothers aged 15 and 17, lured a 12 year old white girl into their home and strangled her to steal her beloved bike for parts? Where are all the protests for Justice for Autumn?

On July 1, police in Cobb County, Georgia arrested four gang members after they reportedly attacked a man entering the parking lot of a Chevron gas station around 1AM on June 30th as he walked  along Mableton Parkway, eventually placing him into the path of an oncoming vehicle. The victim, 36-year-old Joshua Heath Chellew, 36, of Mableton was beaten mercilessly by the assailants, and in an attempt to escape, he began backing up onto the road, according to a police report. That's when his attackers knocked him to the pavement, where he was almost immediately run over. Chellew was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Of course, while the mainstream press seems to be consumed with the possibility of racism as the motivating factor in the killing of Trayvon Martin, there has been no coverage of this crime by the national media. In fact, one local paper, The Marietta Daily Journal, only reported Chellew's death as a "hit-and-run," failing to even mention the mob attack that caused the fatal accident.

Where's the Justice for Joshua tee shirts and protests and media coverage?

How about over in Illinois where three black men killed 24-year-old Jacqueline Gardner and took the tip money she earned from her restaurant job on May 19.

At the time of the death of Trayvon Martin, a 20-year old black man broke into the home of a 90-year old WW2 vet in Oklahoma and beat him mercilessly before beating to death his 85-year old wife, whom he had been married to for 65 years. Where was the outrage? Where were the protests? Where was Jamie Foxx in a Justice for Nancy & Bob Strait hoodie?

 How about 17 year old Marley Lion, a local Charleston kid shot after he dozed off in his SUV rather than drive home drunk after a party? Killed by two black males who intended to rob the restaurant next to where he fell asleep. That never made it to national headlines. Where are the Hollywood stars? Where are the Justice for Marley shirts?

Tell you what, Jamie Foxx: you could wear a different hoodie every day for a year with the name of a person murdered on the streets of gun-controlled Chicago and have names left over. How many people in these Trayvon protests will become the victim of one of their fellow rioters within the next year? The biggest killer of black teens in America are their fellow black teens.

 Just ask the family of 16 year old Darryl Green, beaten to death and left in an abandoned boarded up building in a Chicago suburb. He refused to join a gang and paid the price with his life.

But the media glosses over these stories because they can't be used to fuel anti-white racism. They can't be used by Democrats to stir up and control their voter base. Instead, you get putting out articles that try to blame everything in America on White Rage, and attempts by the Left to use the #WhiteRage hashtag on Twitter today were met with howls of derisive laughter by the Right, who turned it around and made it a complete failure.

And then there's the United States government...I mean, there's nothing important for them to be working on in between Obama vacations, like finding missing POW Bowe Bergdahl, and nothing for Eric Holder's Department of Justice to work on like the Fast & Furious case and the murder of Brian Terry, or the Benghazi cover up and the murder of four Americans by terrorists, because even though the FBI already determined that race was not a factor in the shooting of Trayvon Martin the DOJ is wasting money & resources looking into possible civil rights charges against George Zimmerman, because they will not rest until that man is either dead or locked away.

Facebook is even allowing KILL ZIMMERMAN pages to be left up without being taken down as hate groups.

Zimmerman's life is already ruined. He's now in a worse predicament than Richard Jewell was when he was exonerated. The DOJ would rather let an unruly mob kill Zimmerman than protect an acquitted man. They won't investigate the death threats against him and the judge & jury, or the rape threats against his lawyer's daughters. Instead the DOJ will continue to FUND protests and allow riots to happen...

Thursday, July 11, 2013

We have no money unless it's to waste...

Okay, let me get this straight.

We are in the middle of a supposed budget crisis, with dozens of my friends being forced to take furlough days off without pay. We had to cut procurements of F-22 and F-35 jets and cut our naval fleet back to the smallest levels since World War One. The Air Force is still flying B-52 bombers that are older than the crews flying them. (The last B-52 rolled off the assembly line on June 22, 1962; I rolled off the assembly line on May 28th, 1969.) The military had to shelve every single open house/air show this year. Troops have had tuition assistance for college classes taken while on active duty and in some cases they've even had hot meals cut in the war zone. The Army is being forced to cut 12 combat brigades. Secretary of Defense Hagel said yesterday that budget cuts could stop promotions and force the DoD into hiring freezes and reductions in force. Weapons modernization budgets will be slashed.

And yet, there's always money for welfare checks. There's always money for Obama Phones. There's always money for Obama to go golfing or for his wife to take another vacation from working so hard doing absolutely nothing.

We have money to build a $34 million state of the art 64,000 square foot headquarters building in Afghanistan that the US military did not want and did not ask for and will just get bulldozed when we leave because the Afghans say they have perfectly good caves already. We also had money to drop $80 million to refurbish and lease a facility in Afghanistan for a consulate before abandoning it as unsafe, and $45 million to refurbish a base to repair armored vehicles that is instead being used as a staging area for gear headed home.

I guess a cave is so much nicer...

We have money to keep sending F-16s to Egypt even though no one knows who the hell is in charge. In fact, the federal government wants to get into a pissing contest over whether you can call what just happened over there a coup or not so we can keep sending money and weapons and aid to a country that may or may not still be run by people who hate us.

We have money to send aid to Pakistan as they hide the Taliban and Al Qaeda forces from us.

We have money to send to Syria when no one really even knows WTF is going on there.

We have money for Obama's Department of Justice under the corrupt Eric Holder to send guns to Mexico and to fund Trayvon Martin protests.

Looks more like we have a SPENDING problem on Big Government pet projects for the Left and no oversight by the Obama Regime on what spending does actually occur for the military.


Sure is dark in here, bro.

He's at it again. Who? That little turd, Justin Bieber.

As you know by now, I can't stand him. I want him deported, like I said in an article last month. He's a shining example of a kid of dubious talent who got famous and let it go to his head and became an insufferable prick.

Nice gas mask, you moron.

Seriously, who the hell wears a gold mask in public now that Michael Jackson is dead and his kids have been freed?

He was recently banned for life from an indoor skydiving venue in Las Vegas after he shows up ten minutes before they close, and after they do the indoor skydive thing his crew trashes the bathroom while giving the employees a what-are-you-gonna-do-aboput-it look, and  when the $1600 bill comes he didn't pay. He was given the option of just posting a photo of himself at the place to Twitter and Instagram so the venue could get some advertising in lieu of paying, so Bieber, like a classic douchebag, fakes posting a pic and skates out.

What a dick move. Then again dick is as dick does.

Witnesses say he "was very standoff-ish toward mostly everyone outside of his crew," adding that he was "very disconnected from reality." Probably because he was high on sizzurp. (Oh, did I say that out loud?)

He also had some new strumpet on his jock, a former Hooters chick turned model who is still legally married to a guy deployed in the military. Classy chick.

I know the Cup is shiny, dickhead, but take off the shades

The NHL is catching a serious ration of flak and backlash from hockey fans of every team affiliation after posting on Facebook a picture of Turdboy in the Chicago Blackhawks locker room with his sizzurp-stained dick-beaters clutching the Stanley Cup with one hand while making the #1 with his other. A #6 Hawks sweater is on a hook behind him with BIEBER on the back. I wanted to vomit. It's a pretty well-known hockey tradition (though some say it;s just a superstition) that you don't touch the Cup unless you have won a Cup and earned the right to touch it. Some say that only applies to players and not "civilians" because celebrites love to dick-ride the winning teams and get their picture taken with the Cup. I have a photo of myself with the Cup taken several years ago and I most assuredly did not touch it. It wasn't mine to touch. Bieber can claim all he wants that he's a born & bred hockey fan from Canada but he only seems to turn up at crucial nationally-televised games where there's a chance he'll get on camera. He does the same thing at basketball gaames too. Fame-whore.

And now video has shown up on TMZ of Bieber pissing in a restaurant's mop bucket.

Yes, digest that a minute, okay?

The video was taken earlier this year in New York, as the little douchenozzle and his entourage were leaving some nightclub, and being too cool to leave by the front door decided to just exit via the restaurant kitchen. Instead of stopping at the men's room like a civilized human being, the little assclown peeled down his ridonkulous tight-yet-saggy Idiot Pants and pissed into a yellow mop bucket that some poor employee was going to have to dump and disinfect in order to clean the floors. His entourage repeatedly states that the restaurant should be honored that Bieber had pissed in their mop bucket. Afterwards, Bieber grabs a bottle of cleaning solution, sprays it on a  photo of Bill Clinton on the wall, and exclaims "Fuck Bill Clinton!".

Look, I'm no fan of Bill Clinton but that's pushing it for a kid here on a work visa. After much public outcry he has now apologized to Clinton, but not because he's sorry he did it. He's sorry he got caught, and it looks good in the news if he pretends to be contrite.

Meanwhile, his ever-present bodyguard stands idly by like a good little lap-dog. Hey, bodyguard dude, have some self-respect. You're just an enabler, allowing him to be a twatwaffle and a churlish boor just to cash a paycheck, all the while looking all serious and stern like you're on the Secret Service Detail protecting the President as he visits downtown Kenyaville on vacation.

Another look at the gas mask episode. Note the "Don't make me Roid Rage on you" look on Mr. Stubble
 Then again, one of his bodyguards was sued for stealing the memory card from a paparazzi camera, and his bodyguards are constantly being sued for battery after assaulting photographers. Be a man, Beeb; at least Sean Penn did the assaulting himself.

But so long as he keeps making people around him rich, people will just let him do whatever he wants. And as long as his imbecile 12-year old fan base are unable to see through the fog of puberty and rub two brain cells together in coherent thought, they'll keep on making their dumbass parents buy his bullshit.

This video makes my soul ache. These people should be throat punched. Boycott him, deport him, make him shrivel up into forgotten dust.

ADDENDUM: Please go here to see the best shots of him dressed as a total douchebag.

Monday, July 8, 2013

America's Left-Controlled Killing Fields

How most people view their surroundings in Liberal cities

As you gentle readers may recall, less than three weeks ago I wrote on how the most dangerous cities in America were controlled by The Left. I was also asked by reader, fellow blogger, and Army buddy Jim as to why Chicago wasn't included on that list. I was curious as well, and then got to thinking that these 10 cities were listed because of the number of crimes per 100,000 population. Most of those cities were relatively small to mid-size as far as major metropolitan areas go, with the population of Detroit declining as folks move the hell out or simply get killed off by their neighbors. The larger cities simply have that many more people to absorb the crime statistics.

You still have Left-controlled major cities where I wouldn't feel the least bit safe walking the streets outside of the major tourist spots. I've been to Boston (Mayor: Democrat Tom Menino) dozens of times and I love the city but wouldn't want to wander most of it unarmed. Philadelphia (Mayor: Democrat Michael Nutter), or as I call it Filthadelphia? I wouldn't feel safe away from the tourist spots in The City of Brotherly Love. Los Angeles, recently turned over to Democrat Eric Garcetti after the ruinous reign of Democrat Antonio Villarigosa (AKA Tony Villar) is just too weird for me to even attempt unarmed. And as long as that lunatic Bloomberg continues to run gun-free New York as a nanny state I'll never visit.

I don't blame the regular beat cops. For example,  Boston has some damned fine cops. They did a hell of a job after the Marathon bombing. If not for the fine troops of the NYPD, it would be as bad as Chicago.

I don't say these things out of a sense of paranoia. Far from it. I don't sleep with my Walther under my pillow, nor do I carry it 24/7. I say it as a former soldier and Military Police professional who simply doesn't trust the denizens of our larger municipalities under the jurisdiction of the Left away from areas brightly lit and heavily patrolled. I don't fear cities or crowds. I'm not some country bumpkin.

Beware of owner.

Seriously; beware of owner.
I was born in the nation's capital, Washington DC. That said, you couldn't pay me enough to live there. This is a city that sent a mayor to jail for crack use and then re-elected him when he got out. Then again, he was a Democrat. Current Democrat mayor Vincent Gray currently presides over the cesspool that is the heart of our nation's governing center. Back in March, they had 13 people shot in just one single incident. But it's a gun-controlled city, y'know. Up the road in Democrat Stephanie Rawlings-Blake's Baltimore, which we've already discussed at great length, it's like Fallujah but with fewer mosques. The weekend of June 21-23 of this year (yes, 3 weeks ago) no fewer than 20 people in Baltimore were shot in 12 incidents, and 8 of them died. Stay classy, B'more. No wonder the locals call it Bodymore, Murderland. The body counts just keep going up.

The graffiti speaks the truth

Maybe they should blame Bush, Palin, Global Warming and Racism?

That takes us to Chicago. Two words: No Way. Three words: No mothereffing way. Well, maybe if the Chicago Blackhawks picked me up at the airport and drove me directly to a game and then directly back to O'hare to un-ass the city and go home.

Nothing has improved in Chicago since Obama's former lapdog Rahm Emanuel took over from Richard M. Daley, son of Richard J. Daley, both of whom were crooked as a pig's pecker. Oh, wait...all these guys are Democrats. It really should come as no surprise that despite what the pundits say, Chicago is the deadliest city in America. This despite a $55 million program to curb gun violence but in reality just buys votes and cons taxpayers...

Chicago, Chicago, NOT my kind of town....

On this July 4th holiday weekend, where we celebrate our freedoms as Americans, in a city that has taken away its citizens' right to self-defense against thugs and scumbag criminals, in a city that has allegedly outlawed guns (meaning only outlaws have them), 74 people were shot and 12 of them were killed. A jumbo jet crashed in San Francisco and fewer people died than in Chicago gun violence.

Police tape: the new replacement for a white picket fence in Lib-Land.

Joe Walsh of Illinois Review perhaps summed it up the best:
Seventy-four people were shot and 12 were killed in the city of Chicago over the July 4th extended holiday weekend. Amazingly this gun violence occurred despite Chicago having the nation's most stringent gun control laws. Why then? Why this continued gun violence in Chicago?

The answer is pretty simple. Most of the shooters and killers this weekend are young gang bangers, young thugs who have absolutely no value of human life. Well, how did that come to be? Because one's values historically have come from one's parents, families, churches, and communities and its been the policy of Democrats over many years to replace these institutions of the family, the church, the neighborhood, and the community with the institution of the government.

And that's what they've done. The vast majority of this weekend's shooters and killers have no fathers, come from broken families, don't attend church, and aren't involved in their community. They are dependent upon government. They have no values and no respect for life. 
They are taught by the government and the Al Sharpton's of the world that nothing is their fault. Racism is to blame for everything. So they are not responsible for their own actions. The white man is.

None of this should surprise us. It's time we call the Democrats and liberals out for what they've done. Don't cede the ground of compassion to them anymore. Their misguided and harmful policies over the years have destroyed families, schools, and communities and created a destructive dependency on government. Outside of the killers themselves, liberal social policy is responsible for all this gun violence. The Democrats have ruined entire generations of urban Americans.
How kids in liberal cities learn to count...
See? It's not just me. I'm certainly not the only one who sees this. And really, it's not just in big cities. In my little town we've had a chronic violent crime problem for years. No one seems to blame the mayor who's been at the helm since 1989 and will be at the helm at least till 2017's inaugurals...I toss a lot of blame upon a seemingly ineffectual constabulary. The city finally fired its long-time police chief after we started the year with several homicides and shootings. A new chief has yet to be named. Our newly-installed county sheriff, a Democrat, hasn't seemingly done much to quell the violence, nor did his Democrat predecessor. When I found 2 holes in my kitchen walls from a .40 caliber round that went through one wall and lodged in the other from a drive-by conducted by one local gang against another as they walked down my street, I had to practically walk the 2 responding deputies through what to do. I went next door and asked the neighbor myself if he'd heard any gunfire that day, which he had about an hour before I got home from work that day. After they followed me over next door to get a statement, I then had to suggest to them that they check the street for uncollected spent brass, of which they found six casings. Over 21 years since I last strapped on a duty belt and ran a patrol, and I had to show the local cops how to conduct a simple investigation. Couple days later during a followup visit by a couple detectives, I had to point out to one cop that the plates on his unmarked cruiser had expired four months prior. Fivemonths later they've not made any progress, not that I really expected any.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. The sooner you idiots stop voting Democrat and take responsibility for your actions and your lives, the sooner you can stop living in fear of dying in the street like it's some Third World rat's nest you live in and not the United States. But why do that when it's easier to blame everyone else and keep on cashing them gubmint checks?

And seriously, banning guns isn't any sort of answer, you morons. It takes away the right of self-defense from people who then become prey for the wicked. And if guns become unavailable, criminals just turn to other means, like knives. Just ask the Brits, who have a rampant knife crime problem because there are no guns per se for criminals to use. A knife is even easier to procure and conceal than a firearm and requires no ammunition to use. Ergo, Britain is being sliced to ribbons.

Sure, that graphic is skewed slightly by the fact that we have a larger population than England has, but they can crow all they want about being a civilized gun-free society all they want...numbers don't lie.

Yeah, you'd think that, no?